McHenry and Nunda Township Road Districts Sue for Continued Existence

The McHenry and Nunda Township Road Districts have filed suit against McHenry County in an attempt to invalidate State Rep. David McSweeney’s law allowing citizens to vote their township governments’ out of existence.

Filed by Attorney James Militello, III, the suit, sans exhibits, follows:


McHenry and Nunda Township Road Districts Sue for Continued Existence — 26 Comments

  1. Most bullies just threaten to beat you up after school, if you don’t hand over your lunch money.

  2. I predict the 2 townships will prevail in this matter, as the stated argument in 16 is valid.

    Let the arrows fly from the township haters

  3. D J, well put. You must love living in north Texas, and not have to deal with the term “township” when you pay your property tax bills each year. Come to think of it, your 2019 statements should be hitting your mailbox later this month, too.

    The only thing that stinks where you are at, assuming you live in Dallas County, is you have to receive three sets of property tax bills (city, county, school district) and make three different payments.

    Well, at least you do not have to worry about SALT deduction caps without a state income tax. Must be nice.

  4. Paul Revere, that’s assuming there is no case law.

    Doesn’t the new law also apply to Lake County as far as road districts go?

    Stinks the county has to deal with this litigation, and taxpayers pay for it, no matter who wins.


  5. Five Taxing Authorities. Dallas County, City of Dallas, Dallas ISD, Parkland Hospital, Dallas Community College, one payment.

    This years bill is $3307.

  6. How big of house, lot size, and how far from the airport?

    Kind of wet there right now?

    Could be worst like 40 inches of snow. Lol

  7. Militello is another suing pig.

    When will these lawyer-locusts stop their frivolous pettifoggery.

    Hanson was right.

    Township are cows to be milked.

    Sanctions should be requested when this suit is axed.

  8. Wrong defendant.

    Where did Mitello go to law school?

    The James Kelly School of Law and Township Idiocy?

  9. I predict the law will be upheld.


    What court wants to overrule Fatty Pritzk AND the IL legislature, especially when the courts are jammed with democrats, too.

  10. As a resident of Dallas, I demand I be addressed as ‘hon’, ‘darlin’ or preferably ‘whistle britches’.

    Nor do I have enough time to explain to Nob, that Houston and Dallas are two different cities and not one big c’ment barn

  11. D J, very funny.

    The Nob, there is little love-loss between Dallasites, which is D J, and Houstonians, and D J had a typical Dallasite reaction.

    Compare calling an Army guy a Marine, or vice-versa.

  12. Who cares?

    McSweeney’s bill is all a scam for his good buddy, Jack Franks.

    Who do you think gets the Township’s 2% of the tax bill in his pocket?



  13. Townships are a total waste.

    That’s 1400 more layers of government, graft, corruption, patronage, vote buying, contract cronyism, and of course, nepotism.

    These lawyers are just vultures.

    Why does a lawyer have to be present at township meetings?

    This shows how corrupt government has become.

    Drain the township swamp.

  14. Law will be upheld, and the taxpayers will be held up again to pay for this nonsense.

    That lawyer should be held accountable. Shameless. Anything for suit.

  15. The law will be struck down.

    The Illinois Constitution forbids special legislation (laws which apply to a specified County by name, for instance).

    That’s why when a bill is meant to only apply to Cook County, it always says “Counties of 3 million or more inhabitants.”

    So this law is toast.

    The IL Supreme Court will see to that.

    Which is a GOOD thing.

    If your Township is just a useless, redundant, duplicative waste, WHY shouldn’t you get your annual Township tax dollars given back to you when you dissolve it?

    WHY does Dave McSweeney’s law instead make you keep paying the Township tax AFTER dissolution?

    Why does Dave McSweeney’s law give it directly to Jack Franks instead of giving it back to you?

    There’s definitely corruption here.

    Maybe corruption explains why Jack Franks is trying to take over every elected County department as his private fiefdom?

    And maybe corruption explains why Dave McSweeney isn’t running again..?

  16. Nice try Williams.

    That law ain’t coming down, you and your township monkeys are, however.

    I supported townships, until the Bob Miller-Algonquin Township crime wave was exposed, Now I say: Let these nests of corruption get burned out.

  17. Nice try, Jethro.

    Your friend Jack Franks got you a County job, yet?

    I own an IT business.

    My Township Assessor reduced my property tax assessment to something reasonable after only one meeting.

    I want local government officials who are ACCOUNTABLE to voters, unlike your Democrat God Emperor Jack Franks…

  18. Write a new law that dissolves Townships AND gives ALL the Township’s tax dollars back to US.

    Interesting how “Jethro” instead wants to gift it all to Democrat Jack Franks.

    Are taxpayers never going to get relief from you Democrats, “Jethro?” Are you really THAT comfortable with what your party is doing to Illinois..?

  19. Townships gotta go!

    In southern Illinois, 17 counties function smoothly without townships. Evanston voters got rid of Evanston Township in 2014 and had their city government assume township functions. That saved taxpayers nearly $800,000 the following year. Downstate Belleville has done away with its township government, and in 2017 voters in Cook County’s northwest suburban Hanover Township eliminated the township’s road district and highway commissioner.


  20. Tipton: I’m self-employed.

    Which Jack Frank’s do you work for?

  21. Nitro: more Democrat BS (from Democrat Jonathan Carroll). In both of the cases you cited, the Township was coterminous with the City, and the City government was already running the Township.

    The imaginary “savings” was all on paper, nobody got any reduction on their tax bill.

  22. SO many Big-Government Democrats on here who live deep up inside Jack Frank’s colon.

    Is it too dark up in there for you to do Math..?

  23. Who gives these “employee’s” the right to take our tax dollars and use on law suits to keep their jobs!!

    If this is the status quo I want my $$ from them so I can sue for a job!

    and charge them to pay for it all.

    Enough is enough We don’t need you!

    now go forth and find a common tax paying job that you have to actually work and save your $$ for retirement.

    Someone needs to create a law and very soon to stop these thieves from pickpocketing us to death! Does it never stop!

  24. Who gives these Jack Franks people the right to dissolve “unneeded” locally elected governments, then force us to keep paying their idol Jack Franks the SAME tax dollars for nothing??

    I didn’t know Jack Franks needed your help to steal from us…

    Does it never stop?

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