New-Elected McHenry County College Board Members Approve Highest Tax Possible for Next Year

Reversing six years of fiscal conservatism, the four McHenry County Board members elected last spring outvoted the holdovers 4-3 to extract as much money as state law allows from McHenry County property owners.

Taking the side of MCC administrators over taxpayers were the following

  • Tom Allen, Lakewood, term ends 2025
  • Suzanne Hoban, Woodstock, term ends 2023
  • Mary Beth Siddons, McHenry, term ends 2025
  • Elizabeth Speros, Crystal Lake, term ends 2021

To flip the vote in future years, the first chance seems to be in the spring of 2021, when the term of Speros expires.

By voting to tak all the Property Tax Cap allows and not keeping the levy constant as it has been for the last half dozzen years, MCC will either go on a spending spree or increase its already hefty surplus of almost 4 and a half million dollars.

The tax take last year was $27,966,936.

For next year, it could increase 2.4% to $28,697,502, assuming the resolution is passed, and growth is as high as college administrstors project.

In case you want to let Trustees know what you think of their actions, see contact information below:

Contact information for Trustees:

Questions/comments for the Board of Trustees can be sent to

Contact an individual trustee:

To send an email to the full Board or an individual trustee, select a specific email address above. If this does not work on your device, please copy the email address and paste it in the “to” field of your email message.

When calling an individual trustee, dial (815) 455-3700 and enter the extension of the board member you wish to contact.

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If you might consioder running in 2021, please shoot an email to me. The address is to the left of this page.


New-Elected McHenry County College Board Members Approve Highest Tax Possible for Next Year — 6 Comments

  1. Relators are reporting a shortage of home for sale signs,
    as the Great Exodus from Illinois continues to grow …

  2. Awful. It may turn into nothing but an empty warehouse with these taxes in this county!

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