IL-14: Danny Malouf Backs President Trump’s Withdrawal of Troops from Syria

Source: Danny Malouf 2020 Facebook page

Congressional candidate Danny Malouf has consistently supported President Trump’s decision to pull American troops out of Syria last week.

In his own words:

“I support Trump’s call to end Obama’s failed foreign policy in Syria.

“Great nations do not fight endless wars, especially wars we can’t afford. Next up: Afghanistan, Iraq, and Yemen.”

Source: Danny Malouf 2020 Facebook page 10/9/19

Malouf further goes and says:

Source: Danny Malouf 2020 Facebook page

Given Malouf’s rhetoric, one must take he would have voted in the small minority of Republicans who voted against Wednesday’s House Joint Resolution vote condemning President Trump’s decision to withdraw American forces from Syria.

Or maybe Malouf would have been among the fewer present votes?

Source: California Target Book

Per the vote, the resolution passed the House with a firmly bipartisan vote of 354-60-4

Malouf is commended to be the only Republican candidate to stand firmly with President Trump on the Syria withdrawal decision, even if seen as the wrong position.

And the President continues to tweet:


IL-14: Danny Malouf Backs President Trump’s Withdrawal of Troops from Syria — 13 Comments

  1. Heinrich, we never gave a shit about the Kurds.

    We weren’t there to protect them.

    Obama used them to fight Isis, a common enemy.

    Turkey on the other hand is an actual ally through NATO treaties.

  2. There are various Kurd factions in the middle east. Kurds fighting Turkey has been going on for a couple of centuries. The U.S. should stay out of these disputes.

    However, if the majority Democrat U.S. Congress House of Representatives wants to intervene in a Kurd-Turkey dispute and battle, then Congress should formally authorize going to war there and support it with thousands of U.S. troops and funding. The Democrat Congress would also have to explain what are the issues there, WHY the U.S. should intervene and what outcome and exit strategy should be pursued.

  3. Yea Heinrich, a country can’t be great.

    Until it spends 8 trillion, refereeing all those open-air sewer, free-range mental illness podunks.

  4. DJ,

    Sounds like you’re another of those fine Christians so full of themselves.

  5. Christianity was largely responsible for the great Western Civilization that we are fortunate enough to live in.

  6. Christianity has played into most wars through history and the sexual assaults upon thousands of children. It should have no place in politics (check out the constitution).

  7. Marxist Kurds? No thanks. I hope Assad triumphs.

    Go Trump. Deep state sucks!

  8. Heinrich, go to Syria and tell us how you were received.

    If you endanger my family, watch out!

  9. The Turks can fight the Kurds for another 250 years.

    Why are they our problem? We paid them nearly a billion $ to fight ISIS, which they did intermittently.

    Trump did right!

    Lindsey Graham and the Designated Loser of ‘12 Mitt Romney, and the military brass can scream all they want.

    Put those returned troops on the border.

    Go Trump!

  10. Hein-rich, “Great Nations do not desert allies”. Hmmmmmmmmmmm. What did Nixon and Henry K do to Taiwan and S. Vietnam?

  11. Good decision or not it does open up the prospect of a NATO member getting into a shooting engagement with Syria and Russia.

    Then what happens?

    Big picture versus impulse to please the base.

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