IL-14: Sue Rezin Hometown Fundraiser September 22

As shared in yesterday’s article about the end of September and then report cards for IL-14 congressional candidates in the form of Federal Election Commission (FEC) campaign disclosure reports revealing the fundraising results and the receptiveness of each candidate’s message and viability to voters and donors, State Senator Sue Rezin has a fundraiser scheduled for Sunday in her hometown of Morris, per this mailer hitting the streets this week.

The invite and reply-device is below:

Looks like Rezin’s campaign is playing-off of Beto O’Rourke’s quote from last week’s presidential debate toning it down to “HECK YES!”

The event is playing off of Rezin’s farming roots, which she shared in a recent interview at the Sandwich Fair on September 6 (link below for 6 1/2 minutes interview) where she emphasized her experience on agriculture issues.

The invitation being sent via U.S. Mail is a combined fundraiser invite and introductory letter from Rezin. Included in her bio is her electoral history beginning with her successful 1990s election to the Nettle Creek Community Consolidated School District #24C school board, and emphasizes her being battle-tested in multiple tier-one races at the state level including her state representative victory in 2010 flipping the House district, and her three successful races for state senate (2012, 2014, 2018):

COMMENTARY on the mailer: An effective first mailer introducing herself directly to the voters, and offline from the internet. Voters and prospective donors have the opportunity to respond with a contribution, whether they plan to attend the fundraiser or not.

Since the event is a small dollar event, affordable for families, but gives donors the opportunity to contribute larger amounts if they choose.

Given IL-14 is both suburban and rural, she is emphasizing her rural roots while demonstrating she can represent suburbanites in IL-14 in Congress given her experience growing up in rural Illinois, being a wife, a mom raising four children to adulthood, small business owner, school board member and state senator, showing her life experiences has prepared her for Congress.


IL-14: Sue Rezin Hometown Fundraiser September 22 — 10 Comments

  1. a minor in ‘Hispanic studies’

    What a laugh!

    I’m sure she wasn’t reading Cervantes or studying Henry the Navigator.

    A school boardie?

    What was her tax record on pay increases to the douche-administrators and her inquiries about transgenderism and the homosexual ‘lifestyle’ being advanced in the schools she supposedly oversaw?

    This sort of vapid candidate literature should be a red flag for another traitor.

    Is that her picture featured as the scared chicken? It sure fits!

  2. Morris isn’t in the 14th district.

    In fact, not very much of Rezin’s legislative district is part of the 14th district.

    It’s only the far southern part of the 14th that overlaps with her state senate district (Morris is further south of that).

    People around here don’t even know who she is.

    She got 1 percent in the NW Herald’s poll.

    I don’t see a victory path for her.

  3. “Her Journey” is a path I really didn’t wanna have to read.

    It made me wince.

  4. Correcting, well Rezin must start somewhere to change the fact she is not known around here and she can only go up from that 1% reader poll from last month.

    It begins with getting the word out, and sending information to the voters by snail mail so they can get to know her is a start. Building a ground game with volunteers across the entire district helps too.

    Honestly, none of the Republicans are that well known who are running in IL-14, with the possible exception of Oberweis by name ID to his companies’ products and his multiple runs for elective office, though the last time he was on the ballot in McHenry County was in 2014, and prior to that 2006.

    Name ID can cut both ways, which of all the Republicans, Oberweis has it and can be used against one, as to many he is seen as a perennial electoral loser, apart from his two terms in the state senate.

    But Rezin is on equal footing with Catella, Gradel, Lauf, Malouf and Marter so how they all become known across IL-14 is up to them.

    When fundraising numbers are made public next month through 3rd quarter, we’ll all be able to see who can best become better known sooner.

    As far as the current boundaries of IL-14, the lines are going to change come 2021, and if Illinois loses 2 congressional districts as some census experts think, the lines are going to change dramatically.

    It’s legal for Rezin to run for Congress in IL-14, and I do not see that as impeding her campaign.

    Whether primary voters see things like I described, we’ll know 6 months from tonight.

  5. Yeah, I guess… she should probably start by campaigning in the district she seeks nomination for.

    Jim will win the nomination.

  6. The chicken cartoon scares me a little.

    I don’t want old, cheap foods!

  7. Correcting, actually, Rezin has been campaigning within IL-14, just not spending a lot of time in McHenry County, maybe 2 events that come to mind.

    She also said back in July she would formally do a full launch of her campaign in October.

    It’s her’s, and her campaign’s plan, and we’ll all see how it goes.

    I’m sure they’ve been concentrating on fundraising, and we’ll see the fruit of their labor in less then a month.

    Given her track record in elections going back to 2010, she knows what she’s doing.

    I assume your Jim prediction means Jim Oberweis, and not Jim Marter (I always say “James” Marter to avoid confusing myself).

    Oberweis has a bit of a Joe Biden presence in the IL-14 race, and not just because he is close in age (nearly 3 1/2 years) with the current Democratic presidential frontrunner.

    He’s run so many times for Congress (both House and Senate) as well as for governor political types know his name, apart from his businesses.

    So which of the other IL-14 candidates will step-up and be the Elizabeth Warren-type presence, and in particular, detailed legislative policy positions? Ted Gradel? Sue Rezin? Catalina Lauf?

    If Oberweis’ fundraising next month far exceeds all of his opponents, than, for lack of credible polling, that will make him the frontrunner.

    If 2nd quarter fundraising results is an indication, that won’t happen.

    In addition to Gradel, I anticipate Rezin and Lauf to have credible fundraising results.

    Maybe not to overtake Oberweis and Gradel moneywise, but definitely enough to be able to compete in the primary.

    Remember, Underwood stated in her summer interview she did not raise more than $350,000 for the 7-way Democratic primary, and around 50,000-some votes were cast in 2018 in the IL-14 Democratic primary.

    Contrast, a little over 60,000 Republican ballots were cast, and if as many as four candidates can afford to do significant media buys in a 7-way race, it will take more than $350K to win next year in the primary.

    Oberweis can afford it, and he’s pledged up to $1M to match contributions, which he’s spent $200K already through June 30.

    But remember something about Oberweis, he won his U.S. Senate primary in 2014 by outraising his most credible opponent by nearly 2-1.

    Oberweis’ most impressive primary win was in 2008 for IL-14, when he beat a very credible opponent in Chris Lauzen, but he had the entire Denny Hastert organization supporting his candidacy then.

    He won’t have that this time.

    I’ll give Oberweis credit, looks like here in mid-September, he has the most established ground game, as displayed on September 8, when his volunteers covered two events (Johnsburg, Burlington) simultaneously.

    Like money, many enthusiastic volunteers are crucial to success, and both components reflect his message, which for now, appears to be resonating.

    It’ll be fun to watch IL-14 unfold we’ll help to cover it, but unless Oberweis runs away with fundraising for the 3rd quarter, I wouldn’t write-him in to face Underwood for fall of 2020 just yet.

  8. After her display at the McHenry County Fair GOP booth, i’d Say she lacks temperament for Congress!

  9. No one knows who Sue is and Jim has no shot against Lauren Underwood …let’s be real.

    Lauf is gaining national attention and people here in the 14th love her!

    She’s the one who can actually pull off a win against Underwood.

    Catalina will win the nomination and the seat back, you heard it here first.

  10. J, well, as stated in the comment above and other articles, the best way for Catalina to emerge from a crowded field in the quickest amount of time is to go nuts with fundraising and turn in a huge fundraising total and the cash-on-hand to match by 11:59PM a week from Monday.

    That is how you back-up what you just said concerning “Lauf is gaining national attention and people here in the 14th love her!”

    Blowing the lid off of fundraising is the quickest way to back up the words in your comment.

    Right now, and her campaign is not even a month old, she has 19,776 Twitter followers, which was at around 1,000 when her campaign launched on the 21st of August.

    Now, if each of those followers donated $10, that’s nearly $200,000.

    Do the math, and the growth opportunity is there, now she and her campaign team has to seize it.

    As stated above, I think Catalina will have a solid fundraising performance, and given she started her campaign with less than half of the 3rd quarter remaining, that will be saying something.

    And your comments about Jim Oberweis and Sue Rezin are points taken, you also have Ted Gradel in the mix, too, who has proven he can raise money already.

    And you have James Marter, Danny Malouf and Anthony Catella in the race, too.

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