Sanguinetti’s Crystal Lake Meet & Greet

Candidates Evelyn Sanguinetti and Justin Hnasen worked the room.

Saturday morning at the Crystal Lake Chamber of Commerce Building, Republican Precinct Committeeman John Pletz hosted a chance for area residents to meet 6th District Congressional candidate Evelyn Sanguinetti.

Host John Pletz converses.

In addition, appointed Judge Justin Hansen.

Judge Justin Hansen gets to know Fox River Grove GOP Committeeman Danijela Sandberg.

He seeks electorial permission to serve six-year term.

Carolyn Schofield, running for State Rep., Cheryl Meyer, County Board member Joe Gottemoeller and Coroner candidate Angela Byrnes.

And given that judges basically run against the records after six years with a majority no vote of 60% required to be ousted, the seat is essentially a lifetime job.

Evelyn Sanguinetti chats with Coroner candidate Angela Byrnes.

Not everyone was caught on camera before I left about twenty minutes after the 9 AN event started, but, of those in attendance, I could identify only 2-4 who lived in the 6th Congresional District.

Sanguinetti bought coffee and donuts.


Sanguinetti’s Crystal Lake Meet & Greet — 8 Comments

  1. Joe “Joe Joe” Gottemoller there?

    Schofield (Jack’s mope)?



    Please don’t make me sick.

    Circle ye wagons RINOs!

  2. Did, does Evelyn support sanctuary cities and states? If she did/does, then that is in violation of federal law. All those who support and/or have instituted sanctuaries for illegals need to be prosecuted by federal agencies such as the U.S. AG.

  3. Seems like the liberals who want more consensus with Madigan and Jack Franks are teaming up with Trust Act Sanguinetti.

    Let this guide your decision making process.

  4. Yes, she did support HB40 creating a sanctuary state.

    Sheriff constantly fighting this and getting pummeled by Durbin and Duckworth.

  5. Schofield, Gottemoller, Sanguinetti, Byrnes, Pletz – nuff said?

  6. @questioning- That doesn’t mean a much coming from your crooked mouth.

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