NWH Editor Foregoes Editorship of Springfield Paper to Stay in McHenry County

The Northwest Herald never announced that Editor Jon Styf has decided to leave Crystal Lake fr what must have appeared to be the greener field of the State Capital, but The State Jouranl-Register did:

Now Styf tweets about a current NWH story:

Guess Shaw Newspapers must have made him an offer too good to refuse.


NWH Editor Foregoes Editorship of Springfield Paper to Stay in McHenry County — 10 Comments

  1. I’m guessing he figured there was no need to prove, he could endure Earth’s harshest, oxygen-starved environment, when he already lived in Crystal Lake

  2. Why? In my opinion he’s just incompetent and pathetic! Looks like a bread stick with ears

  3. Maybe he woke up with a horse head in his bed.

    He provides the back end.

  4. Styffie is a little fish in a little pond.

    And the pond is getting drained.

    Did the Springfield paper find out something about Styffie and withdrew its offer?

    Styf’s staff is dwindling.

    Fake News rag’s circ. has plummeted.

    Revenue has nose dived despite more layoffs.

    A pity party on tap for Sylf.

    Komenda was smart to take off before the FAIL-FALL coming soon.

  5. Nice to know the worst rag around will continue under Stiff’s leadership.

  6. Maybe Jack Franks made Styf and offer too good to refuse.

    Readers thought we had a chance at getting unbiased articles once Styf left for Springfield and a new Editor was in place.

  7. Springfield has higher journalistic standards than McHenry County. Breadstick Man was never going to make it there. He doesn’t have what it takes!

  8. I pick up a free NWH at Centegra when I visit a certain McHenry County Board Member in the psych ward.

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