State Senator Don DeWitte Discusses His Immediate Plans in Springfield

State Senator Don DeWitte (R, St. Charles), who represents the 33rd legislative district that includes portions of southern McHenry County, spoke for a little over 3 minutes at the Dundee Township Republican Organization picnic on September 8. The video was posted on Wednesday, and is below for viewing.

Senator DeWitte discusses his immediate plans including his role on the property tax task force, and suggestions he plans to carry forward on pension reform.

Senator DeWitte is introduced by Kane County Board Member Cliff Surges (R, Gilberts), who ran unsuccessfully for the 33rd district in the primary back in 2012.

From Dundee Township Republican Organization YouTube Channel


State Senator Don DeWitte Discusses His Immediate Plans in Springfield — 7 Comments

  1. to bad that’s all they are “suggestions” is all they will ever be.

    How is one vote going to fight the blue machine we have in this state… please … stop kidding your self and thinking we are so stupid to not know better.

    Until this madikahn machine is busted and ALL are sitting next to blago nothing will change in this bowl.

    Remember many have come before you saying / toting the same thing all turned out to be Rhino’s or just useless.

    Going to take a lot more than YOU !

    to even begin to change things, like may be a tax uprising by the People !

    when will they have enough?

    we have had enough pension seekers…

  2. I have personally spoken to DeWitte twice at political events.

    There’s not too much upstairs.

  3. You cant expect much of anything fro the state GOP organization.

    Except more corruption and RINO enablers.

    Very rarely does a real Republican, like Co. Wilcox, cut through the corruption.

  4. DeWitte sends me campaign material disguised as constituent mail, and I’m paying for it!

  5. FattyArbuckle, well, with the redistricting in 2021 and given where DeWitte lives, it is unlikely McHenry County voters will be able to express their Republican primary votes in the state senate district where DeWitte will likely run for reelection in 2022.

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