Dem Primary in Steve Reick’s District Pits Peter Janko against Brian Sager

Peter Janko

At least as far back as May, Democratic Party State Central Committeeman Peter Janko was promoting his candidacy to run against Republican Steve Reick.

Janko’s claim to fame is being a member of the Democratic State Central Committee who refused to vote for Mike Madigan’s re-election as its Chairman.

I talked at length with him while he was manning the Bernie Sanders tent at the McHenry County Fair and a teacher from Jacobs High School.

He told me he spent $600 to win his State Central Committeemanship race, but would not share his technique with me or, he told me, with staff from the State party when he was asked.

And that person is Republican turned Democrat Brian Sager.

Janko said he expected Madigan to put up an opponent in the Democratic Party Primary Election.

Sager is the long-time Mayor of Woodstock and former Acting President of McHenry County College.

As far back as 2008, Sager was testing the waters to run for State Representative, if Jack Franks ran for statewide office.

He was walking with Republicans in parades and got elected President of the McHenry County Council of Governments.

But even then, he was cozing up with Democratic congressional candidate Robert Abboud and Member of Congress Melissa Bean.

Brian Sager was passing petitions for delegate and alternate delegate candidates for Mitt Romney at the Nunda Township Republican Picnic.

In 2012, Sager was recruited by State Treasurer Dan Rutherford to run as a Mitt Romney Alternate Delegate to the Republican National Convention. He was a member of Jack Franks’ Host Committee that year, too.

The Woodstock Independent’s story reports, “Republican Gov. Jim Thompson appointed him as Illinois’ Far East trade representative to Hong Kong, a post he held for two years in the late ’70s.”

Rutherford headed that commercial outreach part of state government.

While he was a Republican Precinct Committeeman from Greenwood Township, he served as a member of State Rep. Jack Franks fundraising “Host Committee” numerous times.

Being called on the inconsistency, he had enough integirty to resign the GOP post…unlike at least one other local mayor.

When newly-elected Governor Bruce Rauner came to the Woodstock Opera House to promote his agenda, Franks and Sager posed for a picture with him.

Picture taken of Woodstock Mayor Brian Sager, Govenror Bruce Rauner and State Rep. Jack Franks at the Opera House, the site of the meeting that Local 150 claimed that McHenry County Board members broke the Open Meetings Act.

In 2018, Sager supported Carlos Acosta in his successful campaign of McHenry County Board.

Sager was rewarded for his support of Franks by being named Regiional Transporation Board member for McHenry County.


Dem Primary in Steve Reick’s District Pits Peter Janko against Brian Sager — 14 Comments

  1. Why does the Woodstock Mayor always seem to be orange in color?

    Also, I read that the great city of Woodstock has instituted a 10 cent plastic bag tax?

    Talk about stupidity

  2. Brian Sager is one ‘confused’ individual!
    and very disloyal too.

    Ruined Woodstock and can’t wait to spread his wings and ruin a larger territory with Democrat policies that fail.

  3. I don’t see any press releases or news articles about this.

    Is this actually happening or just speculation?

    If Sager were to run, he’d have a good chance at winning both the primary and general election. I’d bet on him over Janko or Reick!

  4. Sager vs. Reick ….. Wow.

    That’s like saying do you want the Ebola virus injection or the Marburg virus injection.

  5. That picture of the three stooges is really something.

    It combines everything that is wrong with Illinois politics in one little picture.

    The shrimp, the blimp, and the pimp.

    You decide who’s who.

  6. Anybody would be better than Sager, even Underwood or Franks.

    Even Llavona.

    That’s how bad Sager is!!!!!

  7. I don’t think Sager will get much support in the more rural areas outside of Woodstock.

    Reick has been a huge disappointment, but I’d vote for him over Sager.

    I really wish we had a “none of the above” option.

    If “none of the above” gets the most votes, we’d have a do-over on the election, and none of the candidates on the previous ballot would be eligible.

  8. Billy Bob, I like your ideas!

    Sager is a zero.

    Reeks Reick a .5, Weber (milquetoaste No. 1, a 1.75, Skillicorn a 9.8.

  9. I really wish I hadn’t seen that photo of Jack Franks, Rauner, and Sager right before dinnertime…

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