Crystal Lake Small Businessman Mike Buehler Seeks to Challenge Jack Franks for County Board Chairman

Mike Buehler

Crystal Lake small businessman Mike Buehler was passing his petitiion for McHenry County Board Chairman at the Pro-Life Victory PAC fundraiser at Huntley’s Lincoln Farmstead Sunday.

His business is truck scales.

I had heard that petitions were circulating, but had not heard any names before seeing his petition.


Crystal Lake Small Businessman Mike Buehler Seeks to Challenge Jack Franks for County Board Chairman — 17 Comments

  1. Forest Gump would make a better County Chairman than ‘LyingJackFannks’.

    One thing seems obvious is that no Republican currently serving has the will to oppose the Counties self appointed king.

    Sorry McHenry County Republicans you have no depth on you bench.

  2. Lets end Jack Franks time in politics FOREVER!

    We the people can do this together!

    Off to the races…….

  3. This is the end for Jack Franks’ political career. Let’s thank our sunshine blogger for leading this crusade to restore decency, Christian values, transparency, and accountability to our beloved, beautiful McHenry County. Say that again? My sunshine blogger an irrelevant loser you say? I stand corrected. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic tock, meeeeeeoooooooowwwwwwwwwwwww…

  4. The irrelevant loser is you Angel. Don’t look in the mirror you might pass out from the shock of it all.

  5. Ah someone who actually works for a living unlike Franks who has had everything handed to him.

    Can’t wait to hear more about him!

  6. Mike Buehler’s Day Off to take out our little snarling Jackal, and send him back to the African bush were he can feast on carrion.

  7. It’s not over yet, be patient Fierabras.

    I’m thinking “more to come!”

  8. + 1 Dala, with you on the ousting the LifeTime Pensioner !

    Get out and off the taxpayer back!!

  9. Fierabras is so right. Mary McCann — a total wipe.

    John Jung – a bigger wipe.

    John Rienert – an out and out crook.

    Pam Alt-hoof: biggest wiper of all.

  10. Toilet Bowl, as usual you are full of sh…..t! You make no sense!
    For your information I am not on any taxpayer back!

  11. Correcting, you can love your truck all you want, as long as you are not committing food stamp fraud!

  12. To: The Toilet Bowl

    “Knock, Knock, who’s there?”

    The Feds!

    They are coming to get you!

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