Only One Crystal Lake Store Sold Tobacco to Minor

From the Crystal Lake Police Department:

Crystal Lake Police Conduct Tobacco Countermeasure Enforcement Checks at Local Retail Establishments

Crystal Lake, IL – The Crystal Lake Police Department completed another round of Tobacco Compliance Checks. During the month of October, we examined 37 separate locations licensed to sell tobacco products in Crystal Lake.

In all of the 37 businesses examined, persons under the age of 21, under the guidance and supervision of Crystal Lake police officers, entered and
attempted to purchase tobacco products.

With the exception of one business, the clerks or business employees appropriately checked the purchaser’s identification, recognized them as
being underage, and did not complete the sale.

The following business illegally sold tobacco to a minor:

  • Bucky’s Express– 1095 Pyott Road

Crystal Lake officers cited the clerk/employee who completed the sale to a minor.

An Adjudication Hearing on this matter is scheduled for 8:30am on November 08, 2019, at the Crystal Lake Municipal Center, 100 West Woodstock Street.

The Crystal Lake Police Department strives to develop partnerships with local merchants to help them achieve the goal of zero tobacco sales to minors.

The Crystal Lake Police Department conducts these Tobacco Countermeasure Enforcement checks randomly throughout the year and
we will continue to do so in the future.


Only One Crystal Lake Store Sold Tobacco to Minor — 5 Comments

  1. Crystal Lake’s Puritan leadership has determined, the Devil may have temporarily overtaken small business, causing harm to it’s neighbors.

  2. Why is the drug house on CL’s Short St. immune from ANY police scrutiny for decades! They can’t say they weren’t notified. There’s plenty of ISP reports and citizen complaints.

    Who’s protecting Jose?

  3. It is good to see that the Crystal Lake Police Department is working hard to keep our streets free from crime.

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