IL-14: Trump Delegate from District Posting Negatives of Catalina Lauf

Jennifer Nevins

At the end of September, two posts on congressional candidate Catalina Lauf’s campaign Facebook page caught McHenry County Blog‘s attention. The posts were under the visitors posting section, and not in response to a post from Catalina’s campaign.

The poster’s name was recognized. Jennifer Nevins, who was elected as an alternate delegate for Donald Trump in the 2016 primary as part of the 14th district’s delegation to the Republican National Convention. Nevins attended the convention in Cleveland in 2016.

She is also a frequent guest on local TV and radio shows, including Chicago Tonight on WTTW and Beyond the Beltway with Bruce Dumont. The day after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced the formal impeachment inquiry, Nevins was interviewed by Carol Marin on Chicago Tonight the next evening along with a pro-impeachment inquiry guest.

Here’s the first of Nevins’ posts:

Source: Catalina for Congress Facebook Page

The post was in reference to Catalina’s fundraiser on September 30 and her campaign’s decision to charge less for young professionals 40 and under.

Personally, I’ve always wondered if the local Young Republicans chapters ever did something similar, but in spite of the hostile tone and snarky remarks, Catalina’s campaign can and did what they wanted to do.

Here’s the second post, while not written by Nevins, she responded to it after writing the previous post:

Source: Catalina for Congress Facebook Page

While Nevins’ response to the post was nothing more than a childish insult, it’s what she was agreeing to which jumps out more.

Before writing this article, McHenry County Blog did confirm Nevins actually posted on Catalina for Congress’ campaign Facebook page.

While Nevins has every right to support or be against whomever she wants to in any race and in spite of the respect she holds in Chicagoland on national politics as her frequent media appearances show, how and where she is doing what she is doing is questionable concerning Catalina.

Catalina Lauf

Here is a response from Catalina Lauf’s campaign to the Nevins posts:

“Catalina’s message is one of unity and positivity. Divisive, drive-by attacks comprise the strategy of AOC and Lauren Underwood. It’s sad to see other Republicans employ the same tactics when we should all stand together against the real danger – radical socialism pushed by the fringe left that will threaten the future of the American Dream.”

Campaign Spokesperson for Catalina for Congress

Everybody has known the 14th district Republican primary was going to get ugly fast. The gloves came off last month in the responses to a questionable poll released by one of the candidates through McHenry County Blog.

Indeed, Nevins wrote the following in a guest column on Illinois Review back in July:

“As Republicans gear up to wage electoral war against far-Left Lauren Underwood, numerous GOP primary candidates have lined up…

“But it’s also a situation that demands that the wheat be separated from the chaff. The very worst thing that could happen here is that we have a polite primary where pointed arguments and observations are not made. Underwood has to be defeated this cycle before she becomes an entrenched incumbent. We cannot afford to tiptoe around rotten records, lousy campaign platforms and delicate sensibilities.”

Illinois Review, “Come on, We Don’t Need or Want ‘Polite’ Primaries” 7/19/19

The link to Illinois Review and the Nevins July column is below.

While all can easily agree that only the Biblical refinement by fire will best prepare the Republican who wins the 14th nomination in March. The multi-million dollar onslaught the Democrats and their leftist allies (Indivisible, LCV, EMILY’s List, DFA, etc.) will fire starts on March 18.

Between now and Tuesday night, the remaining 5 candidates whose 3rd quarter fundraising has yet to be reported to the Federal Election Commission will be made public. And thus far, Catalina Lauf has already revealed how well she has done there, though her report has not yet been filed.

And let’s not forget, candidates’ policy/position papers on the major issues need to be published soon. Catalina Lauf announced on a podcast this past week her campaign will be rolling out its policy positions later this month. The other candidates should be doing the same, too.

And McHenry County Blog will do, and has been doing its part, too.

May the vetting, with discernment, begin in earnest.

Finally, Nevins will be appearing on Beyond the Beltway again, tonight at 6:05PM. The live radio broadcast is on WCGO 1590AM, but that is only the first hour. Both hours are best to listen, and watch live, through social media Facebook or YouTube.

Links to related video and article:


IL-14: Trump Delegate from District Posting Negatives of Catalina Lauf — 35 Comments

  1. The fact that these women are so threatened by someone like Catalina shows you all you need to know.

    If no one took her seriously …she would not be rattling the nests of these women, this is exactly what happened to President Trump in 2016.

    Their closed mindedness to not see the greater picture in how much of a blessing someone like Catalina is for the future of our country is just sad and riddled with envy.

    I’m excited to see Catalina completely steamroll these opponents, show the people her capability, defeat Lauren Underwood and steamroll Washington, AOC and the rest of the squad when she gets there.

  2. The Illinois Media Propaganda Oversight Department has made it clear, that only those who pass the Illinois Political Thought test, will be given access to the local shows for idiots.

  3. How do you tell if someone gets attacked because they are threatening or if they get attacked because they are incompetent or just ineffective candidates?

    Lauf has certainly made some fans but I think her viability as a candidate has yet to be proven.

  4. Jim, my apologies for not having additional information about Jennifer Nevins, apart from her election as an alternate delegate for Donald Trump in the 14th district.

    Nevins lives in Aurora.

    She is known for her support of President Trump and being a fierce conservative who can articulate a conservative and Trump message and defend the President, even during this climate of the impeachment inquiry, as her appearances on Chicago Tonight and Beyond the Beltway prove.

    In the 14th district congressional race, Nevins is one of the top volunteers for James Marter.

    She was in Crystal Lake on September 29 for Marter’s fundraiser 2 weeks ago, and she served on the 4-person host committee that night.

    While Nevins is one of Marter’s most prominent supporters/volunteer, her actions on September 30 on the Catalina Lauf Facebook page was solely her own doing, and Marter, as I’ve been told, had nothing to do with it.

    Additionally, she writes for Illinois Review, including the article link at the end of the article. Recently, she had an article published concerning the U.S. Senate race, which you can see here:

    Please note, the information in the October Illinois Review article, when I was confirming the authenticity that Nevins actually posted on Catalina’s web page, I was tipped-off about the research that was shared in that IR article, so wasn’t surprised when it posted.

    Given Nevins is someone I’ve never met, but I’ve heard of and seen on TV/social media and heard on radio and read articles online, she is more than just the average conservative Republican grassroots volunteer, which is why her posts on Catalina Lauf’s campaign Facebook page caught my attention.

    Hope that helps.

  5. Joe, on your last point, that goes for all of the candidates running in the Republican primary in the 14th.

    That’s what the vetting in the campaign is all about.

    What’s unique about Catalina Lauf is she has attracted the attention of both the Right and the Left.

    None of the other candidates come close to the attention being paid to her by the Left, especially Indivisible and a high ranking member of Lauren Underwood’s organization.

    As I said, none of the other 6 Republicans running to replace Lauren Underwood have received the kind of attention Lauf has received from the Left.

    She is doing something right.

  6. I’m not even a supporter of Catalina Lauf but this is pathetic.

    First, can’t someone charge whatever they want for a private fundraiser?

    Don’t conservatives believe people have a right to do that?

    I think it’s pretty reasonable to assume that Lauf is trying to attract younger voters to her campaign and it’s reasonable to assume that people under 40 make less than those over 40.

    Why do PC get discounts?

    Why do children get discounts or pay nothing?

    Why do college students get discounts at some events?

    Second, it’s obvious that the Marter crew, which Nevins is part of, is upset that Lauf is kicking their butts in fundraising.

    Marter raised like 4200 dollars in the second quarter, barely better than Danny Malouf or Anthony Catella.

    Top tier candidates are getting six figures and Catalina appears closer to the “big dogs” than the pipsqueaks.

    Third, what does it say about Nevins as a self-fancied Trump surrogate when she is willing to team up with AOC fangirls to attack Republicans and ignore their attacks on Trump?

    Nevins says “truth!” after this Twitter lady says AOC makes “cogent” arguments and that Lauf should be ASHAMED to associate with Trump.

    Yet Nevins goes on local television as a huge Trump apologist and doesn’t call this woman out for anything, but agrees with her!?

    Nevins, the Trump surrogate, can put that woman’s Trump hatred to the side, apparently, because hating Lauf is more important and is a shared goal between herself and AOC supporters.

    Nevins was encouraged to run for congress but she decided not to, instead she chose to support a candidate who has already lost two Republican primaries for federal office both by about 40 points (see Marter’s election results in 2016 for Senate and 2018 for House), and it sounds like she’s having regrets now that a different pro-Trump woman in the 14th district is threatening her spotlight.

    That being said, I agree with the AOC supporter and Nevins that Lauf is terribly lacking in policy details.

    Underwood would SMASH her.

    THAT is her real problem, not the fact that she’s giving younger people a discount to her fundraisers. smh

  7. Jen (10:50AM), thank you.

    You have just confirmed what I had suspected to be the secret to Catalina Lauf’s early success as a candidate.

    I do plan to write on the point you made later this week, after the FEC filings for Catalina and all of the candidates are public by Tuesday night.

  8. Good afternoon.

    I would like your readers to know that instead of contacting me for this story, you chose to send a lengthy set of questions to a friend of mine.

    Interesting journalistic practice.

    However, I am pleased that you gave my comments an even bigger audience.

  9. Until Catalina milks a few cows the old-fashioned, McHenry County way, this sunshine audience will not take her seriously. Go Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the Green New Deal! Stay tuned…tic,tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  10. She’s beautiful and Latina!

    Can’t expect her to articulate positions I suppose.

  11. She’s beautiful and Latina!

    Can’t expect her to articulate positions I suppose

  12. Sorry her visit was unsatisfactory.

    To date, this Blog doesn’t have a hair-trigger, butthurt desk, for smug Journo-Babies.

  13. Jennifer Nevins is coming under attack for speaking the truth. Sounds familiar!

    Jennifer — our great President comes under fire for fighting the establishment too. Keep it up.

  14. Lauf is a fraud and should be called out. She is the Republican twin of Lauren Underwood. Thin resume. Identity politics. All smiles and no substance. Far Out of district residency until just before campaign starts. Even worked on campaign staff of Bruce Rauner against Jeanne Ives in primary. Collected $35K in Rauner cash during campaign.

  15. DJ, on a blustery day here in Illinois, would love to be at Sonny Bryan’s enjoying some beef brisket. I’m sure the old shack on Inwood Road is long gone.

    Today is a fascinating day when it comes to Catalina Lauf’s congressional candidacy. The Left has pulled up her driving record as a teenager to try to make politcal hay out of them in her run for Congress. She was all of 16, 17 and 19, and the latter as an adult, this all an example of how we saw the Left go after President Trump’s SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh, and in Lauf’s case, glad it’s traffic.

    And now, the Right comparing her to Lauren Underwood? Fire and water, snake and mongoose are the words that come to mind. Apart from age, being women of color and having both worked in a presidential administration, that is where the similarities stop.

    As I’ve said to many both privately and publicly, and posted consistently in articles for months, ALL of the candidates will be vetted. No exception. If there is something substantial that needs to be revealed about any of the 7 candidates, it will be found and it will come out.

    Better during the primary then by the Democrats and their leftist allies to the Republican nominee.

    And have ANY of the candidates in the 14th published detailed policy positions on issues? Only Jeanne Ives has done that in the 6th district on healthcare, but none of the 14th district candidates have done that yet. So expecting anyone “…to articulate positions…” will be vetted, too. We’ll see.

    In the meantime, Lauf has many podcasts on record, and some more coming out as soon as tomorrow, I believe BlazeTV, so both audio and visual.

    And let’s not forget, Lauf’s, and all of the remaining 14th district candidates’ FEC Form 3s will be public by Tuesday night. That alone will reveal much, about all of the candidates.

  16. Jennifer Nevins is coming under attack for speaking the truth. Sounds familiar!

    Our great President is also attacked for taking on the establishment. Keep it up Jennifer!

  17. Not to bash Catalina, but Jon Zahm,above, hit the truth nail on the head.

    Scary/sad times when the litmus test trifecta for congressional candidacy is:

    1. Female
    2. non-white
    3. Relatively attractive

    The fact that these are of any significance at all, let alone the very cornerstone of her candidacy, is a testament to how pathetic and ignorant the American electorate has become.

    That said – Nevins’ comment entirely contradictory/hypocritical, declaring “TRUTH!” that AOC makes cogent arguments and that Catalina’s support of Trump is shameful…

    I have to think Jennifer realizes the misspeak there.

    Sadly, I suspect the pretty, female, Latina will win regardless of her acumen or positions…

    And just like Rome, we too, shall eventually fall.

  18. The people want the best candidate in office.

    A candidate will not make it with just looks and youth.

  19. Nevins is a conservative street fighter.

    She is backing the most conservative candidate. Marter.

    Probably not as “electable” as Lauf and some others.

    It’s the “most electable conservative “ as Reagan would say vs. the “most conservative” syndrome.

    I cannot fault either camp.

  20. I agree with DALA, and will expand what was said to all of the candidates in the 14th district Republican field.

    Frankly, none of the candidates have earned it, at least not with me.

    Some will make good cases, and their 3rd quarter fundraising will separate the contenders from the rest.

    But if a pollster called me and asked me whom I would vote for tomorrow in the 14th, I’d be honest and say I’m undecided.

    There is nothing wrong with that in mid-October prior to the primary.

    As I’ve told many, let the process work and trust the vetting process, and trust the voters, with discernment to make the most informed vote come March.

    And some saying the “trifecta” of female/non-white/relatively attractive will be the main point, I would put all of those as intangibles, along with possibly age.

    With so many viable candidates (between 4 and 5), most voters are going to narrow their choice to 2 or 3 candidates, and then intangibles may be what decides their vote.

    Given Lauren Underwood, it may come down to “…it takes a millenial to beat a millenial.”

    If Lauf has shown herself to be knowledgeable and articulate on the main issues by March, that age intangible will be a deciding factor and help her.

    Or, a successful entrepreneur/business owner is the preference, and that means possible Oberweis, Gradel, Rezin or Marter.

    All things being relatively equal on the issues, voters will have to choose one of the 4.

    Or someone with a record in Springfield, that narrows it to Oberweis and Rezin.

    Than one chooses based on whatever intangibles, and the ages of the candidates could become an intangible between Oberweis’ 73 and Rezin’s 56.

    It’s the voters choice, the vetting process has barely started, and it is a long time until the polls close on March 17.

  21. Good morning!

    My “ truth” comment was not meant as an endorsement of AOC or the woman applauding her.

    It spoke only to her assertion that Lauf offers little of substance and seems to think that because she checks off identity boxes that she’s able to become a US rep because of it.

    In hindsight, what I should have said is something like “ truth- to part of what you said!”

    But then again. anyone should know that I wouldn’t find Lauf’s association with Trump to be despicable.

    It’s the one thing going in her favor actually.

  22. As the 14th district Republican primary vetting continues, please keep an eye on how all of the candidates respond to news of current events, including congressional actions and votes. Congress has been on October recess since September 27, but let’s look at candidates responding to congressional actions and votes.

    And impeachment is purposely omitted.

    The only candidate to respond to a congressional vote in the House last month was Catalina Lauf and the H.R. 3525 legislation, which was sponsored by Lauren Underwood. She responded with a tweet on the 28th, and pointed to the motion to recommit vote.

    By contrast, Jim Oberweis responded to Underwood’s legislation passage — 2 weeks after-the-fact. But no other 14th district candidate jumped on that Underwood legislation, her speech and vote as Lauf did.

    And now, look at the gift/opportunity the Left is presenting with what they are trying to do with the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act (TCJA) and the SALT deduction limitations. Underwood jumped on a ProPublica article from last Thursday and on Saturday, she took to Twitter to promote her H.R. 1757, and included Sean Casten support of it.

    If you haven’t read this article yet, please read it:

    This is a time for the 14th district Republican candidates to shine, and show they can see through and take on what the Democrats are trying to do on the pocketbook issue of taxes and redefinition of the middle class.

    As I said months ago, if the left can succeed and redefine marriage, they can redefine the middle class, too.

    The 14th district candidate that can show they can effectively and quickly fight the Democratic agenda taking place in Washington, even outside of the impeachment inquiry, will go a long way to convince primary voters they are the best candidate to challenge, and defeat, Lauren Underwood in 12 1/2 months.

    Let’s watch to see which candidates step up.

  23. We get it already, John.

    This is a pro-Lauf page despite your claims that you are all for vetting ALL of the candidates.

    You’ve run three pieces on Lauf over the past week and no recent pieces dedicated to any of the other candidates.

    Oberweis does events.Marter does events, et. AL.

    There is news there too.

    You aren’t fooling many of us.

  24. Oberwies refused to send photos of his fundraiser in Marengo. It’s a policy that he has long followed, according to his fundraiser.

    Marter’s fundraiser in Crystal Lake was covered.

  25. Lauf touts working for the Trump administration but he doesn’t even know who she is.

    She was a temp for Chamber of Commerce.

    And admitted she just did it for a few months to put on her resume.

    That in no way qualifies her for Congress.

    Republicans don’t need a version of AOC to drag us down.

    Be Smarter, Vote Marter.

  26. Jennifer Nevins, what needs to be said to you, was said in the thread with Catalina Lauf’s podcast today, including Oberweis and the rest and his event this week.

    You have more in common with the Left then you are likely willing to admit.

    Fear is the biggest.

    The Left fears Catalina Lauf, as do you.

    Cal is right, we want to cover events, and neither of us covered either Oberweis or Lauf 9/30 fundraisers, and the campaigns did not send pics.

    The information was posted about 9/29 Marter event you hosted multiple times, and within 17 hours, we’ll see the fruit of your labor in Marter’s 3rd quarter FEC Form 3.

  27. John, it seems as though we are the only voices of reason here.

    You have done a fair job of covering all the candidates — however, there’s something about Catalina that gives the “It” factor.

    Shame on the people who only talk about her looks, lack of experience.

    She is by far the most electable out of the group & can and will certainly take on Lauren Underwood.

    Catalina is highly intelligent, charismatic and has passion.

    That’s what we need in representatives.

  28. Jen (10:39PM), thank you for the prop, but there are many voices of reasons, and most of the comments come from voices of reasons in this article and everywhere on McHenry County Blog.

    And I see the numbers of people reading the articles here on McHenry County Blog, and far more read the articles than comment.

    Even Jennifer Nevins, when she does not let her fears speak for her, has provided reason to the conversation, as she does when she is on TV.

    Sometimes, their reason comes across in what they don’t say or their body language, as what they do say.

    If you didn’t watch Beyond the Beltway this past Sunday, watch the YouTube replay.

    It’s clearly revealed there, particularly in the 2nd hour.

    As for Catalina Lauf’s success, that was on full display on her interview that was broadcast yesterday.

    That said, and as I said in that thread, she does need polish, as do the rest of the top-tier candidates.

    Over the weekend, I was given guidance to the real secret of Catalina’s early success in her campaign, which will be shared tonight or by tomorrow morning, after all of the FEC numbers are in.

    It’s more basic than you think.


  29. Mr. Zahm on 10/13, 4:54PM said concerning Catalina Lauf: “Far Out of district residency until just before campaign starts. Even worked on campaign staff of Bruce Rauner against Jeanne Ives in primary. Collected $35K in Rauner cash during campaign.”

    Several of the above points are inaccurate or incomplete.

    – Lauf’s home address was in-district over a year ago, according to D2 Citizens for Rauner, presumably changed when she worked in DC for Trump administration starting last December.

    – Lauf worked on campaign staff for Rauner from late January to mid-November of last year, so she also worked against JB Pritzker

    – See Lauf’s FD filing today (10/18), for the correct amount she was paid by Citizens for Rauner and Trump Commerce Dept.

    – Any imbalance on Citizens for Rauner D2 vs. FD should be taken up with the Citizens for Rauner people if they need to file an amended D2.

    Your question, and other genuine questions about Lauf or any candidate can cross-the-line from a genuine “difference of opinion” into fear-inspired “gotcha” politics like Sean Casten against Dan Crenshaw, which we all learned is something Casten had on his mind for months.

    But view Casten’s comments and what Crenshaw actually said on his floor speech back on March 8.

    Videos for both 10/5 town hall and 3/8 floor speech included in today’s article.

    With full context, the Republican candidates vetting process will work and all of the questions about all of the candidates will be sorted out.

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