IL-06: Sean Casten’s “Six in the Sixth” Town Halls Featured in POLITICO and the Fiscal Year 2020 Federal Budget

Sean Casten

Congressman Sean Casten’s six town hall meetings on Saturday were featured in an exclusive story in POLITICO by a reporter who attended all six.

The article, published late Sunday afternoon, reveals much including Casten did not ever support Bill Clinton for President, and has his own criticisms of the media.

It’s an interesting read. Here is the link:

Casten’s Retweet Contains Erroneous Information in Attachment and Fiscal Year 2020 Budget

While in transit between town halls on Saturday, Congressman Casten, through his political Twitter ID, included this attachment in a retweet of Congressman David Cicilline (D, RI):

The House Democrats are trying to say they’ve done lots for the country, but the Senate has not.

COMMENTARY: To apply discernment, McHenry County Blog researched the 28 items on the slide, which the footnote states is from the office of House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D, MD). Here is what was found:

  • The Bipartisan Budget Act passed the Senate on August 1 and was signed into law on August 2.
  • Taking the Hoyer slide and adding a little information, note the following additional facts, particularly the number of partisan legislation the Democrats in the House passed:
Bill #Description # of GOP Votes Final Passage
H.R. 987Protecting Access to Affordable Health Care, Lowering Rx Drug Prices5
H.R. 1The For the People Act0
H.R. 5Equality Act8
H.R. 6American Dream and Promise Act7
H.R. 7Paycheck Fairness Act7
H.R. 8Bipartisan Background Checks Act8
H.R. 1112Enhanced Bacground Checks Act3
H.R. 9Climate Action Now act3
H.R. 582Raise the Wage Act3
H.R. 3877Bipartisan Budget Act (passed Senate, Law)65
MultiApproiations Bills that Cover 96% of GovernmentN/A
H.R. 2722Securing America’s Federal Election Act1
H.R. 1585Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act33
H.R. 397Butch Lewis Act (Rehabilitation for Multiemployer Pensions Act of 2019)29
H.R. 1994SECURE (Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement) Act187
H.R. 1500Consumers First Act0
H.R. 1423FAIR (Forced Arbitration Injustice Repeal) Act2
H.R. 1644Save the Internet Act1
H.R. 840Veterans’ Access to Child Care Act178
H.R. 1146Blocking Drilling in Coastal Communities and ANWR4
H.R. 3239Responding to the Humanitarian Situation at the Border1
H.R. 3494FY20 Intelligence Authorization Act171
H.R. 676NATO Support Act149
H.R. 549Venezuela TPS Act39
H.R. 790Federal Civilian Workforce Pay Raise Fairness Act29
H.R. 31Caesar Syria Civilian Protection ActVoice Vote
H.R. 1595SAFE (Secure And Fair Enforcement) Banking Act91 Only passed on 9/25
H.R. 748Middle Class Health Benefits Tax Repeal Act189
  • No one can fault the Senate, and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, of holding up passage of bills that were partisan, and every bill passed by the House with fewer than 10 Republican votes is partisan
  • Both Democrats and Republicans share the blame that fiscal year 2020, which started October 1, began without a budget in place. Here are additional facts the Hoyer graph left out concerning the budget:
    • Defense Department Appropriations Bills (H.R. 2500/S.1790)
      • Both House and Senate passed separate versions of the bill during the summer
      • Gone to Conference Committee to resolve differences between the House and Senate bills
      • Lauren Underwood is part of the conference from the House
      • Senate resolution votes of instruction for the Conference Committee taken through 9/25
    • H.R. 2740 (Labor, Health and Human Services, Education, Defense, State, Foreign Operations, and Energy and Water Development Appropriations Act, 2020)
      • Cloture vote taken in the Senate on 9/18
      • Cloture failed 51-44, and a 3/5 (60) vote was needed. Only two Democrats voted for cloture, and for parliamentary reasons, McConnell and Senator Rand Paul voted with the Democrats.
      • The Senate rejected the House-passed version as is
    • Other Appropriations bills need to be passed by the Senate, and then conference committees as needed

So with all of those changes, let’s see how the slide looks now:

Marked up by McHenry County Blog

The Senate, and the majority Republicans, do need to act upon the items not marked out above. The Appropriations bills fund the federal government, and they need to be passed with real bipartisan compromise. All of Congress is at fault for not having a budget passed in time for the fiscal year.

But not to fear, Congress passed, and the President signed into law H.R. 4378 to keep the government running until the Appropriations bills are passed, whenever that will be. Voting grids are below and President Trump signed the bill on September 27 (House passage included 76 Republicans voting with the Democrats, a real bipartisan vote in the House passage):

Source: California Target Book
Source: California Target Book

Link to H.R. 4378 continuing appropriations legislation signed into law 9/27/19:


IL-06: Sean Casten’s “Six in the Sixth” Town Halls Featured in POLITICO and the Fiscal Year 2020 Federal Budget — 9 Comments

  1. This man HAS to be an idiot or he is complicit in every single diabolical act we all know “they” are guilty of. No one could get this much behind Plotzi and be clean. It certainly is frightening how exponentially evil this has all become so quickly. Every single “newspaper” is complicit in the lies and propaganda that these types are pretending to hype. What are they so guilty of that they have to lose their souls over the subterfuge of lies?

  2. He’s a willing bit player in the EVIL Soviet style coup against POTUS and by extension
    our Constitution and America, which has been manufactured by the DEMOCRATS.

    A man Putin would welcome on his team.

  3. I really think history is going to catch up with the Democrats, just as the Republicans learned back in the 1990s when they won BOTH houses of Congress in 1994, but then-President Clinton would not sign their legislation, that many thought to be “extreme”.

    The only difference, because the Democrats failed to win the Senate last year, it’s Senate Majority Leader McConnell who is stopping the leftist/progressive/extremist agenda from House Democrats, instead of those bills getting to President Trump.

    That’s why when Casten said he voted for Bush in 1992 (he would have been too young to do so in 1988) and Dole in 1996 caught me by surprise.

    I have noticed Casten’s political Twitter account becoming more active since Jeanne Ives announced her exceptional fundraising haul in the first FEC filings she did, but as POLITICO reported, Casten does not tiptoe around impeachment.

    Next year’s election will tell us if Casten is displaying genius or will go down with his strong support for impeachment inquiry so early on back in June, especially since Speaker Pelosi wanted an impeachment inquiry on completely different reason than Casten or Underwood.

    And obviously we do not know if Casten will face Ives, Evelyn Sanguinetti or Dr. Jay Kinzler.

    And speaking of the 1990s, how did impeaching President Clinton work for the Republicans at the ballot box?

  4. Lopez –

    “And speaking of the 1990s, how did impeaching President Clinton work for the Republicans at the ballot box?”

    Not well in the midterm but well in the next presidential election (in which Clinton was not on the ballot but frozen out from Gore’s campaign).

    Why do you think looking to the political ramifications of Clinton’s impeachment is a good indicator of how it will play out with Trump in the 2020 election? What was the public support for impeachment in the 90s vs what it is now? The polls show that there is a majority support for the impeachment inquiry. In the 90s support was in the high 30s. One crime was lying (under oath) about a BJ. Trump’s crime is (a) soliciting help from the president of a foreign country to help influence the election, (b) strong arming foreign counties into investigating political rival by withholding Congressionally approved funds, refusing white house visits (something Ukraine wants to signal to the world that the US has Ukraine’s back), (c) obstructing the impeachment inquiry by not allowing State Dept officials to testify (innocent people typically don’t block people from exonerating them).

    It’s all in the transcript, the text messages, and Trump’s words with cameras rolling. But yeah, Clinton lied about a BJ and the public didn’t care. Check the polling, Lopez. Compare the polling, Lopez. Apples to apples, it ain’t.

  5. Fools really irritate me. I am so tired of lies and the theatrics. Nice example of projection by the likes of Oh on. This is all you ever get when you try to start a conversation with libtards.

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