Jerry Evans Joins Crowded Fight for 14th District GOP Nomination

From 14th District candidate for Congress Jerry Evans:

Jerry Evans Announces Candidacy for Illinois 14th Congressional District 

Jerry Evans and family.

WARRENVILLE, Ill. — Today, Jerry Evans, a Warrenville based small businessman, entrepreneur, and educator announced his candidacy to be the Republican nominee for the 14th Congressional District of Illinois for the 2020 election. Jerry enters a crowded Republican primary field seeking to take on freshman Democrat Rep. Lauren Underwood in the suburban Chicago district. 

Evans announced his campaign by releasing a video to his supporters.

[The video is quite professional and hits Republican hot button issues.]

Businessman. Educator. Outsider. 

Jerry Evans

Jerry is the owner and director of the Jerry Evans School of Music located in Wheaton, Illinois as well as managing commercial property in the Chicagoland suburbs.

He has dedicated his career to serving the local community by using his business to impact, educate, and inspire thousands of both local students and those across the country. 

Jerry Evans released the following statement to announce his candidacy: 

“While I have been blessed to be successful in the creation and growth of my business, I have decided to take a step back in order to earn the vote of and serve the people in the 14th District.

“I think it’s time that their values and voice are back in the halls of Congress, as our current Representative refuses to stand up for her constituents.

“As a businessman, I measure success based on tangible results and that’s why I am releasing a slate of detailed policy positions at the same time I announce my candidacy.

“While career politicians may think that vague political buzzwords are sufficient platforms to run on, I want everyone to know exactly where I stand from day one of this race.

“I’m looking forward to meeting and hearing from the constituents of the 14th District in the coming months to make sure that they get a fresh face in Congress ready to fight to stand up for their values and their voice.

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The Evans campaign web site is here.


Jerry Evans Joins Crowded Fight for 14th District GOP Nomination — 9 Comments

  1. Your last sentence says, “The Davis campaign web site is here.” You meant Evans campaign.

    You have a few pictures with “Jerry Davis” in the captions. You meant Jerry Evans.

  2. Did this Hojo ever vote in a GOP primary before?

    It’s a question that, given the circumstances, must be asked.

  3. This family-values picture is all it takes to convince me this is a great candidate. Compassionate conservatives can be sooooooo persuasive. Wait a minute! My bad. We know these republikkklans too well. Stay tuned…tic, tock, tic, tock, tic, tock, meeeeeeoooooooowwwwwwwwwwww…

  4. We dont want any more OUTSIDERS!

    Look what TRUMP did to us!

    GO AWAY!

  5. I too am curious about these candidates’ voting histories in elections.

  6. Sub-RINO, you are a fraud.

    You work for Franks.

    At 4 cents a word.

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