Skillicorn Rolls Out October Walk Piece

This is what State Rep. Allen Skillicorn is distributing this month in his campaign for re-election:

Last year I found that Halloween was a great night to knock on doors,

I’d tell people I was the scariest person to knock on their doors–a politician.

I usually got candy and they invariably accepted myt literture.


Skillicorn Rolls Out October Walk Piece — 12 Comments

  1. Hmmm, maybe it’s always been this way and I never noticed this before, but Skillicorn’s return address on this card is a PO box in Huntley. That’s not the address for Taxpayers for Skillicorn according to ISBE, and no D1 amendment has been filed.

    Wonder if Skillicorn plans to move to Huntley and as long as he moves to the Grafton Township portion of Huntley he’ll stay in-district. Or before making his move wait to see how the Democrats draw the new lines in 2021 and move accordingly.

    Just like the congressional candidates, state and local candidates filed their D2s last week. The only thing I noticed about Skillicorn’s D2 that was a little odd was none of his itemized contributors are in-district.

  2. Alabama Snake: “Look at these children I neglected and ignored, they’re d-e-a-d.” –Acosta

  3. Now if he would have taken it up a level or two portraying the dems as the ghouls and bloodsuckers they truly are, I’d be OK with the piece!

  4. Look at Jack Franks and all of his shenanigans!

    Jack Franks, resign!

  5. It appears that Alabama Shake is attempting some swerve and deflect.

    AJ Freund is dead and Acosta was responsible for his care and safety, as an employee for DCFS.

    Acosta, along with others, failed AJ Freund.

    Franks supports Acosta and Lauren Underwood!

    NO way out of that one Franks!

  6. Interesting how the local libtards circle the wagons to deflect from their mission of destruction and cult of death.

  7. Shame on Acosta, and shame on us for not running him out on a rail, tar & feathered like our forefathers would of done.

  8. Not ‘would of done’ Ft. Drum, ‘would have done’!

    But I agree with you 100%.

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