IL-06/IL-14: The Impeachment Inquiry, Democrats’ Messaging, Polling and Efforts to Protect Casten and Underwood in 2020 and Unholy Division in Our Nation

“If you are asking us to stay on message, give us a goddamn message to stay on!

Congresswoman Elissa Slotkin (D, MI) on Tuesday 9/24/19 to House Leadership after House Speaker Pelosi left closed-door Democratic caucus meeting as reported by POLITICO on 9/25/19
Congresswoman Underwood with Speaker Pelosi, answering a question at August 11 Press Conference in McAllen, TX, from KGBT-TV

As the House of Representatives is on a 2-weeks recess, the Democrats are refining their message in the impeachment inquiry for members to take back to their districts.

In a late Sunday afternoon article on POLITICO, a conference call took place over the weekend among the Democrats in order to honor Congresswoman Slotkin’s request for a message for her, and follow Democratic freshmen like Congressman Sean Casten and Congresswoman Lauren Underwood while they are in district over the next 2 weeks.

As written on McHenry County Blog last week, Casten is hosting six town hall meetings across the 6th district on Saturday, including at Fox River Grove at 11:30AM in the Community Room at Village Hall.

As a reminder, some key dates up until the initiation of an impeachment inquiry:

  • Sean Casten, June 20, supports impeachment inquiry based on the Mueller Report
  • Lauren Underwood, August 20, supports impeachment inquiry based on the Mueller Report
  • Late September, the whistleblower complaint concerning phone call between President Trump and the Ukrainian president leaked to the media
  • Speaker Pelosi, September 24, announces the launch of formal impeachment inquiry against President Trump based on the whistleblower complaint and not Mueller Report

The headline and excerpt of POLITICO‘s Sunday afternoon article is below:

House Democrats are plotting an all-out offensive against President Donald Trump as they pursue an impeachment inquiry, announcing plans on Sunday to streamline their messaging operation and aid vulnerable lawmakers as they face potential blowback in their districts.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her top deputies laid out the strategy during a private conference call Sunday afternoon. The plan reflects a deepening sentiment among Democrats that Trump’s latest scandal involving Ukraine could persuade the public to support impeachment.

POLITICO, 9/29/19

The same article also cited the results of initial polling the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) taken at the end of last week which says nationally, the public supports the impeachment inquiry with 54% support. POLITICO points out no details of the poll were released.

The DCCC also urged members to conduct their own polling within their district to gauge where their constituents stand on the impeachment inquiry, according to the POLITICO article. Therefore, residents in the 6th and 14th districts, and that includes all of McHenry County, should expect pollsters contacting them asking if they support the impeachment inquiry.

The links to the articles in POLITICO and an opinion piece by 7 of the House Democratic freshmen published last week in The Washington Post are below.

Meanwhile, President Trump took to Twitter on Sunday early evening:

The last set of tweets quoted the Pastor Robert Jeffress, senior pastor of the First Baptist Church of Dallas, which is part of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Illinois’ Republican Congressman Adam Kinzinger (IL-16) responded to the President’s final set of tweets just before 9PM Sunday night:

Given the President repeated such an incendiary quote from Pastor Jeffress of “…it [impeachment and removal of President Trump from office] will cause a Civil War like fracture in this Nation from which our Country will never heal.“, discerning voters need to hear the full context of the interview where Pastor Jeffress was quoted.

The video of the interview from Sunday was posted on YouTube on the channel for the First Baptist Church of Dallas. Closing commentary after the video:

From Fox News, FOX & Friends

COMMENTARY: A reminder, for the Senate to remove President Trump, it would take at least 67 Senators’ votes for removal. Assuming all 45 Democrats and the 2 independents voted to remove, at least 20 Republicans would have to join them. 20 Republicans is over 37% of the of the Republican majority in the Senate, so as one commenter said in Twitter and no matter how you define “bipartisan”, a real bipartisan Senate vote is needed to remove the President from office.

Mathematics aside, it does not matter where one stands on the issue of the impeachment inquiry against President Trump that the leadership of the House of Representatives initiated last week. President Trump is the duly elected President of the United States, and the Speaker of the House is the duly elected leader of the people’s House.

Why both the President and the Speaker are doing what they are doing can be debated, but to resort to promoting such an unholy division in our nation which in my honest opinion what Pastor Jeffress did and the President only made worse by tweeting Jeffress’ quote exacerbates this country’s polarization. Sadly, “Civil War” is trending on Twitter late Sunday night as a result of the President’s tweet.

The incendiary talk of a civil war which Pastor Jeffress said and President Trump spread is completely wrong, and contradicts Scripture:

Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God. Whosoever therefore resisteth the power, resisteth the ordinance of God: and they that resist shall receive to themselves damnation.

Romans 13: 1, 2 (KJV)

We submit to God by submitting to the laws of our nation, beginning with the Constitution, and the higher powers the Constitution created, including Congress (Article I) and the President (Article II). As a nation, we have to let the process defined in the Constitution work now that it is started. I would love to see the Democrats change course, and stop the impeachment inquiry, but if they do not, it must play out according to the Constitution itself, and all of us submit to the Law of the Land.

Meanwhile, prayers for our nation, including our leaders and all of us are needed. Quoting something Dr. Tony Evans, another Dallas-based pastor and president of The Urban Alternative, said from his 2016 book, Kingdom Citizen shows from where real hope and healing comes:

“Rather than focusing on what is wrong with our nation and bemoaning the depths to which we as a nation have fallen, we would do well to live in light of Martin Luther King’s call. We would do well to love. We would do well to focus on what is right with God and how He can reverse what is wrong in our land. We would do well to be the light that drives out the darkness.

“Only a few people like Martin Luther King Jr., in the face of hate, injustice, disagreement, and persecution, responded with love in their day. It seems like there are even fewer today.

“Spend ten minutes perusing social media sites (even, if not especially, those of Christians) and you will quickly see some of the most debasing, critical, and insulting forms of language and images related to our nation and/or politics. Especially regarding the 2016 presidential election.”

Dr. Tony Evans, Kingdom Citizen, pp. 96-97

One of the supporters of one of the Republican candidates for Congress said this of their candidate of choice on Sunday:

“… empathetic leader working to bring people together… we need more like <name of candidate withheld> on BOTH sides!”

Twitter supporing one of the 14th district candidates

Saying that a candidate will “bring people together” and “on BOTH sides!” could not be more true of what is needed. We need candidates, both incumbents and challengers alike, to use the real road map to bring real healing to our nation, as cited how to do so by Scripture and Dr. Evans’ Scripture-inspired message.

And right here in McHenry County and across the 6th and 14th congressional districts, we have the opportunity to choose the Republican nominees, and the eventual winners with discernment and guidance from Above who will submit to His Will to pass the laws and represent us to unite us as a nation.

I pray all of the candidates in the 6th and 14th congressional districts, both incumbents and challengers alike, knows what bringing people together really means, and what it will cost them to be the one whom the voters entrust to do so.



IL-06/IL-14: The Impeachment Inquiry, Democrats’ Messaging, Polling and Efforts to Protect Casten and Underwood in 2020 and Unholy Division in Our Nation — 25 Comments

  1. Trump’s strategy from day one was to bombard the voters with so much outrageous behavior that fatigue would set in. Now Republicans have the gall to say Trump shouldn’t be impeached because there are too many accusations against him.

    And it’s too late now to wish we all could get along after 3 years of a President who tossed out insults like candy at a parade.

  2. Drain the swamp.

    A non-stop effort to sabotage Trump’s presidency and administration commenced the day following the election in 2016, which the fake news and fake polls couldn’t avert.

    Let the civil war begin. It’ll make the Russian and Spanish civil wars of the last century seem mild in comparison. Yes, it can happen.

  3. Joe Kvidera, you don’t think all kinds of things will start leaking out regarding the democrats running for POTUS?

    This is gonna be fun to watch

  4. Trump is an outsider who God, miraculously, put in as President.

    He’s the best President in my lifetime.

    Reagan did Amnesty, remember.

    Of course the Deep State is out to get him.

    McCabe, Comey and Hilliard are the traitors!

  5. The democrat socialists take each tactical move to usurp power.

    After a bloody civil war, the future historians will point out that they initiated an awakening that swept them into the graveyards and lost every strategic, big-picture public opinion movement.

    Fly-over country rebelled.

    And so many bad actors had to finally pay.

    Hubris and overreach.

    Happens every time.

  6. The people, in general, are very ignorant. But the prize-winning morons here are the top two posters and Dianne Miller. First off, if there ever was such a thing as rule of law, you cannot impeach without grounds for impeachment. You have NONE. Crying and calling someone names like the tasteful DMAC (Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?) does not make grounds. Every single so-called Democrat is guilty of treason and they are frightened to death that they will all be outed and hanged for their treasons. Yes, plural! AND THAT is the simple reason they are going through this kabuki theater. Do you even understand the coup they have been running? You minions are hastening your own destruction. And THAT would extrapolate to moronic.

  7. Desire by Democrat Congressmen to impeach a Republican president is nothing new. Back in the Bush2 presidency, Democrat congressmen talked of impeaching Bush at different times. Most notable was in the last year of Bush2 presidency. Per WIKI:

    “During the presidency of George W. Bush, several American politicians sought to either investigate Bush for possibly impeachable offenses, or to bring actual impeachment charges on the floor of the United States House of Representatives Judiciary Committee. The most significant of these efforts occurred on June 10, 2008, when Congressman Dennis Kucinich, along with co-sponsor Robert Wexler, introduced 35 articles of impeachment[1] against Bush to the U.S. House of Representatives.[2] The House voted 251 to 166 to refer the impeachment resolution to the Judiciary Committee on June 11, where no further action was taken on it.[3] Bush’s presidency ended on January 20, 2009, with the completion of his second term in office, rendering impeachment efforts moot.”

    Everyone needs to understand that most Democrat politicians are mean, vindictive and petty. They are assisted by their mostly left wing Democrat leaning media in their smear tactics of Trump. In the case of Trump, the Democrat politicians started their impeachment talk soon after Trump’s innaugaration. According to them, Hillary won, or should have won, the election. They cannot get over the fact that their candidate was grossly incompetent and a thug to boot and deserved to lose.

  8. What is getting lost in all of this is that Biden’s kid benefited from his Fathers position in the government.

    The democrats always want to throw stones but never look into the glass house they live in.

  9. Tomahawk (9AM comment), I agree with you that God raised up Donald Trump to be elected President.

    Would anyone think that one complete outsider can not only beat the Bush family in the Republican nomination contests, but also the former First Lady to a 2-term President, U.S. Senator and Sec. of State in Hillary Clinton in a General?

    I completely agree God’s Hand was behind the Trump win in 2016.

    But since you brought up God, you can also see, through Scripture, what happens to rulers whom God placed over not only His people, but over pagan nations, too.

    King Saul and King Solomon are two examples of rulers God placed over His people, started out well, but blew it because they did not repent.

    There were others during the divided monarchy of Israel, including King Jeroboam I and King Jehu, too.

    Some of the President’s tweets over the past couple of days are questionable.

    And repeating Pastor Jeffress’ incendiary statement, while Jeffress has a right to state it, did not merit a Presidential tweet because it only further divides an already divided nation.

    If you haven’t read 2 Chronicles 15 lately, you might want to give that section of Scripture a read.

    Ecclesiastes would be a good, timely read of Scripture, particularly the last 2 verses of the book.

    Maybe President Trump will be held accountable as described in Daniel chapter 4.

    And like the Babylonian king whom God disciplined for his pride, there are some who do think, like King Nebuchadnezzar, President Trump may have lost his mind already.

    And don’t forget the “writing on the wall” described in Daniel chapter 5 to the king, there.

    God only knows.

  10. Seth Abramson

    · 2h

    (per his statements)

    1. Those investigating me are traitors and must be put to death.

    2. My political enemies must be imprisoned.

    3. Those who oppose me who aren’t put to death or imprisoned will face armed insurrection by my supporters.

    Seth Abramson



    1️⃣ CRIMES
    Illegal Solicitaion (Foreign Donation)
    Illegal Classification
    Witness Tampering
    Making False Statements

    Abuse of Power
    Obstruction of Congress
    Oath Violation

  11. “We’re trying to find out” who the whistleblower is, Trump told reporters just now.

    The whistleblower is entitled to federal protections under the law.

  12. Pompeo lied about being on the July 25 call.

    Why did the Sec of State lie about being on a “perfect” call?

  13. Hey Cindy,

    What do you have to say after all of the revelations over the weekend and even today?

    Sill no grounds for impeachment?

    I don’t lower myself by calling people names. You called me a prize-winning moron.

    So sad you feel the need to do that. You learned that well from Trump.

    What is happening is the end of the Republican Party – it’s now the party of Trump.

    Instead of calling names you should all be working to take your party back.

  14. Dianne? I did NOT call you a name. I made a discernment. I follow no one! You could learn a lot by purchasing a dictionary and not listening to the other morons. (Like the liars that made all those revelations up out of whole cloth!)You got nothing. But, with a dictionary in hand, you might make it out of that swamp you frequent.

  15. So do you say the same thing D.M. for womanizer Bill Clinton ? who was impeached for SEX crimes while holding Office! tell me how is that above a business phone call? I’m listening…and as his stupid wife stays with him, cause she is as despicable as he is you know like their special friends the weeeeners…. another fine couple of liars and exhabitionists with their on line texts…

  16. Sex crimes??? WTF?

    Serious question:

    Is Toilet Bowl just an ignorant person who says dumb things or is “Bill Clinton got impeached for sex crimes” a legit Facebook meme theory that goes around and gets shard and people believe? The stuff the right wingers say and believe is so wild.

  17. The Toilet?

    He WASN’T impeached for sex crimes.

    He was impeached for LYING about it to Congress.

    Big difference!

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