Mainly about Politics at the McHenry County Fair – Part 1

OK. I am hopelessly late on reporting what happened at the McHenry County Fair during the first week of August.

So, as fall is in full bloom let’s go down memory lane.

The first building I entered was the one next to the animal pens.

1st Way Life Center was the first booth I saw that could be said to have a political aspect.

1st Way Center Life Center booth.

Goodness know, the McHenry County Citizens for Choice, closely aligned with Planned Parenthood does, but its booth was in the next building.

Beside the 1st Way display was the massive at least three booth space Pro-Life exhibit of the Catholic Church.

“Protecting all human life from conceptiuon to natural death,” reads the banner above the Catholic Church’s space.

One can see an emense amount of thought and work has been expended on the exhibit.

Catholic Chruch Pro-Life display.

Walking toward the arena, I found Peter’s Net’s booth.

It was less elaborate than previously because the sister of the woman manning it was sick, so the display had to be brought in a smaller vehicle.

Peter’s Net

Peter’s Net was the organization that blew the whistle on the McHenry County Fair Board when it tried to place all religious organizations in a “Faith Tent” far from the center of the Fair.

The next stop was the Libertarian Party.

Fox Valley Libretarians

Faithful members staff the booth each year.

In the next building–the air conditioned one–the McHenry County Sheriff’s Department.

Sheriff’s outreach at the Fair.

Sheriff Bill Prim had some giveaways, but, unlike with past Sheriff’s, Prim’s name was not on them.

“Erase Crime,” along with the Sheriff’s Department’s name and phone number of the Sheriff’s Office, plus a pencil with the office’s name, web site and phone number were offered the public.

McHenry County Auditor Shannon Teresi has been pressuring elected officials not to put their names on handouts which, in a political campaign, would feature them.

McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks caught Teresi’s attention when he tried to obtain her permission to buy lip balm with his name, title and the County seal on its outside.

State Treasurer Michael Frederichs had the next taxpayer-financed booth.

State Treasurer’s lost asset booth.


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  1. Was Kenneally out getting Funnel Cakes, Cotton Candy and Corn Dogs during this?

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