What IDOT Plans for McHenry County for the Next Five Years, Only Bridge Constuction on Route 47 over Kishwaukee River This Coming Year

A press release from the Illinois Department of Transportation:

Gov. Pritzker, IDOT Announce Rebuild Illinois Road and Bridge Projects

New Multi-Year Plan Lays Out $23.5 Billion in Maintenance, Preservation and Expansion Projects Across the State

Springfield, Ill. — Governor JB Pritzker and the Illinois Department of Transportation released the department’s annual Multi-Year Plan of road and bridge projects across the state, which is the first to capture the historic impact of the Rebuild Illinois capital plan.

Using rigorous and objective criteria, IDOT evaluated the condition, frequency of use, and crash and fatalities across the state’s transportation system in planning the historic improvements. Over the next six years, $23.5 billion will be invested in maintaining, preserving and expanding 4,212 miles of roadway and 9.2 million square feet of bridge deck statewide.

A full list of road and bridge projects coming across the state can be found here.

“All together, these road and bridge projects will create and support hundreds of thousands of jobs over the next five years for hardworking Illinoisans in every part of our state,” said Governor JB Pritzker. “Illinois has some of the most important roads in America – let’s make them outlast and outperform those across the nation.”

“In my nearly 30 years at this agency, today might be the most important day in our history,” said Omer Osman, Acting Secretary of the Illinois Department of Transportation“This Multi-Year Plan gets us on the path to fixing our roads and bridges, putting policies into action that ensure our transportation system in Illinois is reliable, safe and provides economic opportunity for generations to come. It is the blueprint for how we Rebuild Illinois.”

This new Multi-Year Plan represents a shift in Illinois’ approach to its roadways and bridges. Previously, the state waited to rebuild until projects had deteriorated so much that they presented safety hazards; under guidance from the Federal Highway Administration, Illinois will now prioritize maintaining its system over time, which is also a more cost-effective way to manage long-term capital needs.

To achieve that, this plan dedicates more than 75% of the funds to reconstructing and preserving roadways and bridges, 16% to strategically expanding the system in areas where data have shown the investment will be highly effective and the remainder for necessary traffic and safety improvements.

Of the major categories of state investments in the plan,

  • $7.58 billion will go toward roadway reconstruction and preservation,
  • $4.99 billion for bridge replacements and repairs,
  • $1.59 billion for safety and system modernizations like interchange reconstructions,
  • $3.08 billion for strategic expansion of the system and
  • $2.11 billion for system support like engineering and land acquisition.

    The additional state investment in Rebuild Illinois has also allowed the department to maximize federal dollars, bringing in tens of millions annually that would have otherwise been left on the table each year.

    The FY20-25 Multi-Year Plan serves as a baseline plan in the Rebuild Illinois capital program. Updated plans, based on revenue and evaluation metrics, will be released each year and adjustments to projects will be made on an annual basis through the MYP.

Here is what the Illinois Department of Transportation’s most recent five-year plan proposes:

  • Route 31 – widening and re-furbishing of 6.3 miles from Ruute 176 to Route 120, $113.2 million starting in 2021. Only planning before then.
  • Widening Route 47 through Woodstock for 2 miles. Only land acquisition until 2021. $58.6 million project.
  • Route 47 intrsection reconstruction in Lakewood between the north and south junctions with Route 176. Only land acquistion and engineering until 2021. $44.5 million porject.
  • $8 million bridge replacement over Kishwaukee River. Most spent in the coming year.

In other roads used by McHenry County folks:

  • Widening Barrington Road from Route 62 to the current four-lane road north of the Tollway.


What IDOT Plans for McHenry County for the Next Five Years, Only Bridge Constuction on Route 47 over Kishwaukee River This Coming Year — 8 Comments

  1. Jack, I didn’t think there was a rung below totally useless, but you managed to find it.

    Very little money for McHenry County.

    Good you have such influence with the state democrats.

  2. Isn’t Transportation Fund money used to pay at least one of Franks` two personal assistants hired by the County Board recently into newly created unadvertised jobs descriptions( in contravention of salary administration policy and County Budget rules)?

  3. Woodstock City pays significant funds to a Springfield lobbyist, has for many years, and spends money on City Council trips there, and has bupkes to show for it that wouldn’t have been allocated anyway without her.

  4. Simple rules for crazy hot chicks and Illinois.

    You don’t move in with them and never, ever give them your credit card.

  5. Susan, the problem lies with “Bri” Sager.

    He’s a complete idiot who makes Franks look wise.

    He wants to make Woodstock a ‘gay mecca’.

    I suggest he send his boys to the real Mecca and see how they do.

  6. Well, at least they’re finally going to widen 31 up to McHenry.

    But, yeah, it seems Jack has no friends in Springfield now.

  7. Rt 47 in Woodstock needs to be wide as soon as possible, so much traffic from rt 14 to the courthouse

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