County Board Set to Impose Pot Tax

Way at the bottom of the McHenry County Board’s agenda for its meeting tonight is a resolution to impose taxes on the sale of marijuana:

A tax is hereby imposed upon all persons engaged in the business of selling cannabis, other than cannabis purchased under the Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Act, at retail locations in the County on the gross receipts from these sales at the following rates:

(I) 3.75% of the gross receipts from these sales made in the course of that business in unincorporated areas of County; and

(ii) 3.00% of the gross receipts of sales made in a municipality located in the county


County Board Set to Impose Pot Tax — 9 Comments

  1. Congrats to Government imbeciles, taxing and regulating it back to a contraband enterprise.

  2. Really when we are the highest tax municipality at 7% !!!

    it should be the same across the board.

    Since the gas is going up in CL next to pay for the road work being done now on CL / Main St.

    the pot heads get off easy ?

    or is this a combined tax ?

    3 + 3.75% ?

  3. 3 percent special tax to the county, plus 3 percent special tax to municipalities, plus double digit taxes (I think 10-30 percent) from the state depending on the strength and type of product, and I think regular sales tax are also tacked on which can be as high as 8 percent in McHenry County and like 11 percent in Cook. And that’s just the taxes directly to the consumer, there are also costs imposed on the business owner for operating which you know are passed down.

    Nobody who plans on buying pot legally is “getting off easy.” They’ll be getting hosed, actually. Smart people will just go to their drug dealers. In a few years, J.B. Pritzker will assemble a task force, at taxpayer expense, to research and discuss why the black market is still thriving…

  4. I think the pot tax is in addition to the regular sales tax.

    BTW, Chicago has a higher sales tax rate – I believe it’s 10.25%.

    Some of the smaller communities in Crook County are up to 11.0% sales tax, which is the statutory maximum.(6.25% State + 1.75% Crook County + 3.00% municipal)

    I’m sure Chicago and Crook County will add a pot tax on top of that.

  5. Follow the lead of Chicago’s high taxes on cigarettes. Make the tax at least 40 percent. Then, direct the tax revenues to school districts to enable cutting our real estate tax bills.

  6. Why don’t they just set the grass-tax money into a victims’ fund for the families all the people who’ll die, or injured on the highways thanks to
    strung out drivers?

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