IL-14/IL-06: Sue Rezin and Catalina Lauf Added to “Women to Watch” List of Elevate PAC, Jeanne Ives Being Tracked

Congresswoman Elise Stefanik

The Elevate PAC (E-PAC) was founded after the 2018 midterm elections by 3-term Congresswoman Elise Stefanik (R, NY-21):

“It’s Quite stark and quite obvious as you look around the GOP conference that it’s not reflective of the American public.

“We need to do better.”

Elise Stefanik, commenting only 13 Republican women serving in the 116th Congress, down from 23 in the 115th, from E-PAC website

And of the 13 Republican women in the 116th Congress, 2 announced their retirement. The Republican conference currently has 197 members.

Today, E-PAC announced their first wave of endorsements for the 2020 elections, using a criteria:

“At least $250,000 raised in their first full quarter after announcing their candidacy, a built-out campaign team, and the ability to prove a path to victory.”

E-PAC Website

Since none of the three women running for Congress from either the 6th or 14th district started their candidacies in the 2nd quarter, none of them were endorsed.

But E-PAC did announce a “Women to Watch” list, and the two women running in the 14th, Sue Rezin and Catalina Lauf, made the list.

Upon seeing the lists, McHenry County Blog contacted E-PAC to find out why 6th district candidate Jeanne Ives was not included with Rezin and Lauf on the E-PAC “Women to Watch” list. Two emails with E-PAC’s communications director stated the following about the 6th district:

“E-PAC is tracking the IL-06 race and Jeanne Ives’ candidacy. This is just the first round, we anticipate making additional endorsements and additions to our ‘Women to Watch’ list throughout the cycle.”

E-PAC Communications Director via email to McHenry County Blog

In the meantime, the fundraising continues, as this tweet with pic from Sue Rezin’s campaign shows:

Link to E-PAC Lists:


IL-14/IL-06: Sue Rezin and Catalina Lauf Added to “Women to Watch” List of Elevate PAC, Jeanne Ives Being Tracked — 11 Comments

  1. Stefanik Is pro abortion and rumor has it is only raising money for liberal republican women.

  2. Once they look at Jeanne’s record they won’t endorse her.


  3. Also Stefanik is pro life.

    I dont know if Insider knows how PACs work of who they are hearing these rumors from…

  4. She consistently votes against the D.C. Reproductive-Health Non-Discrimination Law to restrict abortions and has voted against Personhood Amendments.

    She also voted against HR1 in 2017 to repeal Obamacare.

    Only a handful of the most liberal R’s voted to keep ACA.

  5. “Stefanik has voted for a farm bill without the original work requirements, for amnesty, against spending cuts, against tax cuts, and for taxpayer-funded sex change procedures in the military. She voted for $81 billion in emergency aid for natural disasters (two months after a $36.5 billion bill for aid was also passed). Meanwhile Republican women such as then-Reps. Martha McSally, Marsha Blackburn, and Kristi Noem all voted “nay.” While Stefanik voted against the major tax reform law passed in 2017, her upstate New York Republican colleagues like Reps. John Katko, Chris Collins, and Tom Reed all voted for it. Katko’s 24th District even trends at a D+4 rating on the Cook PVI, yet he won re-election by more than 6 percentage points.”

  6. Rezin goes into screaming fits from time to time.

    Meltdown coming.

  7. D J, I noticed your district TX-24 was on the endorsed list with Beth Van Duyne being endorsed.

    Is that the former mayor of Irving?

    Is she the candidate you supporting to replace Congressman Marchant?

  8. Not sure, but am sure the one person I absolutely loathe, is D-Jan McDowell who did very well against Kenny last go-around.

  9. I know Rezin a bit.

    She’s quite a materialist.

    500+ pairs of shoes!!!

    Our very own Imelda Marcos.

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