IL-14: Why Catalina Lauf is Resonating with People Across the Country

Catalina Lauf

Back on August 6, an article about Catalina Lauf was published on McHenry County Blog introduced blog readers to her. The article by Cal Skinner was from Lauf’s appearance at the McHenry County Fair.

I recall commenting that it was early August, and it was getting late to begin thinking about running for Congress let alone in the highly competitive 14th district. I said something like she “better get cracking”.

And she did and then some and look at her now. Here are some highlights proving she has taken off:

  • Followers on Social Media, Twitter from 1,000 to 24,000, Instagram 15,000
  • Featured in Print and Broadcast Media across the Country
  • Raised nearly $105,000 in 38 days without loaning herself money including nearly 20% through WinRed
  • Invokes alarm in Democrats, their leftist allies and some conservatives

That is just for starters, but one must ask: Why?

Her detractors, including the high profile Jennifer Nevins who paid visits to the blog earlier this week, among others, have shown a very unrighteous fear about Lauf. Others through email have expressed this, too.

While attending a seminar last week in St. Charles, the following video was shown. In spite being 9 1/2 years old, it is definitely applicable today, especially in the 14th district congressional election.

My answer was provided from Above, because watching the 18-minute video, it became crystal clear why Catalina Lauf, in her brief nearly 2 months in the campaign, has a genuine shot to win the nomination and defeat Lauren Underwood next fall.

The video is about 18 minutes, but please watch all of it and apply what Simon Sinek is saying to the 14th district Republican primary. The parallels are right there, and in the anecdotes he uses.

Hopefully candidates, through their supporters/volunteers who view this, if they are at a point where their campaign needs a course-correction, it’s not too late to make one.

After the seminar, one of the facilitators who’s politically knowledgeable reminded me of 2016, and Jeb Bush vs. Donald Trump.

“I’m Jeb” vs. “Make America Great Again”

Speaking of the Trump Administration, Wikipedia documents Mr. Sinek was contracted by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to conduct “customized Simon Sinek leadership training”.

So just like Catalina Lauf worked in the Trump Administration, ICE contracted with Simon Sinek.


IL-14: Why Catalina Lauf is Resonating with People Across the Country — 33 Comments

  1. The only people resonating over Catalina Fluff seem to be Cal and the guy who wrote this Fluff article.

    Do you really want this inexperienced, home-schooled 26 year old cupcake representing your interests in Washington?

  2. “Invokes alarm in Democrats, their leftist allies and some conservatives”

    I knew I hit that point on the head, and Heinrich’s reply is proof.

    Her 2nd deep South podcast was released yesterday — her appearance on the The Chad Prather Show, the way she is sweeping across the South made me remember what the history books said about Sherman, except Catalina Lauf is winning them over for the reasons stated in the video.

    Earned media and new followers and a few donors picked up to boot.

    And if people can make the decision to go with the current congresswoman for the 14th district, they can go with someone from the other end of the spectrum who puts God and country ahead of leftist political points like Lauren Underwood is doing.

  3. She was homeschooled?

    If so that raises her stock to me and many others.

  4. When she first announced, and it was told she earned her associate’s from MCC at 17 and her Bachelors at Miami of Ohio by age 20, I did not know how that worked.

    The Chad Prather Show or maybe the Graham Allen broadcast, she said she was home schooled.

    It may have been the Allen broadcast.

    That easily explains the MCC and Miami degrees.

  5. Lol. She’s was in Trump’s administration.

    He’s toxic.

    Hopefully she gets the nomination and Underwood just ties her to Trump.

  6. Mr. Lopez,

    Catalina Fluff’s candidacy, and your rapt praise, do not invoke alarm in anyone really.

    It is the sheer stupidity of someone who will support such a blank slate that gets people excited.

    We have to get a bit more serious about the people who represent us or we will end up with another Trump, and no one, even tight-lipped Republicans, want another Trump.

  7. Starter list of things that scare me:

    1. Texas Bigfoot
    2, 3 (Tie)Fiji Mermaids, Casten
    4. Underwood
    5. Mattress Stores

    …..Lauf is close to the bottom of my list, between Granite Countertops and Dorothy from Kansas.

  8. Heinrich, go back to OurRevolutionMcHenry and continue your rants with fellow Reds.

    Lopez, She doesn’t resonate with me.

  9. John Lopez, you are absolutely wrong when you say there is an unrighteous fear of Lauf.

    As I said earlier ==>

    “Lauf, is a 26 year old without “SIGNIFICANT” life experience.

    With what is going on in the world today REALLY?

    The people better re-think this one”

    Personally, I have nothing against Lauf. However, she is clearly unqualified!

    Lauf, has not evolved enough professionally or as a person to qualify as a CONGRESSMAN! She has not demonstrated or proven that she is capable of taking on the job. Though, I do respect her drive to make a difference.

  10. DALA, what you say, and Clarissa K alludes to is a difference of opinion, not fear. If someone prefers someone else in the Republican primary, fine.

    But tell me, what would prompt someone to not only dislike a candidate, but to go and setup parody web sites and social media profiles?

    Why would the Left, go and begin posting Lauf’s teenage driving records, a la Brett Kavanaugh high school allegations?

    Differences of opinion do not drive someone to do something like that.

    Fear does.

    Do you know Lauren Underwood’s NY-based campaign manager is actively and openly tracking one of the parody social media sites against Lauf?

    He’s not doing that with any of the other six Republican candidates.

    Just Lauf has the distinction.

    What drives a highly respected media spokesperson for conservatives and President Trump, like Jennifer Nevins, to go and do drive-by postings on Catalina for Congress Facebook pages to the extent she is, despite her words to the contrary, banging the drum for AOC?

    Not a difference of opinion, but unrighteous fear drives that, and that kind of fear breeds hatred.

    And there is too much hatred coming from some corners of the right and the left, which makes Lauf’s candidacy different.

    The other six candidates have their strengths and unification messages too, but Lauf has come a long in a very short period of time.

    If you haven’t watched the video yet, I suggest you do.

    The left sees a real danger to Lauren Underwood’s reelection in Catalina Lauf that none of the other candidates cause.

    The right sees a real danger to the status quo to someone who lives and has lived the American dream in spite of her youth.

    As I said in another thread, people like Nevins and some in the left have more in common than they would be willing to admit, and that commonality begins with fear.

    DALA, you are not demonstrating fear.

    Just a difference of opinion, and there is nothing wrong with it.

    The primary will start in earnest very soon, and the fundraising reports is only a significant beginning.

    And thank you for wanting to see Lauf continue to contribute positively no matter how the election works for her.

  11. Many of us would like to see Lauf continue make contributions in Government and politics in our communities.

    She is a grounded young person with a lot to offer.

    We look forward to seeing her evolve as a contributor and reformer in politics, as it has become clear that she is driven to make a difference!

  12. Didn’t know about the parody websites or social media. That is wrong.

  13. John this is very on point and happy you wrote this. IL14 has an opportunity to elect someone who could one day become the next Ronald Reagan.

    We can’t force others to see it.. how is that all the national outlets, the top talent .. those who have “made it” gravitate and see something unique in Catalina, yet those who are envious here cannot?

    We should be so grateful and proud our very own McHenry County girl is making waves and putting the campaign on the map like this.

    It’s time we get behind her, she has the best shot and is honestly a blessing in a primary that looked so dang pathetic before she got in.

    I hope she reads this and hope she knows those who have been with her since day #1.

  14. Of course people will look at her teenage driving record, it is the only record Fluff has.

    And what is it with you Mr. Lopez, she “resonates across the country,” who are you kidding.

    They probably never heard of her in Joliet no less the rest of the country.

    I think you may be guided more by your prurient desires than sound political reasoning.

  15. By the way, does anyone know what Ms. Fluff did as a “Trump advisor?”

  16. The greatest irony about the comment “Catalina is inexperienced” is that .. do you all know the majority of our laws are written by smart 20 something hill staffers?

    Do you really think 75 year old Joe congressman from middle of nowhere is actually doing anything?

    We vote on elected officials for their principles and their thought process, to say Catalina is unqualified is so close minded.

    Watch she does more as a congresswoman than any other Republican out there currently.

  17. Heinrich, don’t be disgusting in your comments.

    That has absolutely nothing to do with it, and only shows a fear-inspired hatred of hearing the truth which is like nit-picking about a writer’s grammer.

    You run out of ideas, so you get personal.

    And the left says Republicans/conservatives are the “haters”.

    There are similar disgusting comments and images made about Lauf on the parody web sites, too, which is why I do not post their addresses.

    As for around the country, I’ve read her financials posted on FEC website, and seen where the donations are coming from so there is proof what I say is true and goes far beyond Joliet.

    As for the only legitimate question Heinrich asked, in spite of the tone, that will come out during the course of the campaign, along with her entire employment history, too.

    Honestly, I do not think it will deter voters, either.

  18. Most of the “criticisms” about her from Democrats are crude, juvenile, irrelevant, and actually help her by attracting sympathy from normal and decent human beings.

    I say this as somebody who is not a Lauf supporter.

  19. Correcting, let’s not forget “comical”, like the letter the Democrats/left displayed that Lauf wrote while a student at Miami concerning Mitt Romney and the 2012 election.

    If I recall, it was comical because we couldn’t find anything wrong with it and as you say, it helps her.

  20. may be her first job should be ICE Administrator I see Mr. Trump needs one.

    Lets see if she can put her money where her mouth speaks and complete a job for our Country.

    Will see soon enough if she turns into a Rhino.

    Prove yourself.

  21. Okay Mr. Lopez, we can skip your personal reasons for blowing Catalina Fluff’s horn, but the question remains, what exactly did she do as a “Trump Advisor?”

  22. It’s been obvious even BEFORE Lauf’s numbers came in that Lopez and Skinner were in her camp.

    They will deny it and say they are giving all candidates an even chance at exposure but anyone viewing this blog knows better

  23. I would suggest you suggest to your favorite candidate to send us more press releases.

  24. I think the question here Cal is why is your writer pushing a totally unqualified candidate when he does not appear to know anything about her. What is she bringing to this candidacy? Are you simply re-printing her press releases? What did she do in being an “Advisor to Trump?” And who is Lopez? Why should anyone care what he says?

  25. Heinrich, The question is why is she anymore unqualified to run than underwood is now or was in the last election?

    Just because she doesn’t think like you.

    News flash , that’s why we have two parties.

    Opposing views.

    She is just as “qualified” as Underwood is.

  26. Jenny, Please name any news source that doesn’t have an agenda.

  27. Stop criticizing my sunshine blogger! Few journalists wannabe have the courage to misinform, disorient and confuse that this irrelevant loser has. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meeeeeeoooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwww…

  28. Catalina is the only one who has a shot against Lauren.

    Jim – old white guy, lost, while lose again.

    Don’t think he will win primary but if did, would certainly lose to Lauren and we cannot have that, considering this is a flippable district

    Sue – brings no excitement, don’t like she’s out of district, don’t like she is backed by establishment (Adam Kinzinger who is so against a Trump). would probably lose to Lauren..

    Gradel – no one knows who he is, again old white guy

    James Marter – great policies but has no shot at winning primary or general

    Catalina is seriously our only hope, people need to start living in reality and look at electability

  29. Corn Pop welcome to the toilet bowl of IL… now your all getting it…

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