IL-14: Initial Observations of 3rd Quarter Fundraising Including Campaign Reactions *UPDATE* Total Republicans Metric and Gradel, Oberweis, Rezin Cash on Hand Discernment

After having a few hours to digest the 14th district fundraising reports for the 3rd quarter, here are some immediate callouts:

  • UPDATE: Compare key metrics between Underwood and combined Republican candidates’ fundraising:
    • Q319 receipts
      • Underwood: $638,275.45
      • Republicans: $959,025.42
    • YTD Receipts
      • Underwood: $1,758,819.06
      • Republicans: $1,703,589.67
    • Cash on Hand:
      • Underwood: $1,174,106.03
      • Republicans: $1,374,454.84
  • Three candidates loaned themselves at least $100,000
  • While Jim Oberweis leads in cash on hand due to $400,000 of his own money, Ted Gradel continues to lead in contributions from individual donors
  • Sue Rezin had a very good first quarter of fundraising and received contributions from:
    • Congressman Adam Kinzinger
    • State Senator Don DeWitte
    • Former State Senator/former Kane County Board Chairman Karen McConnaughay
    • Former State Senator Christine Radogno
  • Catalina Lauf had a very good fundraising report, after only being in the race for 38 days.
    • She has significant, over $20,000 of contributions through WinRed
    • Taking her Q3 receipts and “quarterizing” it, from 38 days to 92, she would have raised nearly 1/4 of million dollars
    • Did not need to loan herself money
  • James Marter did not lend himself money in Q3 like he did in Q2.

Oberweis Going to Washington for More Fundraising

As reported last week, Jim Oberweis will be in DC today for a fundraiser co-hosted by Senator Marco Rubio of Florida and Congressman Francis Rooney of Florida.

Email invites went out Tuesday for Senator Rubio’s visit a week from Friday for the luncheon fundraiser in Oak Brook.

Catalina Lauf

Catalina for Congress Campaign Perspective on Oberweis’ Fundraising Report

From the Catalina for Congress Campaign:

“What a bad Q3 for Jim Oberweis, only raising $129,000 in three months.

“If Oberweis wanted to keep up with Catalina’s pace of $100,000 a month he surely fell short, only raising a shockingly low $43,000 per month.

“That number proves what we are seeing on the ground in the district every day, the grassroots support is rapidly growing for Catalina – while Jim’s support continues to fall through the floor.”

Spokesperson for Catalina for Congress Campaign
Ted Gradel

Ted Gradel Thanks His Donors for Q3 Performance & His Own Perspective on Fundraising

From the Ted Gradel Campaign:

UPDATE: Applying Discernment to Cash on Hand of Leading Republicans

After reviewing the reports of the 4 leading money raisers among Republicans in the 14th district, the Cash on Hand metric in the grid above does not tell the full story:

Why? Because discernment applied to the total receipts reveals 3 of the 4 leading candidates’ Cash on Hand is inflated, and one significantly:

So why have Sue Rezin lost $26,000; Jim Oberweis $33,000 and Ted Gradel a whopping $102,900 Cash on Hand for the primary??

Because under federal rules, receipts contributed and applied to a general election cannot be intermingled with monies to spend in the primary.

The Federal Election Commission (FEC) has a maximum cap for an individual to donate to a candidate of $2,800 for a primary, and an additional $2,800 for the general. The latter is monies you will not be able to use unless you win the primary.

If you lose the primary, your electoral run is over.

Reviewing the reports of the itemized contributions, any contribution made for the general election next year cannot be used in the primary.

This allows maxed-out donors to continue giving above the $2,800 for the primary to boost receipts to the election cycle cap of $5,600. That is what has happened here.

It is legal, but McHenry County Blog felt digging down into the details of yesterday’s filings, and researching the data for Oberweis’ 1st and 2nd quarter reports and Gradel’s 2nd quarter will give voters a clearer picture where the candidates really stand in terms of money available for the primary.

So in terms of the primary, the numbers look a little different now, don’t they?

Hope you find this kind of discernment useful.


IL-14: Initial Observations of 3rd Quarter Fundraising Including Campaign Reactions *UPDATE* Total Republicans Metric and Gradel, Oberweis, Rezin Cash on Hand Discernment — 5 Comments

  1. Ives had her donors foot her $610 makeover. Congrats fiscal conservatives, know your money is going to good use.

    Also her burn rate is quite high. She needs to keep that down or else she is going to get thumped by Casten’s war chest.

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