Franks about to Lose No Tax Hike Claim

Jack Franks

When Jack Franks campaigned for office each time, he claimed that he had never supported a tax increase.

Steve Reick found Franks’ assertion incorrect in 2014, but Franks kept up his mantra.

Tonight, Franks will preside over a McHenry County Board meeting that will, in all likelihood, impose a sales tax on the purchase of marijuana.

Franks has said that he does not want the tax to be set as high as state law allows, but he has not said he wants no tax.

And, one does not have to be a close observer of Franks’ micromanagement of committee and Board agendas to know that if an issue is on the agenda, it has passed Franks’ muster.

So, if a pot tax is passed tonight, at least part of it is a Jack Franks’ tax.

Whether Franks will allow the cat tax pending in the Board of Health, all of whose members he appoints, remains to be seen.

No where else has the proposed cat tax been reported upon, by the way.


Franks about to Lose No Tax Hike Claim — 10 Comments

  1. Pot tax, make it as HIGH as possible^

    As for the cat tax, how on earth will they get the feral felines to #1, walk into a veterinarian office to get the inoculation and #2, how will those feral rascals cough up $7 bucks for the tax, seeing that they have no earned income, as they are homeless and unemployed ?

    The republicans that voted for this at the state level are really showing me they
    want to get unelected in the next cycle.

  2. Kind of grasping for straws here.

    Franks has always been against this.

    Why does Franks get blame for something that he wants to fail passing, and why absolve the people who actually get a vote (Franks doesn’t get a vote)? The fact is your majority Republican county board supports taxing it to the max just because they can. Most the Democrats on the board favor it too, so congrats on the bipartisanship of high taxes…

    Could Franks have kept it off the agenda? Are you suggesting he does or should have the power to remove things from the agenda for any reason he sees fit? And if he did have that power wouldn’t the Franks haters scream about him being a dictator?

    I’m not crazy about Franks but some of the attacks against him on this blog are silly.

  3. Sunshine commenters, Jack D. Franks seems to be laughing at your face. Doesn’t this bother you? Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meeeeeeoooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwww…

  4. Thanks Jack, for that Valley Hi rebate and lowering my property taxes the last three years!

    So there should be no tax on marijuana sales?

  5. Thanks Jack for getting all those section eight people over here from the City! You’ve remarkably diminished the quality of life for everybody in McHenry Co.

  6. Where do you live Dentbla?

    I want lowered Property TAX too!

    or is it because you know him ?

    you get special treatment?

    Do tell…

    And where is all my interest they collected on MY TAX $$ for Valley hi all those years?

    where I ask?

    I did not see that on my rebate check ?

    did you get it?

    do tell I wanna know..

    The TAX on DOPE should be High like the people who are going to be using…

    let them start footing the bills ..

    not the common non doper enuff is enuff..

    I can’t wait to see the dope deals go wrong on the streets of Michigan Ave.

    they think they got troubles now. HA! LOL..

    if they would STOP being a Sanctuary City these School issues would not even be happening… but NO…

    Doh! Doh! all the way into our pockets…

  7. As much as I oppose some of the board’s decisions, I wouldn’t want Franks to exercise that power if he in fact has it. If something gets passed out of committee, the full board should get a vote.

    If the chairman can strike things down before they’re even voted on, that’s arguably an even greater power than a veto which could at least be overridden.

  8. Franks 1999: I’m just a lunch bucket kinda guy and promise to serve you for two terms only.

    Franks 2019: I’m purchasing panopticon drones, to watch over my fiefdom and terrorize my subjects.

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