IL-06: Dr. Jay Kinzler Candidacy Announcement Video

Dr. Jay Kinzler

On Monday, Dr. Jay Kinzler published his candidacy announcement video through his campaign Facebook page and through his campaign YouTube channel.

OBSERVATION: The video is short and to the point (just over 1 minute). Dr. Kinzler emphasizes his service to country through the military and now he believes he is being called to serve our country as a member of Congress.

Dr. Kinzler faces former Stare Representative Jeanne Ives and former Lieutenant Governor Evelyn Sanguinetti in the 6th district Republican primary on March 17. McHenry County’s Algonquin Township’s 68 precincts are within the 6th district.

Source: Kinzler for Congress YouTube Channel

And a bonus video, last Wednesday night (10/2), Dr. Kinzler appeared at the Dundee Township Republican Organization’s monthly meeting in West Dundee.

Source: Dundee Township Republicans YouTube Channel

To access Dr. Kinzler’s campaign website, the link is below:


IL-06: Dr. Jay Kinzler Candidacy Announcement Video — 29 Comments

  1. The President of the United States of America just admitted that ISIS members would be freed because of his actions but argued it was fine because they would be escaping into Europe. Maybe Republicans should shut the F up about national security for awhile since the leader of the Republican Party, Donald J Trump, just allowed our closest allies in the fight against ISIS to get slaughtered. Trump thinks it’s OK for our closets allies to get slaughtered because Erdogan said it was OK. This isn’t about ending wars. It’s about a weak foolish American President who got rolled.

  2. “our closest allies in the fight against ISIS to get slaughtered. ” the alliance with the Kurds was temporary at best, and they knew it. That alliance pissed off the Turks who have been an ally in the middle east forever. Trump is just restoring the alliances that Obama messed with.

    “This isn’t about ending wars. It’s about a weak foolish American President who got rolled.” Obama was the one who got rolled when he allowed ISIS to gain their strength and foothold in the first place.

  3. Trump literally just freed ISIS prisoners. You cannot complain about how Obama dealt with ISIS if you support Trump’s decision to allow our best allies is the fight against ISIS to just get f*cking slaughtered while others Kurds prison guards flea for their lives which allow ISIS prisoners to just walk out of jail. You can’t have it both ways.

    This is happening now. No one supports it expect for Erdogan. Trump was too weak to stand up to Erdogan so he folded like a b*tch. The idea that Trump is this tough guy is so dumb. He folded and packed up like a b*tch because he’s too weak and he JUST GOT ROLLED. This is pathetic. The world leaders are watching Trump fold like a b*tch.

  4. OH=DUH!

    And, the Democrats are helping to destroy our President because of a Politicial agenda to”WIN” at all costs!


    “The impeachment inquiry is a “political process masquerading as a legal one,” former Assistant U.S. Attorney Andy McCarthy said Thursday”

  5. Impeachment is and has always been 100% a political process. I agree with former Assistant U.S. Attorney Andy McCarthy. But this this new or earth shattering to you?

  6. Again, Trump agreed to free ISIS prisoners but doesn’t care because they are going to Europe. The response from the Trump supporters is….

  7. Fox News Poll: 51% support impeachment AND removal from office.

    SIRENS SIRENS SIRENS Today SIRENS SIRENS SIRENS: Two men who have represented to Congress that they are members of the President’s legal team were arrested last night while apparently trying to flee the country and charged in an alleged conspiracy to use foreign money to influence US politics.



    Lol GOP.

  9. OH- you just make your political party look even worse than it already is…

    Remember, while Bill Clinton was having an affair with Monica Lewsinski and LYING ABOUT IT he was neglecting his duties as President of the United States. BILL CLINTON IS A FORMER PRESIDENT WHO IS A PROVEN LIAR WITH A SEX ADDICTION. HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN PAYING ATTENTION TO BIN LADEN AND HIS FOLLOWERS!

    51% support of impeachment does not equal guilty.


  10. A proven liar with a sex addition???? Someone should tell DALA that Trump paid off a porn star with hush money and lied about it then Trump’s lawyer went to prison for campaign finance violation. You are on FIRE DALA!

    Yes Clinton got a BJ while Congress was shut down because Newt Gingrich was snubbed from riding on AF1. Public didn’t care even though Pence and Graham were weeping because the President of the United States had an affair. No. One. Gave. A. Shit. Support for impeachment pulled in the 30s. Today impeachment and removal is polling over 50% and every day we’re getting 3 new impeachable crimes a day.

    DALA – still no response to Trump allowing ISIS prisoners to go free? Do you adopt the Orange clown’s response which is… what’s the big deal, they are going to Europe?

    It’s ok to admit that Trump has turned his presidency into a 5 alarm full on dumpster fire shit show. It’s ok.

  11. SPEAKING of Trump’s lawyers….

    Trump (speaking about the 2 indicated foreign nationals who were arrested as they were fleeing the country on 1 way tickets) : “I have pictures with everybody. I don’t know if there’s anybody I don’t have pictures with. I don’t know them. I don’t know about them. I don’t know what they do. I don’t know, maybe they were clients of Rudy. You’d have to ask Rudy.”

    Love how he’s throwing Rudy under the bus here. “Don’t know them…. You have to ask Rudy.”

    Kinzler – please please please wrap yourself around Trump! He’s not toxic.

  12. “OH” was on the Russian Collusion campaign as well for the past 2.5 years and look what happened “NOTHING”!

    Remember when over 50% wanted the President Impeached then LOL Let Pelosi take a vote and then let the games begin!

    But lets see if she will even have a vote! Delusional Democrats strike again!

  13. Exactly right! There wasn’t support for impeachment after Russia investigation was over. But there is now. And there’s new crimes coming out every day.

    There are already enough Dems on record publicly supporting impeachment. Every day it makes it easier to come out in favor of impeachment and every day its harder to fight impeachment. Tillerson seems to be talking about the crimes Trump wanted him to do. oh hey, Pompeo’s senior advisor just quit tonight. People are going to (already have been) talk just for the sake of self preservation.

    Pelosi knows exactly what she’s doing. No need to rush. The damn is breaking.

  14. Yes OH is “DERANGED and OFF THE RAILS”



  15. Caring about the president’s crimes is a mental illness. – signed Trump supporters.

  16. So the ISIS fighters will be released because we left and because the Kurds will release the fighters who want to kill the Kurds?

    That makes sense…

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