Barrington Hills Village President Marty McLaughlin Passing Petitions to Replace David McSweeney

Marty McLaughlin ran a good third in the State Senate nomination to replace Dan Duffy.

Now, at the urging of retiring State Rep. David McSweeney, McLaughlin is passing petitions for State Representative.

The weekend before last McHenry County Board member Tom Wilbeck (R-Barrington Hills) was introducing McLaughlin at State’s Attorney Patrick Kenneally’s Lincoln Farmstead fundraiser.

Marty McLaughlin and Tom Wilbeck

When I asked McLaughlin if he were running for State Representative, I did not get a “Yes” for an answer.

Sunday, Wilbeck attended the Pro-Life Victory PAC fundraiser at the Lincoln Farmstead with McLaughlin petition in hand.

Martin McLaughlin petition for State Representative.


Barrington Hills Village President Marty McLaughlin Passing Petitions to Replace David McSweeney — 10 Comments

  1. Speaking of petitions, I heard no one showed up for Mary McClellan’s fundraiser yesterday.

  2. It was not a fund raiser.

    We were going to walk and get petitions signed; Weather permitting !!!

    I received a notice it was rescheduled because of the rain and thunderstorms in the area.

  3. Boo hoo, Mary McClellan.

    She makes me laugh.

    Her husband is a real treat when he was her patronage stooge.

  4. Hey onlythefacts!

    I don’t think so, nothing has been rescheduled.

    Nice try 😂

  5. LoL, Mother Nature is telling her to keep her lowly 10% approval rating from the legal community away from our McHenry County courts!

  6. County Board member Tom Wilbeck, before the election I asked if he was going to take the county paid insurance and didn’t get a straight answer.

    Cal it’s time to once again post what our county board members are receiving in pay and benefits.

    Please, and thx.

    Is McLaughlin going to be a pal of Jack’s like Dave is?

  7. Yes, post all the county board losers’ pay & benefits, and after that RINO herd goaded by Acosta the Perp and Yensen the Hilliaryite, post the little snarling Jackal’s pay and benefits, too.

  8. Marty McLaughlin is a conservative who did wonders as Village President in Barrington Hills, McHenry County.

    Then the board after him screwed everything up.

    Part of that board was the woman that Alg Twnshp just appointed to a vacant seat.

    Hold on to your wallets AGAIN” Alg. Twnshp!

    Marty is great.

    He’s no pal of Franks.

    He has too much class to even look in Franks direction.

  9. He hates Jack Franks? That will make a pleasant change from Dave McSweeney, whose bromance with Franks surpassed all expectations of two-faced hypocrisy, chronic lies, and malignant narcissism.

    But then I know that most on this blog worship Jack Franks like he’s the Second Coming, so I’m happy that I’ve offended your sensibilities…

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