Algonquin Township Considering Spending Money on a Newsletter Again

A couple of times recently, members of the Algonquin Township Board have brought up the possibility of publilshing a newsletter.

A possible vote to abolish Algonquin Township couldn’t be the reason, could it?

In any event, trying to weed out stuff in our basement, I found the following newsletter then years ago.

It is eight pages long.

On the back is the address of the Algonquin Township Hall.

If you wish to contact the Board members, their email addresses are below:

Board Members:
Dan Shae E-mail:
Dave Chapman E-mail:
Elaine Ramesh E-mail:
Rachael Lawrence E-mail:


Algonquin Township Considering Spending Money on a Newsletter Again — 10 Comments

  1. Nice taxpayer-funded, dead-tree propaganda.

    Repeat after me 1000X:

    “Townships are Great. We would all perish without glorious townships. Townships are NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES prone to Nepotism, Cronyism, Vote-Buying, Graft, Corruption, Influence-peddling, Pension Piggery, Waste, Duplication and outright Embezzlement. Illinois has way too many units of taxing bodies, BUT DO NOT TOUCH TOWNSHIPS. Townships are great.”

    Just ask Township Officials of Illinois exPresident Bobby Miller.

  2. Rebbeca (Bob) Miller Lee always was paid CASH to do the news letter go figure.

    Are there hands still in the $$$$$

  3. That Pie graph is laughable.

    Townships are acceptable because they just steal just a little bit, and your property tax bill ain’t going to go down much if they are abolished.

    The schools are the real tax criminals.

    It’s like the local embezzler crying “Don’t focus on me. Goldman Sachs and AIG got bailed out. They were too big to fail. I’m just a little Bernie Madoff type.”

  4. Won’t these townships ever go away? I’m tired of being ripped off.

  5. Why shouldn’t they blow the $, it’s just taxpayers’ dough.

  6. Nob – These are all Jack Frank’s worshippers commenting.

    They want to dissolve their Townships so they can transfer Townships’ TWO-PERCENT of the tax bill to Jack Franks’ pocket, payable forever under Dave McSweeney’s new law.

    Then watch these same worahippers complain when Unionized McHenry County needs to hike the new taxes through the roof because of “unforeseen costs,” as Jack Franks will likely call it…

  7. Williams, you are dead wrong.

    I despise the Lying Jackass Jack.

    IMHO there were always way too many RINOs on the County Board.

    Townships should have been abolished like they did in Michigan and Iowa in the 1950s.

    Of course too many rotten pension pigs wouldn’t let that happen here.

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