Message of the Day – A Bumper Sticker

From the back of a Four Colonies car in Crystal Lake:

Pray where stars on a American Flag usually are. This bumper sticker comes from


Message of the Day – A Bumper Sticker — 7 Comments

  1. Conservatives desecrating our glorious flag again. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, toc, tic, tock…

  2. Angel: Why do you say “our country”.

    You and your godless socialist destroyers haven’t won yet.

    And when (not if) the shooting begins, you’ll try and high tail it back to Chihuahua.

    Except the Missouri Home Guard will arrest you dressed as an old crone and promptly carry out the warrants from the Provisional Government of Illinois.

  3. AX Man,

    If you haven’t seen this yet, please watch

    We are seeing this unfold before our very eyes. Case and point: climate change activism (now).

    Read what their platform is. The KGB defector wasn’t lying and we are living it right now through various social movements.

    The blue dog dems have been replaced by radicals and many just fail to realize what’s going on.

    This isn’t Democrats vs Republicans, this is enemies of America (foreign and domestic) vs patriots (regardless of what party they belong to).

  4. Anarchy is easy.

    Cutting teachers and reducing school spending, Impossible.

  5. DJ on the nose again.

    I have heard the calls for violent overthrow of the Godless heathens in both camps for years.

    Interestingly both sides believe their ideology will rise from the ashes of Anarchist violence.

    Make no mistake, those who have usurped the Educational System and destroyed the critical minds of several generations have assured violence.

    Violence is all the ignorant and stupid have as an argument.

    The United States are borne of an idea which binds, not violent dominion.

    When the idiots can’t win the ideas they fling poo like the monkeys they are.

    Our resident moron is the best thing to ever happen to this blog.

    He illustrates on a multiple times a day basis how bankrupt the Anti American Values crowd is to those of us watching his kind eat themselves from within.

    He is, unfortunately, easily recognizeable as a functional idiot.

    It is far more insidious a creature who is more educated and subtle about their desire to destroy the ideas America was founded on in favor of their own brand of dominion over everyone.

    THOSE are the ones to truly be watching.

    Those who are bought and paid for slaves of the wealthy and powerful are easily destroyed because they are defenseless without direction from their overlords.

    It’s the overlords pitting one group of Americans against another in another Civil War who are the overlords.

    Don’t buy into it.

    Angel, Tommy, Dentbla, Duncan McHenry and so many others who come and go are just the backwards fringes of any civil society and wouldn’t stand up in a gentle rainstorm, let alone a shooting war.

    Stand up as Susan, Mark and Steve have and intelligently argue.

    Stand up as Alabama Shake and DJ have with some of the funniest(denoting high intelligence and education) snark this blog has ever seen to start a conversation involving critical thinking.

    Talk to your neighbors and realize they just want to peacefully raise their families in a relatively secure community(which we can legitimately disagree on how to define this and how to achieve this respectfully).

    Our neighbors aren’t the enemy.

    The ignorant, idiotic and violent drones at both ends of the philosophic spectrum along with their meglomaniacal masters are the true enemy.

    Watch the idiotic with pity for their lack of awareness and intelligence.

    Live in your community understanding they exist because we are fortunate enough to see them here daily.

    Work in your neighborhood to build the ideals we can all be the example of because the only one you can control is yourself.

    This took the Enemy 50 years to bring their best shot at destroying the American Ideal.

    It’s taken 3years to start the reversal.

    They’re ingrained in the bureaucracy so it will take another generation to root them out, as evidenced by the utter corruption of the governmental instruments of justice, but it is possible.

    We are a nation of Freedom loving people.

    No one will succeed who seeks to stamp that impulse out as long as one educated Citizen has breath in their body.

    Be that Citizen.

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