IL-06/IL-14: Jeanne Ives and Catalina Lauf File Financial Disclosure Statements

Two Financial Disclosure (FD) statements were filed this week among 6th and 14th district candidates.

A quick reminder, the filing of the FD is for congressional candidates to be compliant with the Ethics in Government Act (EIGA).

Congressional candidates, upon reaching the $5,000 threshold of either raising money, including loans to self, or spending money for their campaigns, must file their FD within 30 days, or file an extension of up to 90 days.

For House candidates, the House Ethics Committee administers FDs, and under federal law, FD-related documents must be available for public view, including online, within 30 days of filing.

Sixth district candidate Jeanne Ives had filed for a 60-day extension in August, and late Monday, she filed her FD with 2 days to spare. It can be accessed by clicking the link in the embedded tweet from California Target Book:

Ives’ FD was available for viewing Tuesday morning, but that was the day when all Federal Election Commission (FEC) campaign disclosure filings were taking place. McHenry County Blog noted Ives’ filing in a note of the FEC filings, but sharing the FD notice through Twitter to insure proper coverage.

Fourteenth district candidate Catalina Lauf filed an amended FD to the previous FD she filed on September 20. Candidates, and members of Congress, may be asked to file amended FDs if a question is raised by the Ethics Committee, or a candidate can file an amended FD voluntarily.

Amended FDs, like extensions, are common, and all indications say Lauf’s amended FD was filed voluntarily without prompting from the Ethics Committee

Please click the URL in the embedded tweet to view report:

The only remaining congressional candidates in the 6th or 14th who will need to file an FD are:

  • Sue Rezin, whose 90-days extension is due by 11/6
  • Dr. Jay Kinzler, once his 30-days initial filing or extension is due
    • When Kinzler ran for Congress in 2016, he filed an FD for the 2016 cycle.
    • He is required to file a new FD for the 2020 election cycle

Additional information, including what an FD filing is not for use as a net worth statement, can be found in this blog article from last month. Link to the FD filing instruction book included in last month’s article:

IL-06/IL-14: Objective of Financial Disclosure (FD) and Candidates Updates


IL-06/IL-14: Jeanne Ives and Catalina Lauf File Financial Disclosure Statements — 2 Comments

  1. Prairie Fire LLC on Jeanne Ives disclosure is interesting…. Wonder what it is…

  2. Very interesting.

    Starting to get a wiff of RAUNER RINO.

    Oh but maybe it’s just me cause people without a visible means of support come out and run for Congress all the time who could be surprised at this.

    Oh and lest we forget they all live in mommy’s basement too.

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