14th Congressional District Trump Convention Delegates

Petitions for the Republican National Convention Delegates and Alternate Delegates are being distributed.

For Delegate:

  • Laura Pollastrini, Hampshire
  • Nicole Prater, Warrenville
  • Charles “Chuck” Wheeler, McHenry

For Alternate Delegate:

  • Tim Bagby, Sycamore
  • John “Jack” Lynch, Plainfield
  • Cornelius Shanahan, Mundelein


14th Congressional District Trump Convention Delegates — 9 Comments

  1. Interesting, so State Central Committeewoman Laura Pollastrini and her deputy, Chuck Wheeler plan to be in Charlotte next summer.

    Good for them and for all six men and women.

    Also, tip the hat to whomever, presumably Pollastrini, who insured 6 of the 7 counties in the 14th district were represented.

    Kendall County was left out, but given only six spots, one of the counties had to be left out.

    A very balanced, diverse group.

    Well done.

  2. Azorean, I would hardly call it milquetoast.

    You obviously don’t know who the candidates are.

    Ignorance and commentary make you look stupid, bigoted and immersed in identity politics.

    Chuck Wheeler is a Black Conservative.

    Tim Bagby is a millennial.

  3. So what. It seems you’re the sap immersed in identity politics.

    I don’t give a damn what color they are or their age.

    They are MIQUETOASTS, the JV team, second-stringers (if that).

    MegMom get a life and quit watching “the View” and worshipping at your Oprah Shrine.

  4. we know what you meant by milquetoast.

    You just got caught being a douche.

  5. No Meg, you are the ‘identarian’.

    YOU, not “Azorean’ is using age and race just like the libs do, although in a contrarian way.

    Why does race and age come into it at all?

    People should be judged by the content of their character and positions.

    Is a person ‘better’ because he is young conservative or a black conservative over an old, white conservative.

    I think not.

    You are falling into the same trap.

  6. I will say ‘prater’ is rather an unfortunate surname given its obvious connotations—- but since I know little about her, she may be great. Meg, you are literally being a ‘prater’ here.

    talk foolishly or at tedious length about something.
    “I heard him prate on for at least an hour and a half”

  7. I do wish the “Azorean” would have provided examples as to why these six are ‘milquetoasts’

    They are putting their names on the line to drain the fetid swamp.

  8. Did Wheeler support Rauner or Ives, that’s what I need to know.

    Bagby supported Rauner.

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