County Board Bullying

The Daily Herald comments in a tiny editorial on Saturday about DuPage County Bpard members being worried about bullying:

It’s sad that DuPage County Board members feel they need to create and adopt a harassment policy that specifically protects board members and countywide officials from bullying and intimidation.

It would be nice to think our elected officials can disagree on policy and approaches without needing a law requiring civility.

When I first saw the headline, I thought it concerned McHenry County Board Chairman Jack Franks’ intimidation or, in some cases, unsuccessful attempted intimidation of County Board members.


County Board Bullying — 5 Comments

  1. Male members have steamy make up sex, than Maoist Board gets back to it’s mission, of wealth redistribution among the DuPage populace.

  2. DuPage County Board is full of RINOs, nitwits and Communists.

    But McHenry Co has even worse!

    Like Acosta, Avang, McCann and Franks!

  3. Evertsen ain’t on County Board, but wipes like Yensen, Gottemoller and Acosta are!

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