Impeachment Inquiry: And So It Begins and with a Different Way to View President Trump During This Time

On Tuesday afternoon, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi addressed the nation. In the event you missed her 6 minute speech, click the video link below:

And from National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) Chair Tom Emmer:

Source NRCC Tweet 9/24/19

Given all of the serious business taking place, and given it will continue for the next several months, it’s time to take a different look at President Trump, AOC and Bernie, too. Saw this on CBN’s 700 Club this week. Enjoy the video after the tweet:


Impeachment Inquiry: And So It Begins and with a Different Way to View President Trump During This Time — 36 Comments

  1. Per

    “Watch Joe Biden Brag About Bribing Ukraine To Fire The Prosecutor Investigating His Son’s Company

    While the whistleblower complaint is based on hearsay, we do know that Joe Biden, while serving as vice president, pressured the Ukrainian government to fire the prosecutor who was investigating his son’s company.

    Joe Biden was so proud of his role in the prosecutor’s removal from investigating the company paying his son $50,000 per month merely to serve on its board that he actually bragged about it in a 2018 speech at an event for the publication Foreign Affairs.”

  2. Every Western country wanted that prosecutor (Viktor Shokin) fired because he wasn’t prosecuting cases.

    When they finally fired him, which is what every Western country wanted them to do.

    Viktor Shokin was turning a blind eye to corruption and all Western countries wanted him out.

    If Biden got it done, then that was a good thing.

    The investigation into the engery company that Biden’s son was on was inactive for over a year.

    Biden didn’t get rid of Shokin because he was a competent straight shooting anti-corruption crime fighter.

    It was widely held that the opposite was true.

    I BEG of this community of well informed, highly information news followers, to please please please point to anything that proves me wrong on this.

  3. Also, Biden’s son was never implicated in any wrongdoing.

    The company had problems that pre-dated Biden’s son’s involvement.

    The company wanted to turn a corner, improve its image, and gain credibility.

    So they paid Biden’s son to sit on the board.

    Hunter Biden gave them all of that.

    The investigation into the company pre-dated Hunter Biden’s involvement and Hunter Biden was brought in to turn the page on a new chapter.

    But any indication that Joe Biden got rid of the prosecutor to squash an investigation is not supported by any reporting that’s been done anywhere.

    Biden’s job was to exert the will of the United State and out western allies for the benefit of the United States and all our Western allies.

  4. Once again, frenzied Democrats are a like a herd of cats, with laser pointers stapled to their heads.

  5. “I want to know who’s the person who gave the whistle-blower the information because that’s close to a spy,” Mr. Trump said. “You know what we used to do in the old days when we were smart with spies and treason, right? We used to handle it a little differently than we do now.”

    Yeah, Dems are totally out of their minds for comparing Trump to a mob boss.

  6. “Death to anyone who helps a whistleblower” in case you dense people can’t understand what Trump just said.

  7. I’ll let Trump know that Dem f’wits would be happier.

    If like in those WW II movies, he id’s spies by peppering them with Babe Ruth questions.

  8. Replying to Oh:

    Why would any company, let alone a Ukrainian gas Company, hire Hunter Biden to improve it’s image?

    You do know that Hunter Biden has a terrible reputation right?

    The guy is known for having a drug problem, who was just kicked out of the Navy Officer Program 1 month before the Ukrainian company appointed him to it’s board.

    Why would they appoint someone with a known drug problem, who just got kicked out of the Navy, and has zero experience in Ukraine or natural gas?

    Are you really being this ignorant? They pay Hunter Biden 50K per month, why?

    What expertise can he provide, except the fact that his Daddy was the Vice-President who was the lead on Ukraine for Obama?

  9. I think you answered your own obvious question.

    They hired him because he was the VP’s son.

    Now that you have weighed in do you dispute that all the western countries wanted Viktor Shokin out because all western countries felt that he was turning a blind eye to corruption?

    do you dispute that getting Shokin out was not in the US and our western allies best interest?

    Do you have any source that reported that Hunter Biden was ever alleged to have done anything wrong?

    Do you have anything to cite or show that the “investigation” into Burisma was now dormant, as reported?

    Show me one thing that shows Biden pushed Shokin out to squash an active investigation.

    You can’t.

    It’s not there.

    Biden was acting in the US and our allies best interest.

    Trump is trying to dig up political dirt to benefit himself and his political party.

  10. This Biden criminal activities cover up and non prosection is right up Kenneally’s alley.

  11. What speaks volumes is JB bragging about it. He knows that he is untouchable.

  12. Jose! You’re right on the money!

    Oh on is a demo-flack or should that be a demo-flake.

    CP, all the Obama/Clinton/Bush elites think they are untouchable.

  13. @Oh

    So what your saying is is that President Trump’s family should be sitting on boards in foreign countries for energy, military, or commercially?

    That it has zero issues with you to do this?

    I just want to know what the Trump family can be doing because they are a whole lot smarter than Hunter Biden.

    Remember he was shot up through the ranks, undeserving mind you, gets kicked out of the Navy for cocaine use.

    And as far as digging up political dirt lets start with the 2 yrs of Unimpeachable offenses of the Comey dossier and Mueller report.

    Now the Dems are all in trying to dig up dirt on the President again, which will go absolutely nowhere! I loved that they released the transcript of the phone call before the so called whistleblower.

    Who cares what the whistleblower says when you have the transcript of the call! But I guess when President Obama on an open mic tells Medvedev he will have more flexibility after his next election.

    I think President Trump should use bleach bit on all the computers in the White House and smash them all as well.

    I mean if you are going to have a controversy at least do something that has set precedence where you can get away with it.

  14. Excellent point by “again”. The unqualified (to be president, or dog catcher) and reckless, lawless, incompetent and stupid Barack Hussein Obama said to the Russian President Mendevev to tell Putin that he, Obama, would have more flexibility to deal with Russia after the election (Nov 2012). Then, Obama touched Mendevev on the thigh and the latter said he would tell Putin about this.

  15. @ again – Google “Ivanka Trump Chinese trademarks” and “Don Jr $50,000 speaking fee Russia” if you want to know what type of open corruption his kids can get away with without any consequences.

    I also love the release of the transcript and complaint because it’s so bad for Trump, Barr, and anyone who was involved with storing that call in super super secret marriage place that’s only used for the highest classified calls as opposed to the normal calls with foreign leaders.

    A prefect call. A “10”

    Yeah so that’s why his staff tried to hide it away. Lol.

  16. Does that mean that Obama was signaling to Putin to interfere in our election? I can at least wrap my head around most Republican fever dreams. This one comparing what Obama said to Trump’s request to dig up dirt on his political makes no sense.

    Remember today when Trump suggested that anyone who helps a whistleblower should be executed?

  17. Cindy – Trump bringing up Crowdsrike is definitely 100% something that should be getting way more attention than has been reported. We agree on that. If anyone doesn’t know about Crowdstirke, please read up on it. Crowdstirke is an important and underrated aspect of the call. I had no idea what it was until this week. We have a sitting president who is still pushing a conspiracy theory that was debunked by the FBI and the Mueller Report. We have a sitting president who wants the Ukrainian president to produce “evidence” to support a theory that rich Ukrainians framed the Russians in the DNC hacking scandal. He is still pushing this theory that the Russians didn’t hack the DNC and now he wants the Ukrainian president to bring him something to support that. Trump is so unfit to sit in the oval office. The irony of his staff storing that call on a different server to lock down the call of Trump asking the Ukrainian president to find the missing servers is beyond parity.

  18. BTW Oh on, while you are believing in the fairytales from Representative Piece of Schiff from the land of fruits and nuts, this tracks back to Dickie Durbin in May of 2018!

  19. @Oh So your telling me a speaking engagement for $50k is your defense!

    That is laughable in itself!

    So Hillary involved with Uranium 1 and $145,000,000 sell of bribery is well ok! Which by the way was to Russia!

    Which I thought was our enemy when President Trump got in office but I guess they were our friends when President Obama was in office!


    And what about trademarks?

    It’s business whether they were in the White House or not she would have got them.

    Again they are much smarter than Hunter Biden!

    Clinton received speaking money as well to not so nice foreign countries!

    Just so you know nothing will come of the conversation!

    They don’t record conversations just so you know!

  20. Last Tuesday, Nancy Pelosi stated:

    “The actions taken to date by the President have seriously violated the Constitution.”

    This statement would have been totally appropriate if she had made it in December, 2016. Obama and his administration was rife with scandals and violation of law including by Obama. Beside laws, Obama and his people were grossly incompetent with numerous of their “actions”.

  21. @ again – You wrote, “I just want to know what the Trump family can be doing because they are a whole lot smarter than Hunter Biden.”

    I responded you can google what they ARE doing.

    Try to keep up.

    However, if you can’t see the problem with Ivanka Trump getting trademark approvals from China while she is officially serving in the White House *****AND***** while her daddy is in the middle of a trade war with…. China, then I don’t have high hopes for you to be able to keep up.

  22. @oh At least I have hope you my friend are a lost cause!

    You hate someone so bad well your blinders are narrow and obviously you have TDS.

    You need to go find a couch and work out your problems.

    Of course you never answered my statements so I know deflect!

    Drain the swamp and Trump 2020!

  23. @ again TDS is a great term for the people who would support Trump even if he shot someone on 5th Ave. He called his followers sheep when he said he could shoot someone on 5th Ave and lose no support. His supporters are so f*en dumb they didn’t even get the insult. Too bad for our country that he’s smart enough to know that his supporters don’t give a sh*t about anything which allows him to continue to act like a corrupt jacka**.

  24. Oh on, quite a few people on Fifth Ave. richly deserve to be shot.

  25. @Oh so you don’t like the guy so what! His policies have and continue to help Americans! You are to dumb to realize that! Why won’t Dems pass the USMCA? Oh, pun intended, because it would help Americans and give President Trump a win! And understand that, and google it, the Clinton US/Ukraine Treaty which allows both countries to ask and are bound to supply each country when asked “documents, records and other items” to each other upon request! Now The Obama White House and DNC directly solicited Ukrainian officials to get involved in the 2016 campaign by asking for dirt on Manafort and by asking Ukrainian President to speak on U.S. soil negatively about Paul Manafort. That is far worse than what the Democrat allege Trump to have done. And one more for the road for you OH! Ukrainian prosecutors say they have tried to get this information to the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) since the summer of 2018, fearing it might be evidence of possible violations of U.S. ethics laws” related to the Bidens. So long before Trump made a call, the Ukraine wanted to provide the U.S. information on the Bidens! Looks like the corruption is with Obama, Biden and the DNC!

  26. Don’t really know what you’re talking about with convicted felon Paul Manafort but when you are reduced to going to bat and defending a guy sitting in prison after he was convicted for bank and tax fraud, you’ lost the argument.

  27. Again 2 separate things but facts do seem to misguide you as usual!

  28. But I guess it is ok for the Obama white House and the DNC to solicit a foreign country but if President Trump does it it is Impeachment time.

    Oh you can’t be any more hypocritical can you.

    Of course you didn’t comment on the Clinton US/Ukraine Treaty! You are such a whiner it truly does make me laugh at such feeble minded people such as yourself!

    Go find a safe space and let the adults do what is best for our country.

  29. Do you have a cite? I’m not up on my right wing fever dream conspiracies.

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