Judge David Gervais Draws Good Crowed to Fundraiser at Woodstock’s Studio 2015

David Gervais greets his State Representative Tom Weber.

Crystal Lake attorney David Gervais’ appointment to the Circuit Court was made known in December and he took took office in mid-February.

Fundraiser attendees.

To remain in office, the mild-mannered jurist must win election in November of 2020.

Candidates like Michael Rein, running for Coroner, and McHenry County Board member Joe Gottemoller, running for re-eleciton, gathered signatures.

Democrats have made it known that they will run women against him and the other two appointed judges, Mark Gerhardt and Justin Hansen.

The crowd was a good one, populated by a number of attorneys, of course.

More in attendance.

The Judge made a short speech in which he promised to

  • be on time
  • listen to what people have to say
  • treat those before him with respect
  • rule properly

The food was straight out of the Chesapeake Bay…literally.

Gervais’ Godson, a master chef Tony Marcello brought blue crabs with him from Lauren, Maryland.

He prepared a crab sauce for dipping, crab stuffed mushrooms and crab sliders for dinner.

Tony Marcello preparing bananas foster.

For desert, he made bananas foster.

David Gervais and Catalina Lauf.

Among the candidates making the rounds was Woodstock’s Caralina Lauf, who is running for the GOP nomination to run against Lauren Underwood.

Judge Robert Wilbrandt and State’s Attorney Patrick Kenneally.

Others include State’s Attorney Patrick Kenneally.

It looked like a Pro-Life pow-wow was occurreing in one section of the toom.

Joe Gottemoller, Mark Daniel, Fred Wickham and Catalina Lauf.

Joe Gottemoller, Fred Wickham and Mark Daniel were conversing with Catalina Lauf.


Judge David Gervais Draws Good Crowed to Fundraiser at Woodstock’s Studio 2015 — 14 Comments

  1. Dave Gervais is a political hack!

    Just because he was an appointment by the establishment does not mean he is qualified for the job.

    When appointments are made they are for political favors and take the people’s choice away.

  2. David Gervais is a very good man with a long history of service and civility.

    AND he is certainly not a political hack!I wonder how “Stand4truth” knows David.

  3. Jeez – Most of the ultra conservatives here haven’t liked a judge since Samuel in the old testament.

  4. I’m guessing their discussing a lawsuit against K Mart, to accept Radio Shack Rewards Points.

  5. What is “commonsense”? Is that somehow related to “secondamendment”? Meeeeeeoooooooowwwwwwwwwwww…

  6. I don’t know anything about Gervais.

    But most of the judges in McHenry —especially the older ones are political hacks.

    The Fake News ran a crazy tribute to Judge Prather recently.

    But it never mentioned her tons of reversals by higher courts.

    What she did in the Gauger case was a sin.

  7. Patrick Kenneally doesn’t miss an opportunity for a free meal and drinks while shuffling around in his loafers.

    In my opinion he should be Director of the FBI*.

    * Fat…Bald…Ignorant

  8. Whjat’s all that white stuff on Lauf’s nose? And why is Germaine scowling at her in that photo? Weird.

  9. White stuff on Lauf’s nose.

    Yeah, it’s there but what is it?

    Gervaise does look askance over her appearance tho.

  10. Jump to the 4th foto from the top.

    That “large” lady in the green hooded muumuu stold all the crab sliders left in that vessel.

    Made me mad.

    I told her to put at least half back.

    She said she was judge’s wife and ‘didn’t have to put anything back.

    I asked her who she was. She said “Guess!”

    I asked for some of my money back.

  11. Willibrandt rained on Mary Nader’s parade when the backtracked from retiring and ran for circuit judge..

    She was black guarding Demetri for all she was worth.

    Until Willbrandt pulled the rug out from under her.

    She also ate so many Easter peeps, she ‘couldn’t make it’ to work in 2017.

    That’s one reason why Germaine says he’ll be on time.

    So many loafers in the McHenry Co. courthouse, starting with the poor judges.

  12. Somehow I missed this big event, But Joe Gottemoller was there to stink it up, so I’m kinda glad I missed it.

    Look at all the brown nosers.


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