IL-14: Catalina Lauf Visits Northern Illinois Recovery Center, Paying Attention to the Third Millenial and Video from The Chad Prather Show

Catalina Lauf

Tuesday was a busy day for McHenry County’s Catalina Lauf for her campaign in the 14th district.

This morning, Congresswoman Elise Stefanik (R, NY-21) announced Lauf, along with Sue Rezin, were among the Republican women on the Elevate PAC’s “Women to Watch” list.

Additionally, Lauf visited the Northern Illinois Recovery Center in Crystal Lake, which is in-district. The Center’s Chris Reed accompanied Lauf on the tour, and her campaign posted the following from Instagram including her description of the tour:

From Catalina Lauf Instagram Page

No Longer the Newest Candidate in IL-14

With yesterday’s announcement of Jerry Evans’ entry into the 14th congressional district race, Lauf is no longer the newest candidate in the now 8-person Republican primary field.

But as noted in our “First Impressions of...” article yesterday, if imitation is the most sincerest form of flattery, Evans’ campaign launch imitated Lauf’s launch most of all, but did a couple of improvements of their own.

But Lauf’s campaign quickly took notice of the new entrant to the field, the 3rd millenial running for the 14th. Her campaign’s press person was the 3rd follower of Evans’ campaign in Twitter, right after McHenry County Blog followed Evans’ campaign Twitter account.

Lauf’s campaign takes no one lightly.

Video of Lauf’s Appearance on The Chad Prather Show

In case you missed it, two weeks ago, Lauf travelled to the Deep South and did interviews on the two different podcasts on BlazeTV.

Previously, McHenry County Blog live streamed Dear America with Graham Allen, which was broadcast last week.

Last week, The Chad Prather Show interview was broadcast. Here is the video, and the interview with Lauf begins at the 10:15 mark and the interview is a little over a 1/2 hour:

It should be noted, this video has had over 14,500 views since it was published last Tuesday.

Lauf opens up on her time with the Trump Administration and touches upon issues including Congresswoman Lauren Underwood’s legislation H.R. 3525 and the out-of-control partisan politics.


IL-14: Catalina Lauf Visits Northern Illinois Recovery Center, Paying Attention to the Third Millenial and Video from The Chad Prather Show — 8 Comments

  1. Laura, Prather & AOC have one thing in common:

    They imagine they are elites and entitled elites at that!

    Underturd is another.

  2. I continue to wonder Mr. Lopez if you even know one of Catalina Fluff’s positions on anything, assuming she has a position on anything.

    And we are all still wondering exactly what she did as a “Trump advisor.”

    You are a flack for a 26 year old cupcake

  3. Mr. Heinrich, if you are genuinely interested in pursuing the truth, please click the video in the above article, the interview with Ms. Lauf begins at the 10:15 mark, and listen, as she opens up about her role in the Trump Administration, and about a vote last month on Lauren Underwood’s legislation, H.R. 3525.

    And I’ve been very clear that Ms. Lauf, along with all of the candidates, have not been forthcoming about their respective positions on the issues outside of abstracts, bromides, and in Mr. Jerry Evans’ case, good high-level introductions to where they stand on the major issues.

    Even James Marter has begun to get his stances into writing in the beginning of his first position paper, as noted in an article on Monday.

    I expect more out of all of the candidates, including Ms. Lauf.

    But one thing I will say to you, is Ms. Lauf makes both the Left and some elements of the Right very afraid.

    There is no reason to be afraid of Ms. Lauf, because she gives a genuine message of hope.

    Do not give into unrighteous fear of anyone giving a hopeful message in what they want to achieve as the next member of Congress from the 14th district.

    I will admit, Lauf has been more effective, and I’ve written about why she’s most effective in an article last week.

    But many of the other candidates have been hopeful, too.

  4. In case anyone is wondering what style underwear Heinrich prefers.

    It’s a Red Union Suit with barn door ass flap.

  5. Mr. Heinrich, Are you just afraid of Ms. Lauf or do you fear all 26yo attractive women?

  6. 1. Heinrich
    2. the other candidates’ minions who troll here
    3. Lauren Underwood
    4. AOC
    5. the entire Democratic Party because she completely dismantles their identity politics narrative ..
    6. RINO republicans who will do their best to keep a Trumper Latina conservative out of their swamp club

  7. J, C’mon.

    Grow up.

    Lauf ain’t that smart.

    Like AOC & Underwitch, she’s a media creation-sensation of no substance.

    Don’t fall for it.

  8. Looks like you have all the bright ones on the Catalina Fluff team.

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