Tribune Columnist Opines on Interview of AJ’s Mother

Kristen McQueary, a Tribune columnist and Editorial Board member wrote a lengthy piece on the CBS interview of AJ’s mother JoAnne Cunningham.

You can read it here.

” Empathy? I’m fresh out,” McQueary writes.

You can view the CBS-News interview upon which she comments here.

State Rep. Sara Feigenholtz, D-Chicago, has this quote about DCFS:

“You pull one little thread and you end up unraveling so many things at this agency.”

I wonder if this liberal has come to a conclusion similar to my pessimistic one.

The only parts of government I think might be working well are those about which I know nothing.


Tribune Columnist Opines on Interview of AJ’s Mother — 11 Comments

  1. Cal:

    Weren’t you instrumental in passing a law that required the child’s best interests were to be primary when dealing with children’s issues?

    Also, who were the judges who heard these cases?

  2. Charles O Nelson, The case worker for AJ’s case is Carlos Acosta, you will have to ask him why or how this could happen.

    I realize he is a busy guy with being a McHenry County Board Member, Employed by DCFS, and a Counselor at Blair Counseling & Mediation, oh and then there is the Democratic Party too.

  3. Drew Freund has lived in McHenry County for decades.

    He graduated from Crystal Lake Central High School.

    He knows many people connected to the Courthouse because he was an Attorney.

    He knows many people in the community and people in Politics.

    The fact that Carlos Acosta did not do anything for AJ Freund was blatant, suspect and I believe criminal.

    Yes, DCFS has problems protecting kids.

    However, this case was way beyond the pale.

    All it takes is a little nod and a favor from a friend and a child is dead.


    The Community is demanding answers and so far there has been no response!

  4. The agency says it is working to improve case worker training to better determine when children should be taken from their parents.

    Isn’t the case worker in this mess a highly paid +$100k highly educated senior dcfs employee?

  5. All of the non-action surrounding this preventable tragedy screams of

    Starting with these so called parents, to DCFS’ lack of taking preventive measures on behalf of these children with so many warning signs right in front of them, to the dcfs investigator not believing not listening to this child when he finally had the courage to use his voice and despite all he didn’t take the next step and showed Deliberate indifference and allowed AJ’s abusive parents to take him back to the house and continue their deliberately indifferent abuse as well, which led them to be deliberately indifferent regarding AJ’s life and Death!!!!!!!

    Then they went on to be deliberately indifferent when they killed him, stored and then disposed of him like garbage.
    And now the one who gave birth to him still shows no signs of remorse which is also being DELIBERATELY INDIFFERENT. (But not her feelings, she looks for sympathy)

    ROAR refuses to be DELIBERATELY INDIFFERENT it is our mission to be sure that DCFS does not follow this path of DELIBERATE INDIFFERENCE and not only holds those involved accountable, as well as making the changes needed to avoid this behavior in the future. By keeping these high risk families INTACT it shows DELIBERATE INDIFFERENCE to our most vulnerable children.

    ROAR for AJ

  6. Of course my sunshine blogger has been instrumental dealing with DCFS…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meeeeeeoooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwww…

  7. Tic tock Tic tock is the sound we hear as we wait to hear of another death of yet another child.

    The sound of the silence is deafening!!!

  8. “I wonder if this liberal has come to a conclusion similar to my pessimistic one.”

    Probably not.

    Have you concluded that DCFS should get more taxpayer money?

    Because I’m sure that’s the conclusion that many liberals are having right now.

  9. Angel you appear to be blinded by the sunshine you keep shining up Carlos’ butt, you should stick that clock where the sun doesn’t shine.

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