IL-14: Catalina Lauf Interview on Dear America with Graham Allen

Catalina Lauf

McHenry County’s Catalina Lauf, candidate for the Republican nomination in the 14th congressional district, will be interviewed on Dear America by Graham Allen and his crew on Monday afternoon at 4PM CDT.

The interview was taped last week and will be broadcast through BlazeTV podcast, including YouTube streaming.

Here is the information from YouTube for today’s interview about Catalina Lauf:

“Catalina Lauf, former Trump administration adviser, is running for Illinois’ 14th Congressional District. Graham and the crew sit down and hear what she has to say about the popular issues. Get to know the real Catalina and what she likes to do when she’s not running for Congress. Will she unseat AOC as the youngest congresswoman ever?”

Graham Allen YouTube channel

McHenry County Blog is going to try a 1st with this interview. See if it can be live-streamed through the blog. The interview is scheduled to start at 4PM:

And if the live stream does not work, here is the YouTube link:

And courtesy of Catalina for Congress Instragram, here is a preview:



IL-14: Catalina Lauf Interview on Dear America with Graham Allen — 20 Comments

  1. Who does she think she is? Another Underwood?

    I ask because she has no history here.

    Just a carpetbagger from somewhere else.

    “Oh, but I’m a cute Latina (with a German Dad), so you have to vote for me!”

  2. “…no history here.”??!?

    She was born and grew up in Woodstock, and home schooled there that enabled her to go to MCC and earn an associate’s degree by the time she was 17. She went off and earned her bachelor’s at Miami of Ohio by age 20.

    If you did watch that interview, and don’t come away knowing she is for real, then you better listen/watch it again.

    I can see why the Left is very scared of her, and they have not shown any fear of the other 6 candidates to any extent as they have for Catalina Lauf.

    It’s a long road until the polls close on March 17, and she does need polish, but overall, it was a very good interview in the Deep South giving her powerful earned media she will carry into the 14th during the primary campaign.

    And I do want to see her, and the other candidates, be on shows where they have to talk in depth about what the major issues are.

  3. She is similar to Underwood in that she lived in DC and came back home to run in the district where her parents live.

    I don’t vote for historical reasons “first Black, first woman, first catholic, youngest, oldest” etc.

    That would be racist, sexist, bigoted, agist respectively.

    I vote for who is most likely to vote the way I want them to.

    I’ll be voting for someone else.

  4. All Lauf all the time over here.

    This is the third nice write up she’s received this week and no similar recent stories on any of the other candidates.

  5. Yes, Cal is quite fond of Catalina.

    Does anyone know the start and end dates of her time as an “advisor” to President Trump

    They turn them over quick in that White House.

  6. Go Cat!!

    Don’t listen to Sniveling Nevins.

    She’s a loser and wish she had an ounce of ambition like you!!

  7. I have no interest in cruelly inflicting the D.C. garbage people, on this bright, articulate young lady.

  8. Cal, agreed, but I’ll add some important things for Jennifer Nevins and all volunteers for candidates in the 14th.

    All of the other candidates need to do what Catalina Lauf is doing, and that is make their own news, and broadcast it, and it will be written about. I know both James Marter and Ted Gradel participated in Settler’s Day parade in Marengo yesterday, but no press releases/advisory and no pics from their campaigns or volunteers, just what I saw on social media. We also saw Mr. Marter was at the Kane County gun show yesterday.

    And today’s podcast, Lauf went to Mississippi last week to record it, into the heart of a red area of the country, and got very good earned media. That’s what all the candidates should be doing or something similar.

    Something she said on today’s podcast, she’s using the candidate Donald Trump playbook, and it’s working.

    And we already published Jim Oberweis will have Senator Marco Rubio and Congressman Francis Rooney hosting a fundraiser in DC on Wednesday.

    It’ll be included if we hear about it from the campaigns, and especially their volunteers.

    And last week, Jeanne Ives was the one who appeared to be getting a lot of coverage, and that was before Evelyn Sanguinetti dropped out, given Ives’ media blitz she did.

    But maybe Jennifer Nevins can be of help here.

    Nevins was on Beyond the Beltway last night.

    From IL-14, Jim Oberweis was a guest in June, and James Marter a guest in July.

    The host, Bruce Dumont, said all of the 14th district candidates would be invited to be on in the interest of equal time.

    But since Marter in July, no one else has been on the show, and Jeanne Ives has been on 2 times, and you, Jennifer Nevins, three times.

    I’ve emailed Mr. Dumont 3 times asking about 14th district candidates, but no response.

    But clearly, you know him, encourage him to invite all of the remaining 14th district candidates, beginning with Ted Gradel, Sue Rezin and Catalina Lauf (order they entered the race).

    As stated above, I’d love to see Catalina Lauf, and the others, in a Beyond the Beltway setting discussing issues.

    Here’s another way to make news, get candidates to publish their position papers on the issues, like Jeanne Ives did on healthcare on September 30.

    Cal and I both published an article on that (though I took mine down for fear of oversaturation).

    It’s time for all of the candidates to earn their coverage by doing something significant.

    As I said in another thread, the candidates need to shine, and they need to earn it.

    Here’s another hint which I left in the other thread, get the candidates to respond to the lies Lauren Underwood is clinging to on taxes, and SALT deduction caps to begin with.

    We questioned Ives when we saw that in the Crain’s write-up last week, and called it a “red flag”, though we do want to see her position paper on the issues of taxes, and we want to see the rest of the 14th candidates, too.

    And if you, and others need to give the candidates a gentle nudge in the ribs (or a swift kick) to get them do do just that, do it.

  9. Fair Play is one of Franks’ loser-minions, if not Franks himself.

    Catalina Lauf thinks these endless wars in the Middle East are great. That’s why I can’t vote for her.

    What’s she say about the Rio Grande border wall?

  10. DuPont is a damned phony. I gave up on his Garfield Goose theatrics long ago. Frazier Thomas he’s not.

  11. Terminator (9:01PM), listen/watch the podcast. She answers that question, along with 2A.

  12. The Terminator — Catalina is not in favor of endless wars in Middle East at all, she comes from a military family and very much disagrees with that.

    Where did you hear that?

  13. Did anyone actually watch this and take notes?

    ~33:00: “United we stand, divided we fall.”

    “We need to remind ourselves of why this country is the way that it is: and its because we have this character – WE EMBRACE DIVERSITY / WE RESPECT EACH OTHER / WE HELP OUR NEIGHBORS”


  14. An advisor to Trump? What exactly did Catalina Fluff advise Donald of? How to cage children? How to desert allies? How to cheat on your spouse? How to get elected with no qualifications? How embarrassing to think she is the best we can do in this district.

  15. Heinrich’s still thinking about and bitter over the time, Trump waylaid Blago on Celebrity Apprentice for his inaccurate Harry Potter facts.

  16. Catalina Lauf, is a 26 year old without “SIGNIFICANT” life experience.

    With what is going on in the world today REALLY?

    The people better re-think this one.

  17. Wait – DO conservatives actually “EMBRACE DIVERSITY” tho???

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