IL-14: Lauren Underwood Merchandising


While doing my seeking out of stories, I stumbled upon something that I did not know was there, but should have realized.

Congresswoman Lauren Underwood Merchandising, complete with an enamel pin.

I know, campaign volunteers wear t-shirts for a candidate in parades. But seeing the presentation the way it was in these tweets below, I just shook my head.

I knew mass merchandising was a norm for the President and presidential candidates, but for freshmen members of Congress?

And if this is here for Underwood, I can imagine the stuff being sold for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

It’s almost like you have to be a narcissist to be in Congress.

So there is a Twitter site called Lauren Underwood’s Green Coat.

And then this series of tweets from Indivisible IL 14:

When I stumbled upon all of this, I remembered this scene from Mel Brooks’ 1987 tribute to Star Wars, Spaceballs. With Mel Brooks’ “Yogurt”, Bill Pullman’s “Lone Star”, Daphne Zuniga’s “Princess Vespa”, John Candy’s “Barf” and Joan Rivers’ voice of “Dot Matrix”, enjoy the scene.


IL-14: Lauren Underwood Merchandising — 24 Comments

  1. This is absolutely SICKENING and ABSOLUTELY WRONG!

    Narcissist, is exactly right!

    Lauren Underwood, stands on that big fat pedestal of hers and she needs to step down IMMEDIATELY!

    We the people can use the power of the vote to unseat Lauren Underwood at the next election!

  2. It appears as though, Lauren Underwood, suffers from a “GOD SYNDROME!”

    This kind of behavior is unprofessional and ARROGANT!

  3. Did you see the prices?


    Commie nurse has an inner capitalist.

    She’s a fake in more ways than one

  4. New merch idea:
    Toilet paper with the likeness of the FAKE NURSE pictured on every sheet,
    and the campaign slogan “That’s All She’s Good For”

  5. It’s also a shame that the company she’s using (States Made) to have these items made is in California. Couldn’t even use a local printer or one even based in IL……….

  6. Genius fundraising idea.

    I already ordered some stuff.

    DALA, are you sure you’re not talking about Trump?

  7. dentbla, At least Trump admits he is capitalist. She is being two faced.

  8. The woman claims she is a nurse but never provided the public with her actual nurse experience such as in a hospital intensive care unit or surgery operating room or patient post surgery unit.

    Apparently she has no nurse experience.

  9. Underwood the Nurse: Lauren Underwood is a licensed registered nurse (RN).

    She was a research nurse in graduate school.

    While working in the Obama Administration, and after leaving there in early 2017, she was in policy administration.

    Technically, a nurse, but like a back-office attorney practicing law outside of the courtroom, so was Underwood after graduate school, practicing nursing in a back-office setting.

    After graduate school, Underwood practiced nursing doing policy administration and not working directly with patients either in a hospital or in a doctor’s/group practice.

    And yes, those commercials from last year showing her wearing scrubs and greeting actors-patients, were deceptive, because she had not work directly with patients in such a setting since graduate school.

    Her campaign then did not produce evidence.

  10. dentbla, your candidate is a catastrophe.

    Not only is this unethical, the purchasing of this merchandising paraphernalia to support Lauren Underwood’s campaign demonstrates that her campaign is in trouble and that there is real concern and fear she will lose.

    My guesses is that she is working with a public relations person and marketing person. WHICH MEANS CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTIONS ARE BEING USED TO PAY A PUBLIC RELATIONS AND MARKETING PEOPLE. PATHETIC!



  11. she best not be spending my hard earned Overtaxed dollars on this crap!

    wonder why she did not go to SC with her BFF Pelosi… scared? to many Trump voters there for ya?

  12. So how does this assorted crap, fit into the New Green Deal narrative?

    Just hope some Sea Turtle doesn’t wind up choking on that coat pin.

  13. Team Mo’ Welfare.

    Mo’ Illegals! Mo’ LGBTQ propaganda and special privileges!

    And ax me again, ‘Mo of your damn money!

  14. immnammna- You assume that Lauren Underwood is equal to the President of the United States.


    Knock her off that big fat pedestal!

  15. Narcissist Congresswoman Lauren Underwood should learn some humbleness from our sexual-assaulter-in-chief tronald dump. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meeeeeeoooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww…

  16. This post and the (non-racist) comments are hilarious. Lopez does how many posts a day about fundraising goals and how much the candidates have spent, have on hand, etc????? THEN Lopez posts about how Congresswoman Underwood is selling merch and she’s a “narcissist” (Lopez), “SICKENING/Narcissist” (DALA), “GOD SYNDROME/unprofessional and ARROGANT” (DALA again), “FAKE” (ILWD4CR), “two faced” (sara), “catastrophe/unethical” (DALA, A THIRD TIME) – he really seems to be triggered from this post), “SICKENING and ABSOLUTELY WRONG/Narcissist” (immnamna), racists ramblings (Father Time), “horrid/not too bright” (AZorBust).

    All. For. Fundraising. Merch. LOL this blog and you beautiful idiots.

  17. Oh on, go report back to the Jackal! You and Underweirdo make a great pair. A pair of Communists.

  18. OH=DUH!

    Oh, your candidate Lauren Underwood is a disgrace!

    Merchandising her campaign is unethical, narcissistic and unprofessional. It’s your last ditch effort to save Lauren Underwood, because you are desperate and you know there is a really good change Lauren Underwood will LOSE!

    The people are awake and listening. UNDERWOOD MUST BE REMOVED FROM OFFICE!


  19. It’d this is “unethical” and “unprofessional” for her then what about Trump who sells red hats and stupid plastic straws?

    The stupidity from this webpage is hilarious.

  20. News flash, Underwood is not running for President of the United States. She is a “Freshman Congressman” with a big fat ego.

  21. Underwood is full of herself and you keep filling that big fat ego of hers.

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