State and Local Candidates at the Pro-Life Political Fund Raiser

The Pro-Life Victory PAC held a fundraiser a couple of Sundays ago, one of those rainy days when participants were glad it was inside the Lincoln Farmstead’s big barn.

As usual, I walked around looking for things political.

The first was State Rep. Steve Reick seeking petition signatures:

Reick, who is not Pro-Life from religious reasons, rather from logic, later gave an impassioned speech about how much worse local represntation on the issue would be if a Democrat replaced him.

He said he knew who would be his challennger, but did not reveal what turned out to be liberal Brian Sager‘s name so Sager could make his own announcement.

My next shot was of former Lake County Sheriff Mark Curran, desiring to challenge State Senator Dick Durbin.

Mark Curran

I caught State Rep. Tom Weber, clipboard in hand, entering the barn:

Tom Weber

Next image to enter my camera’s lens was State Representative Allen Skillicorn:

Allen Skillicorn
Mark Gerhardt

Judicial candidate David Gervais is about to sit down to eat at the Pro-Life Pig Roast. In the background one can see Mark Curran and congressional candidate Sue Rezin.

The speechifying began with all three of the appointed judges sounding forth.

The other judicial candidate, Justin Hansen, was holding his own fundraiser at Veterans Acres.

McHenry County State’s Attorney Patrick Kenneally, seeking signatures to run for a second term in 2020, was seen chatting with former Algonquin Township Trustee Melissa Fischer.

Melissa Fischer and Patrick Kenneally

McHenry County Auditor Shannon Teresi gave an impassioned talk about the need for her position to provide a check and balance on the rest of county government.

I would not help but remember how she stopped McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks from paying for lip balm to be passed out like campaign givewaways.

The lip balm was going to have his name, office and the McHenry County seal.

She sees her role as fighting corruption.

Franks tried to replace the elected office of Auditor with an appointed Inspector General, which, guess what, would report to the ever compliant County Administrator Peter Austin.

In other words, to Jack Franks.

Lake County has an appointed County Auditor that did not catch the illegal spending of the Lake County Board Chariman.

Michael Rein

Or, if the Lake County Auditor did notice, the Lake County Auditor did nothing to stop that illegal spending.

McHenry County Coroner hopeful Michael Rein made a pitch, too.

Oville Brettman and McHenry County Board Chairman candidate Mike Buehler chatted.

Buehler was collecting signatures for a run against Democratic Party McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks.

Orville Brettman and Mike Buehler chatted.

District 1 McHenry County Board member Tom Wilbeck was one of two County Board members in attendance.

Tom Wilbeck

The other was District 3 County Board member Kay Bates.

Kay Bates


State and Local Candidates at the Pro-Life Political Fund Raiser — 6 Comments

  1. Naysayers like me keep saying Illinois is too far gone to salvage.

    But actually, your living in a freaking Camelot for grifters.

  2. Reick is an atheist.

    He’s just there to save his hide after his past was brought up.

    I’m not writing about his drunkenness while driving.

    “Grifter” is right!

  3. Teresi, is mature, grounded and professional.

    Decent hard working people there that care about our community.

  4. Wow – what a sad and embarrassing group to represent our party!

    Anyone continuing to vote for these characters is clearly voting party over country (or county). GOP over USA. Sad!

    “JOIN THE McHenry County GOP: Literally terrorists and drunk drivers!! MAGA!”

  5. Kenneally synonymous with buffet, needy, overweight and hair loss.

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