Mainly about Politics at the McHenry County Fair – Part 3

Leaving the booths in the County Fair buildings, I headed to the Midway seeking Jack Franks’ tent.

I didn’t find one, but I did spot State Rep. Steve Reick’s.

Steve Reick’s tent contained only signs.

Continuing to look for signs of politics, I found a couple with a child in a stroller coming toward me.

A 1st Way Life Center balloon saying “Life” was attached to the baby’s stroller.

Then I found the Bernie Sanders tent.

It had three men, one from Marengo, one from Algonquin, a history teacher at Jacobs High School and an older gentlemen whose dedication convince him to drive all the way from an inner suburb, Brookfield, I think.

Bernie Sanders’ McHenry County Fair tent.

That’s where I discovered Peter Janko, Democratic Party State Central Committeeman and candidate for State Representative, who wishes to take Steve Reick’s seat.

He refused to vote for Mike Madigan’s re-election as Chairman of the Illinois Democratic Party.

As I wrote yesterday, I have never had a problem talking to those interested in politics until I was repeatedly and loudly called a “racist” at this year’s Democratic Party booth.

I chatted, mainly listened in the Sanders’ booth for the better part of an hour.

I saw the yard signs next to the tent, which you can see below:

Two of Peter Janko’s yard signs.

I asked why the “Amtrak 2 Huntley” sign was there.

Janko, a former employee of a firm that did work for the Tollway, said that pushing Amtrak service to Huntley would be one of his major issues.

He pointed out that the same amount of money had been included in this year’s capital plan as had been withheld by Governor Bruce Rauner.

Peter Janko

That is relevant because the original money was supposed to upgrade the bridge across the Fox River in Elgin and that has been completed, leaving extra money for other improvements.

I pointed out that the track is used by the Chrysler Plant in Belvidere, so is probably already good enough for passenger service.

Janko’s vision is train service not just to Rockford, however, but to Madison.

That would considerably increase Amtrak passengers, he believes.

Peter Janko

We also discussed Medicare for All, a Sanders platform plank.

He presented what he said the play would save each individual family, but the details escape me.

No raised voices; just the sharing of views.

One of the subjects we discussed was Janko’s belief that Mike Madigan would find a primary opponent for him.

Now, we know that candidate is Brian Sager.

He was rewarded for his long-time support of Jack Franks by being appointed to be McHenry County’s representative on the Regional Transportation Authority Board.

I digress to tell of the only pro-RTA candidate for State Representative in McHenry County during the 1974 election, Ron Stroupe.

There were three State Representative incumbents, myself, Bruce Waddell (R-Dundee Township) and Democrat Tom Hanahan.

Debates on the RTA referendum were held throughtout the McHenry and Kane County portions of the 33rd District.

We three incumbent State Reps., plus State Senator Jack Schaffer were on the side of defeating the RTA referendum, while Stroupe, members of the League of Women Voters and individuals like Jeff Ladd argued for its passage.

Tying this into Huntley, that was where Stroupe lived.

He stated that the RTA referendum’s passage would bring commuter service to Huntley.

I’m sure at some point I made some sarcastic remark about how ridiculous that assertion was.

And, here we are 45 years later and RTA provides no passenger service to Huntley residents.

Catalina Laud

However, with Janko having a plan to get Amtrak to provide passenger service and Democratic Primary opponent Sager being on the RTA Board, there should be some interesting interchange on the subject.

You can read the story here.

I returned to the GOP Booth and found potential 14th congressional district candidate Catalina Lauf and interviewed her.

And, then I drove back to Crystal Lake.

Mark Weyermuller and Rachael Lawrence

The night of the big concert, a Friend of McHenry County Blog got the photo above of Mark Weyermuller and Algonquin Township Trustee Rachael Lawrence.


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  1. Dear freeloader sunshine blogger: Now that political season is well underway, as a loyal member of your immense readership, I expect your aggressive and continued effort monitoring the correct handling and good care of yard political signs all around old fashioned and beautiful McHenry County. Our democracy, freedoms, and founder fathers’ legacy depends on it. Let’s not forget all the shenanigans and dirty tricks those democrats use to play on this issue. Yet again, we look forward to your unquestionable leadership as a journalistic institution. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meeeeeeeeoooooooooowwwwwwwwwwww…

  2. Re Bernie Sanders booth – Crazy Bernie, Cherokee Liz and Dummy Biden are the BEST that the Democrat Party offers voters in 2019-2020. Old and decrepit and characterized by socialist/communist ideas. The currently top polling candidate, Liz, was dishonest for many years falsely claiming and using native american heritage to advance her career.

  3. There’s no “Don’t Tell Saloon” in Harvard.

    Everyone knows everyone else’s business in that town.

    The local political types do the bulk of their drinking outside of town at Old River’s or House of Lawrence.

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