Commenter Goes Against the In-Person Tide at Friday’s McHenry Township Meeting

From commenter “Queen Bee:”

This bus service was initiated by McHenry Township in 1998.

The County McRide Program commenced in 2011.

Why McHenry Township didn’t cut their duplicate bus line when the County began theirs is a mystery until you understand that township government is all about government bloat and getting more patronage people on the government dole with beautiful pensions these people would never get in the private sector.

Tax payers get hosed.

The County Program is superior in every way.

The township program only operates M-F/County McRide 7 days a week.

Township will only take you within McHenry Township.

County McRide will take you anywhere in County, and some place beyond.

Township operates its bus 8am-3 pm

McRide picked up a rider at the Nunda Township Hall for a ride to Woodstock.

County McRide operates 6am-7pm M-F/9am-5pm Sat/Sun

So, the trustees that voted to cut the duplicate program are right on!

I assume the biggest criers are township employees.

Apparently nobody cares about seniors getting taxed out of their homes.

Like me.

I congratulate the trustees who finally stood up to government waste!


Commenter Goes Against the In-Person Tide at Friday’s McHenry Township Meeting — 14 Comments

  1. In April, I drove all the way up there to storm the Township building and I was the only one that showed up.

    You guys suck.

  2. The programs ARE NOT THE SAME.

    The basic difference is that the McRIde is a curb-to-curb service, the Township bus is “door-to-door”.

    And have you paid any attention to the number of rides used in the township program for such things as kidney dialysis?

    Reread the details given of why rides are used by the township program, please!

  3. D J, as you know and in a quote made famous by J.R. Ewing 30+ years ago in the Dallas prequel movie, “the tall tale is an art form in Texas” and I think you’ve lived there long enough to adapt it as your own.

    Oh well, may you help nominate a qualified successor to Congressman Marchant there in TX-24, so it doesn’t become another TX-32. Must be nice to have a congressional delegation with a 23-13 Republican majority.

    In Illinois, it’s 13-5 Dems, and California, it’s 46-7 Dems.

  4. Say What is wrong.

    The relatively few dialysis people can get free rides from the Dialysis providers who will arrange it.

    How do I know?

    I take them!

    Been doing it since ‘2017.

    Call Fresenius.

    The township program is pure overkill.

    95%, if not more, of its riders can use curb to curb, provided by McRide.

    That’s what a lady I know who takes the County McRide does to get to Fresenious dialysis.

    Nearly all of the County’s McRide rides are curb to door any way.

    Please explain why so many busses are seen empty?

    Maybe Say What would OK a free taxi to everybody?

    The tax rate is way too high. Bad programs need cutting.

    Also explain why my tax bill just went up drastically.

    I am a senior, and I’m disabled.

    What the Supervisor did in cutting the duplicate program was right.

  5. Bob Anderson and his cronies have no use for old, poor, sick people.

    We all know that.

    Guess DJ feels the same..?

  6. Queen bee is just mad that she pays high taxes living on the golf course in mchenry.

    8 bathroom house and I pay to much in taxes whaaaaa

  7. Note to self: ‘Storm Area 51’ and most current Pop Culture humor, bombs on this blog.

  8. Didn’t they have a township meeting where not a single person voted against reinstating the bus service?

    I see comments on this blog, I’ve seen letters to the editor from Pam Althoff on this issue, but where are these people at the meetings?

  9. When I wouldn’t sign the petition to reinstate the petition passer swore at me.

  10. A door to door cab service for any one who is 55.

    Do we as taxpayers really owe this to retirees at 55?

    The only ones who can afford to retire at 55 are school teachers…they already have a free ride.

  11. Correcting, you’re obviously not familiar with township meetings if you think that the people who pack them are voicing a majority opinion.

    Township thugs know exactly how to get their supporters out to maintain their hold on township dollars and jobs.

    The average Joe is home getting ready for work the next day or spending time with their families.

    They don’t look for a free ride and most are not aware of how their township dollars are wasted on patronage and duplication of services.

    Townships fly under the wire because they are not the biggest part of the tax bill but the cost is there nonetheless.

  12. Correcting IS a township official or employee figuring on a nice fat pension.

    Given the clear duplication in bus service, this is all a tempest in toilet.

    Townships are so passé.

  13. Sick, old, poor people are so passe’.

    Let’s get rid of them, too.

    Right, Bigger-Government Lovers..?

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