The Latest Elisabeth Warren Controversy – Being Fired as a Teacher Because She Was Pregnant

Was U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren refused a renewal of her teaching contract because she was pregnant or not?

In the Chicago Tribune today, Sarah Green Carmichael argues she was.

William A. Jacobson, head guy at “Legal Insurection” points out she was not.

Jacobson seems to have been the person who first pointed out that Warren’s claim to being of Americian Indian descent was false.

Read both and tell readers in the comment section which version is correct.


The Latest Elisabeth Warren Controversy – Being Fired as a Teacher Because She Was Pregnant — 19 Comments

  1. Can’t believe anything this lady says. For many, many years this fraud of a woman claimed she had Native American heritage and with that gained advantage in employment. So, after a dna test she took, and STUPIDLY released the results, it was shown that she had less than 1/1000 Native American heritage. She is a fraud and and with an extreme, extreme, extreme far far far left wing radical agenda that would destroy this nation if she were elected to president.

  2. A horrible lying liberal.

    We all know what she is.

    At least Bernie has bolshevik jackass written on his forehead.

  3. Billionaires could be slapped with an effective tax rate of 97.5% if Bernie Sanders wins the 2020 presidential elections, reported Bloomberg, who spoke with two economists advising both the Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren Presidential Campaigns.

    Sanders’ effective tax rate of 97.5%, includes an income tax, but also a wealth tax that is aimed at breaking up family fortunes over time.

    “With the wealth tax, you get directly at the stock instead of hitting the flow of income, making it a much more powerful de-concentration tool than income taxes,” University of California, Berkeley professor Emmanuel Saez wrote in an email.

    Saez said Sanders’ wealth tax would slash the number of billionaires in the country by at least half by 2030.

    Sander’s proposed average tax rate for the wealthy is a steep increase from today’s 23% tax rate and Elizabeth Warren’s proposed 62% average tax rate. Judging by tax plans for the rich below, Sanders has the highest (97.5%), and President Trump has the lowest (23.5%).

  4. If whatever reason President Trump is impeached and or the economy implodes before the election, wealthy Americans better hope Joe Biden is elected.

    Biden’s effective tax rate is 30.6%, about seven percentage points higher than President Trump’s, but significantly lower than Sanders’ and Warren’s.

    The effective average tax rates of Biden, Warren, Sanders, and Trump was published in a new report titled “The Triumph of Injustice: How the Rich Dodge Taxes and How to Make Them Pay.”

    Saez and Gabriel Zucman, both economists at the University of California, Berkeley, authored the report, said federal taxes, state, local, and health insurance premiums were used to calculate each candidates’ effective tax rates.

    Judging by the decades of failed trickle-down economics and monetary policy, which created the most significant wealth inequality gap in the history of the modern world, it’s likely that today’s effective average tax rate of 23% will likely increase through the 2020s as the government’s budget balloons.

  5. Go Bernie 2020! Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock…

  6. Elizabeth Warren isn’t the one who’s lied 10,0000 times in three months.

  7. It’s a 2fer of synchronized posts by 2 of our liberal commenters.

    Bolshevik Bernie is too old and much too frail, obviously.

    E. Warren is an obvious liar.

    Spolier alert, when will Hillary jump in?

  8. Everything Warren (and Kvidera for that matter) says is a boldface lie.

    Will Bernie make it to the Calif. primary, let alone the convention? Putin called him a ‘retrograde insect’ and I agree with him.

  9. I’ll take Joe Bite Me Dentures Biden over the 2 slugs.

    Hillary will be the spoiler

  10. Back in 2016, Hillary said that Trump supporters were deplorables, She said:

    “You know, to just be grossly generalistic, you could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables. Right? They’re racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic – Islamophobic – you name it. And unfortunately, there are people like that.”

    So now, if the thug and grossly incompetent Hillary is resurrected and runs again and becomes the Democrat president candidate, should her supporters be characterized as low information fools, sheepile, morons or imbeciles to support her given her incredibly horrible record?

    Why does this failed woman not just spare America from she and Bill (the woman violator) and bake cookies, sit in a rocking chair and spend time with her grandchildren? America has had about 28 years of the Clintons. Way, way too much. Time for the Clintons to fade away from the spotlight and enjoy life out of the public eye.

  11. Swordfish… maybe get your own blog if you’re just going to spam posts with a bunch of totally unrelated links?

  12. And she still believes her own BS! as she continues to spew it to the walking illiterates… who buy into it like Sheep…. bababaaaaa….

  13. 2017 Democrats: “Don is morally reprehensible and a liar. The country needs leadership with quality character.”

    2019 Democrats: “Yeah, our candidate is a scumbag, but Don is a bigger scumbag!”

    This might not be your strongest talking point…

  14. Last night at the Democrat presidential candidate debate, goofy Cherokee Liz Warren continued to promote her (and crazy Bernie) idea of Medicare for All that would end private health insurance. Tens of millions of Americans who have and like their present non-government health insurance would lose it and be forced into Medicare for All. She and Bernie would have total government control of the US health care system. Government control of a health care system in the US was a disaster for veterans under the VA.

  15. Alabama Snake doesn’t like certain posts that reflect unfavorably on his idols. (Satanist and Bernie Sanders)

  16. One bright spot about socialized medicine is that public sector health insurance entitlement costs (a large taxpayer burden) would cost less than the premium-priced policies they now receive virtually for free (0%-10% of cost).

    Interestingly, by contrast, nurses pay 40%-100% of premiums for lower quality health insurance than teachers and government workers.

    We should look ahead to a scenario in which young people are wise enough to all become teachers rather than nurses, due to relative higher salary per hour and extraordinary higher pension and health insurance benefits.
    (Not to mention the freedom teachers enjoy from 6.2% FICA deductions from takehome pay: tradeoff being teachers get to retire 12 years sooner at triple the amount of retirement income…wait that isn’t a tradeoff…well never mind, society can always find more nurses).

    In the event that Americans are not willing to work as nurses at below half of teachers’ hourly compensation, we can always afford higher taxes to pay nurses like Illinois teachers, right?

    If not, young people could be drafted into a medical corps for mandatory service in the provision of health care as a human right.

    I assume there will be strict enforcement of requirements that all Americans are given equal access to equal quality medical care, and there will not be special exemptions for Warren, her family, and those to whom she is beholden.

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