IL-06: Extended Interview with Jeanne Ives from Last Week

Jeanne Ives

Illinois Channel Interview Covers Broad Spectrum in 16 1/2 Minutes

6th District Republican Candidate Jeanne Ives discusses the status of her campaign since the departure of her main primary opponent on October 11.

The interview by Illinois Channel covers what is changing in the 6th district since last November’s election. Ives touches upon impeachment, foreign policy, Congressman Sean Casten, status of Illinois politics and what voters are telling her when she talks to them.

The interview took place late last week and was published on YouTube this past Saturday, October 26:

Source: Illinois Channel

YouTube description:

Jeanne Ives (R), candidate in the 6th congressional district thinks she can take back the seat that was long held by Republicans, but was lost last November to Democrat Sean Casten. With the Republicans looking to take back control of the US House, Illinois’ 6th District is sure to be among the most watched of political battlegrounds in the 2020 congressional campaign.

Since we last spoke with Jeanne Ives, her run to the March primary improved with former Lt Governor Evelyn Sanguinetti dropping out of the Republican race. Ives tells us her fundraising is also going well and she fully expects to not only be the Republican nominee, but capable of competing with incumbent Sean Casten in the general election.

In our interview she highlights the issues she says she hears most often from voters, what they think about the efforts to impeach President Trump, and what Ives tells us about the President’s move to remove US troops from Syria brings up her military experience and education from West Point.

She also talks about the growing military and economic threat from China – and her opposition to those corporations that put profits over the principle of standing for freedom for the Chinese citizens.

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IL-06: Extended Interview with Jeanne Ives from Last Week — 4 Comments

  1. Jeanne’s donor base is tapped out.

    A lot of her first quarter haul included money that can only be used in the general so she can’t rely on those donors any more and she’s running at a very high 30% burn rate.

    If Casten continues his pace, which he has shown he can sustain, he is going to swamp her total.

    The DCCC will spend heavy to protect incumbents, the NRCC won’t spend a dime for a challenger in an expensive Chicago media market where they have more winnable seats across the country in cheaper media markets.

    Jeanne can put on her little smile and go on these friendly shows like Illinois Channel and Proft’s show but center-right and independent voters won’t vote for her when her record is used against her.

    Lost cause for R’s, if you want to burn your money donate to Jeanne, she has no chance, 10 point loss at least.

  2. Jeanne Ives is a remarkable Candidate. She has class, confidence, and a truly credible candidate.

    Listening to this interview, I was drawn in by Jeanne Ives’s knowledge, her ability to stay focused on the questions, and offer solutions to those problems posed.

    This race is will be muddied up by Casten who labels and insults anyone who differs from his extreme radical views, both of a socialist and secular nature.

    Casten’s extreme views are so out of touch with this Illinois Congressional District 6, #IL06.

    Jeanne Ives did a great job explaining the vast difference between her moderate political positions and the extreme radical nature of “The Left,” which Casten surrounds himself, as he often finds himself, among the “Extreme Left Vocal Minority,” oblivious to truth and rational solutions.

    Casten will not get the vote of Moderate Liberals, Independents, almost all of whom will vote for Jeanne Ives.

    Sean Casten will get the vote of the extreme radical left; leaving him entrenched with a voting base that will find itself in the vocal minority come November 2020.

    Jeanne Ives🇺🇸 Is on track to take back this seat in 2020.

  3. Bahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahaha Jeanne’s “moderate political positions” Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  4. I don’t want moderate! I want a Constitutionalist and Conservative!

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