Message of the Day – A Hat

On Veterans Day this baseball cap seems appropriate:

“All gave some, some gave all. POW-MIA”

This was found at the First Methodist Church of Crystal Lake’s every Friday food distribution from the Crystal Lake, Cary and Woodstock Jewel stores, plus the Northern Illinois Food Bank.

The place to be if you need food is the Nunda Township Hall about 12:30 every Friday.

Where the Bay Road Nunda Township Office complex is located.


Message of the Day – A Hat — 4 Comments

  1. This is exactly why Freedom will always win out in the end.

    While there are still people who intimately know the price paid for a free society to be as unruly and contentious as it we are now there will be zero chance for those who have no understanding of the ideals their blood paid for to succeed.

    Not one veteran is concerned with children in motorcycle helmets having a temper tantrum in the streets.

    Not one veteran is concerned about how deeply corrupt The State is right now.

    Not one veteran is concerned about some moronic weenie who likes to cry about how their pay for play paradise is being messed with by a renewed Justice Department.

    Every veteran is keenly aware of the cowardice of the average person who would rather kneel before a tyrant than stand to fight.

    Veterans paid once already and accepted their death even as they walk in front of you.

    If they are called upon again to defend the ideals of this country not one will hesitate to share with everyone the price to be paid to keep those ideals at home.

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