Township Dissolution Referendum Games–Nunda Township

David McSweeney

One cannot believe this is what State Representative David McSweeney had in mind with his bill which became law concerning McHenry County voters having the ability to dissolve their townships where they live.

Last week, the Nunda Township Board, on a 3-0 vote with 2 abstentions, voted to place a township dissolution referendum on the March 17 ballot.

But with a dissolution date in the year 2037. That year is no typo.

The law requires a minimum of 90 days after a successful referendum passage before the township is eliminated.

The law had nothing about a maximum number of days to implement dissolution and the Nunda Township board took advantage of the loophole.

In Friday’s Northwest Herald Nunda Township Supervisor Lee Jennings said the 2037 date was to allow McHenry County to develop a comprehensive plan to implement a township dissolution:

“Our county board is fully [and] completely unprepared for this to happen,” Jennings said.

Northwest Herald 10/11/19

If Jennings’ statement is remotely taken at face value, then the entire county needs new elected leadership, because the county will not need 17 years.

But given how litigation will likely be involved with the passage of a township dissolution referendum, it may take at least 10 years in the courts.

The Northwest Herald editorial board called the move by the Nunda Township board a “sham”.

I remember writing a comment earlier this year on a township dissolution topic saying that voters cannot trust their township board to place the referendum on the ballot. Nunda Township’s board proved it.

From the editorial:

“The sham referendum approved Thursday by Nunda Township trustees is yet another example why townships should be dissolved in McHenry County.

“This bit of political cunning, approved in a 3-0 vote with two trustees abstaining, will allow township voters to vote in March on whether to dissolve the township – in 2037.

“Nunda Township Supervisor Lee Jennings pushed the plan, with some trustees complaining they had little advance notice and without public input.

“It’s quite the bit of political cunning – run a ballot measure that would abolish the township but not for a generation, which is long enough that all the people now employed there should be able to retire with their full public pensions. If it fails, another proposition can’t be placed on the ballot for two years.

“This episode further illustrates what some townships are truly about in 2019: self-preservation.

“Jennings admitted as much in the meeting, saying it was important to push this do-nothing measure onto the ballot before the public could petition to place an initiative on the ballot that would eliminate the township sooner.

“Nunda Township – which includes parts of Crystal Lake, Prairie Grove, McHenry, Bull Valley and other communities – is not the only one where people dedicated to preserving this largely redundant form of government are trying to game the process.”

Northwest Herald Editorial in 10/13/19 print edition

The editorial appeared to emphasize that while the township board cannot place another dissolution referendum on the ballot for 2 years should the March referendum fail, no such rule prevents a voter-initiated referendum from appearing on the ballot in November of next year.

Not sure if that is a win-or-lose the March referendum approach.

One thing appears certain, if the March referendum fails, only the voters can place the dissolution referendum on the ballot in November of next year. If the referendum loses in March, less likely to be litigation.

But the way these townships fight for survival, litigation will happen no matter what, and at taxpayers expense. In fact, the Nunda and McHenry Township road districts already filed suit against the new law.

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Township Dissolution Referendum Games–Nunda Township — 15 Comments

  1. Did the Parrish’s try to amend the resolution to a different year during discussion?

    Try to table the matter?

  2. Is the FBI still looking at the township’s “VIP” program, where employees got to take township equipment home on the weekend for personal projects?

    Asking for a neighbor who dug his in-ground pool with a township Bobcat…

  3. I used to support townships.

    Now I hate them bc they rob taxpayers and are superfluous now.

    Bob Miller, the corrupt, rotten Disneyland crook, was President of Township Officials of Illinois, the lobby of the Townships when he was exposed s the crook he was.

    That’s what townships are all about: Lies, Nepotism, Waste, Pension Lunacy.

  4. MsTrumpion (8:26AM): Don’t forget, given recent history of Grafton and Algonquin Townships, “Litigation” should be on your list, but you probably covered it under “Waste”, though “Lies” and “Nepotism” can apply to the litigation, too.

    And McHenry and Nunda Townships, through their road districts, doing their litigation, too.

  5. There also should be a law on the ballot that states Stop using Tax payer’s $$ for lawsuits against the tax payer, I never gave you permission to pick pocket me and my $$ NUNDA !


    your are despicable showing your desperation for a Pension!

    While we foot your life style.

    Get out and find a job like the rest of us in this s.h. of a state.

    Good Luck.

  6. I can tell you about the jerk who sits in splendor as McHenry Township Road Assessor.

    You can find him any given weekday holding court at the Rusty Nail Saloon in Ringwood.

    There he brags about what a fine job he does for McHenry Township.

    He laughs about the extra costs of townships and says they are thye most efficient unit of government in IL.

  7. He also bankrupted his own companys, leaving creditors high and dry. had a home in foreclosure, too.

    But this idiot runs a $5 million budget.

  8. Jennings is just another vile corrupt “politician” I hope dissolving Nunda will finally rid of of this vile man and we never have to see him again darkening our overinflated tax bills.

    He does what he feels like, only following what rules he feels like enforcing or acting on, complete waste of space and money.. good riddance

  9. Jennings has a problem with taxpayers asking too many questions at township meetings.

    Look at his expense accounts!!!!!

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