*UPDATE x2: Ives Interview; Crenshaw Tweets “Flip the Seat!”* IL-06: Jeanne Ives Continues to Apply Heat on Sean Casten in Light of Slur Against Dan Crenshaw

Dan Crenshaw

Republican congressional candidate Jeanne Ives keeps the heat on Congressman Sean Casten over the racist slurs Casten used in describing an amendment to a resolution Congressman Dan Crenshaw tried to incorporate earlier this year.

Casten used the slur to answer a constituent’s question at the Glendale Heights town hall meeting earlier this month.

For those who may not be familiar, Congressman Crenshaw is the real, genuine American patriot standout among the freshmen members of Congress, and happens to be a millenial.

The former Navy SEAL who is 4-times decorated for his military service, represents a southeast Texas district and won election last fall to his first term.

Like fellow Texan Senator Ted Cruz, Crenshaw lost the first round of primary voting last year, but forced a runoff against the top vote getter. He easily won the Republican nomination in the runoff and won the general election for the 2nd congressional district with 52% of the vote for the open seat.

Like Casten who was born in Ireland, Crenshaw was born overseas in Scotland to American parents and graduated high school in South America while his father worked away from Texas. Crenshaw’s mother died at an early age.

Ives’ new tweet is below, and includes the link to the press release Ives’ campaign released yesterday. Click the link in the embedded tweet to see the press release:

H/T: Crenshaw bio obtained through Wikipedia

UPDATE: Crenshaw Responds in Twitter 10/17

To which Ives responded early Thursday afternoon:

Update #2: Ives Interviewed 10/17

This morning, Jeanne Ives was interviewed by Dan Proft and Amy Jacobson on Morning Answer about the Sean Casten and Dan Crenshaw issue.

COMMENTARY: Overall, a good interview for Ives over the phone. She could have been tougher on Casten with the undocumented immigrants having rights ahead of American citizens and pointed to Casten’s vote at the end of last month for Lauren Underwood’s H.R. 3525, which passed on a nearly straight party line vote.

Ives also took issue to legislation passed in Springfield earlier this year which could allow an undocumented immigrant to be a student trustee at state universities. In the 14th district Republican primary, the two state senators in the 7-person primary had different votes on that legislation.

Jim Oberweis voted in favor of it, and Sue Rezin voted against it. Rezin was 1 of the 2 “NO” votes on that bill. That vote was expected to be a topic in the 14th at some point in the primary campaign.

Finally, Ives was correct that Casten hasn’t accomplished anything in Congress. After the interview, his first sponsored bill came to a vote this afternoon, H.R. 1815. “IT PASSED!!!” is how Casten tweeted this afternoon, to which McHenry County Blog responded to Casten’s tweet:

Now, Ives has some more talking points after today. Link to H.R. 1815:


*UPDATE x2: Ives Interview; Crenshaw Tweets “Flip the Seat!”* IL-06: Jeanne Ives Continues to Apply Heat on Sean Casten in Light of Slur Against Dan Crenshaw — 12 Comments

  1. Jeanne is probably overplaying her hand here… considering, you know, that ad she aired in the Governor’s race that was blasted and condemned as racist.

    Oh also the bigoted remarks she made on the house floor that were called racist…

    Did she forget about all that stuff?

  2. If you wanted to be a real journalist, you might ask Creshaw what the point of outlawing something that is already illegal

  3. Joe, your question is immaterial and is only a deflection, as was your intro.

    But tell you what, should Congressman Crenshaw come to the 6th district to help the 6th district Republican nominee raise money, I will take the opportunity to ask him any relevant question that comes to mind.

    Oh, and when Sean Casten stops lying about “double taxation” when he talks about SALT deduction caps from TCJA, your specific question to Crenshaw may be one of the ones I ask.

    Double taxation is already illegal, too, but doesn’t stop Casten or Lauren Underwood from saying it’s taking place.

    FLamont, anything and everything any of the 6th or 14th district candidates said/did will come out in the course of the campaign.

    I doubt Ives forgot about “that stuff” and no one else has either.

  4. Hopefully Casten warns all those misinformed fools packing U-Hauls for Texas.

  5. Crenshaw = decorated veteran.

    Casten, = I don’t having anything good to say.

    Maybe if Sean Casten invited a dozen illegal border invaders to live with him I might have a smidgen of respect.

    Liberals talk a good game of bullshit, nothing more.

  6. Alabama, it’s fully explained in the Ives press release linked in her first tweet, and discussed, with Ives on the interview, which was added to the article late afternoon.

    Branding Dan Crenshaw a racist in that Glendale Heights town hall was wrong, no matter how one feels about the topic of the amendment Crenshaw wanted added to the House resolution that was up for discussion.

  7. Sean Casten would literally never say that to Crenshaw’s face, and if he did he would get his a** beat.

    Casten loves attacking republicans but he is probably the most spineless coward in all of congress.

  8. Lopez states:

    “Ives also took issue to legislation passed in Springfield earlier this year which could allow an undocumented immigrant to be a student trustee at state universities.”

    Why use the term “undocumented immigrant”? The correct term is “illegal alien”.

    The dishonest media and the Democrat Party changed using “illegal alien” to “undocumented immigrant” to curry favor with illegal aliens. Why would they want to do this since illegals cannot vote (so far). Do they hope some day that they will control Congress and the Presidency and grant amnesty to illegal aliens and give them citizenship?

    Bill Clinton, one of the most loved (by Democrats) presidents, used the term illegal alien.

    What next from the crazy media and Democrats? Saying that a bank robber made an “undocumented withdrawl” from a bank?

  9. Dear pro-lifers, stop asking immigrant advocates to adopt undocumented immigrants and start adopting as many babies as you can from unwanted pregnancies. Be a pro-life hero. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meeeeeeeeoooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwww…

  10. Dear Angel, stop asking people to endanger their families’ physical and fiscal safety to cater to illegals.

  11. Re clip of Jeanne Ives on AM 560 talk radio show on Oct 17 with Amy Jacobson and Dan Proft. What an intelligent news program it is. What a stark contrast with another morning talk show higher up on the dial which features happy talk gibberish and a smart aleck and Trump hating host.

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