Heat on AJ’s DCFS Caseworker Carlos Acosta Increases

Yesterday the Chicago Tribune ran a story about a Federal lawsuit filed against the Department of Children and Family Servies and two employees involved in making sure that AJ Freund, murdered in his home, was safe, Carlos Acosta and his supersvisor, Andrew Polovin.

Today Dahleen Glanton writes a column entitled:

Maybe it’s time to hold Illinois child welfare workers criminally lilable when children under their supervision are killed

Under the headline is a photo of Acosta at the latest McHenry County Board meeting, where he is a Democratic Party member.

Referencing the Federal suit, columnist Dahleen Glanton writes,

“…if the allegations in a federal lawsuit filed this week on behalf of AJ’s three siblings are true, maybe the parents aren’t the only ones who should be subject to criminal charges.

AJ’s case raises the question of whether the professionals who are responsible for monitoring the well-being of children under the supervision of the Department of Children and Family Services should be held to the same legal standards.”

She reports,

“The Illinois inspector general office investigated 98 deaths last year involving children who were under DCFS supervision.

Eighteen were classified as homicides, 26 were listed as undetermined, and the others were a combination of accidents and natural causes.

Over the last 10 years, 986 children have died.”

Other states have criminal penalities:

“A former child welfare worker and his supervisor were indicted on charges of criminally negligent homicide in New York City in 2011. 

“The welfare worker pleaded guilty to misdemeanor counts of falsifying business records, official misconduct, endangering the welfare of a child and disorderly conduct. His supervisor pleaded guilty to misdemeanor endangering the welfare of a child and disorderly conduct. Both were sentenced to community service.”

In Illinois, such a guilty plea would allow the employees to keep their pensions.

The column also reports a criminal case in California where one judge said, “the boy’s death was ‘foreseeable’ and that there were ‘red flags everywhere.’”

Also included are the “glaring mistakes” DCFS made in AJ’s situation.


Heat on AJ’s DCFS Caseworker Carlos Acosta Increases — 13 Comments

  1. Since imbeciles just elected this ass clown last November.

    I once again call for all of you to unregister to vote.

    Your dumb as crap and don’t deserve a say in anything.

  2. He should be charged with manslaughter.

    Where’s the state attorney?

  3. The community must rise as one and throw this bum out.

    What’s wrong with you people?

  4. I don’t get why politicians like him and Buckner and Reick and some of these township goons don’t resign.

    We used to have something called shame in this country.

    Whatever happened to that?

    Officials would feel embarrassed and that they lost the trust of the community, so they would resign.

    Not anymore. Now they just want their insurance and paycheck and to hell with the integrity of the office and public opinion.

  5. as I drove by the DCFS offices today I noticed a small group of protesters Give em hell guys

  6. Angel????? Your guy going down in flames. tic toc tic toc.

  7. Post pictures of this ‘Aztec Warrior”.

    The community must be warned!

  8. Poor Carlos.

    He’s so misunderstood.

    He was just taking a 43 month siesta from doing anything of substance at DCFS (besides cashing his checks)

    A little kid died on his watch.

    But did Acosta apologize or repent?

    NO WAY!

  9. Remember….. it’s lying Jack Franks that’s backing this piece of sht up; he’d have been gone long ago without the weasel.

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