IL-14: Jerry Evans the Millennial with His Unapologetic Love of God

Jerry Evans Holding Son Michael

He Caught My Attention Declaring Love of God on the Air

I will admit, when Jerry Evans announced his candidacy 10 days ago and I heard what he did for a living owning a school of music, thoughts of Robert Preston in The Music Man and Jack Black in School of Rock crossed my mind. But those admittedly prejudging images is nothing to the man I heard interviewed last night on WCGO radio.

Both Preston’s Harold Hill and Black’s Dewey Finn characters in their respective movies were con men to some degree. Jerry Evans thoroughly convinced me in his interview last night he is no a con man, but much better for voters to consider.

There are three millennials running for the Republican nomination in the 14th district. One has an unapologetic love of the Constitution, another has an unapologetic love of country. Jerry Evans has an unapologetic love of God, and he says so openly.

And it’s one thing to place your love of God in print on a website or on a palm card, but Evans said it on air, live on WCGO last night. I hope there is a pod cast for the Citizen Kelly Show from last night.

Paraphrasing Evans, he said he is absolutely unashamed of his Christian faith. Jesus changes hearts that affects the depths of one’s character.

I expect nothing less from a Wheaton College graduate, but faith is reaffirmed when it is practiced openly, outside the walls of the church.

And evangelical Christians vote in Republican primaries and are the only ones who are the most reliable voters for President Trump.

Of the three millennials, Evans is the one with the most life experiences which, if he can get his message out, presents someone to primary voters who resembles the 14th district. Life experiences include:

  • Home ownership in Warrenville
  • Marriage to his wife Lisa for five years
  • Father to son Michael born last year
  • Entrepreneur and small business owner for 8 years
  • Expanded entrepreneurship to manage commercial properties
  • Successfully grown the small businesses to enable him to run for Congress

Something that made Evans unique from all of the candidates was his presentation of the issues on day 1 of his campaign launch. He made it clear where he stood, without bromides and in writing, on:

  • Taxes & Spending
  • Healthcare
  • Veterans
  • The “Swamp”
  • Second Amendment
  • Right to Life
  • Economic Freedoms
  • Homeland Security
  • Immigration

As I said in the “First Impressions…” article last week:

“Definitely, he touches on the issues in the [introductory] video. On his campaign website, Evans gives a good top-level introduction to what should be a well-researched policy/position statement paper, far beyond the abstract bromides of some of his competitors”

“First Impressions of Newly Minted Republican Candidate Jerry Evans” October 21, 2019

And Evans made it very clear about his support for President Trump when there are multiple top-tier candidates who do not mention his name, either on their websites or in literature. And he references the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act of 2017, not “last year’s tax cuts” when addressing our country’s economy.

Whether Evans can overcome his late start in the campaign will in my honest opinion take an act of God. Evans knows God can overcome and provide anything. In a word, Evans has faith, and that is what loving God is.

And given there are still unconfirmed reports of 2 or 3 additional people circulating petitions in the 14th district, at least 2 of them independently wealthy, a very crowded 10 or 11 person field competing for a plurality of a primary base of 60,000 voters, may be how Evans can overcome where the first 10 days of his campaign finds him.

Overcome by the Hand of God.


IL-14: Jerry Evans the Millennial with His Unapologetic Love of God — 11 Comments

  1. Another inexperienced candidate being pushed by Lopez, god’s own flack.

    Why on earth does this guy’s love of god qualify him for anything.

    Osama bin ladin loved god, Bahgdadi loved god and apparently so does our Mr. Lopez.

    A zealot is a zealot is a zealot and they don’t belong in office or nor should they be espousing their silly beliefs to those who could care less.

    Get a day job Lopez.

  2. As President, and a Christian, Barak Hussein Obama often talked about God.


    “First and foremost, my Christian faith gives me a perspective and security that I don’t think I would have otherwise: that I am loved. That, at the end of the day, God is in control.”


    “For me, and I know for so many of you, faith is the great cure for fear. Jesus is a good cure for fear. God gives believers the power, the love, the sound mind required to conquer any fear.”

  3. Heinrich, you really should get a hobby.

    Like bonsai.

    Or building ships in bottles.

    Something even marginally productive.

    You are the zealot.

    For everything wrong, LGBTQ agenda, tax-rats, democrats, Elizabeth Warren, Waltmeyer, illegals, Italian Communist Party, Soros-funded sickos, like Our Revolution McHenry, etc., etc.

  4. What’s the matter, Mr. Heinrich?

    Did Mr. Evans or I put the fear of God in you?

    It’s long overdue for you to see the Light.

    Bin Ladin believed in a false god.

    And look at God’s Divine Judgement upon Lauren Underwood’s DC roommate.

    She had everything going for her, and Katie Hill blew it.

    The first of the magnificent millennials of the Democratic House majority to fall.

    . And not in November of next year, or in a primary but by resignation.

    And if Underwood goes through with today’s impeachment vote, she will be a one termer, this will be final nail on the coffin, on Halloween no less.

  5. After Underwood loses in Nov 2020, unless she resigns before then, she can apply for an entry level and apprentice nursing job somewhere.

  6. After she loses …….. Under weirdo can nurse Casten at the Democratic Congressional Orgy House.

    They all can stay home after they lose and perform their perversion 24/7 w/o the nagging need to rail against Trump, God and the State of Nebraska, or appear in the Capitol to vote.

  7. No fear of god here Lopez though it does concern me that I live among mindless people like you and this new goofy candidate.

    Your god talk sounds like the last refuge of a man with no answers and no argument.

  8. Mr. Evans is admirable in so many ways. But a Christian “making clear his support for President Trump” is an oxymoron.

    I support Trump RELUCTANTLY because it’s him or a liberal Democrat. But no one with a Christian conscience should like Trump. Or put in print how much they support him. Or go to his rallies when he acts like Mussolini.

    In front of children at a mass rally Trump used God the Father’s name in vain by cursing to make a point–“If I don’t get elected again this country will be so G.D. poor…” only he didn’t use the mere initials.

    He values money and pretty women. Not God.

    When asked if he was more a New Testament or Old Testament guy he said “a little of both.” In truth he couldn’t name three books of the Bible.

    He recently wrote in a Tweet: “In my great and unmatched wisdom…” No one who is wise would ever say that. Most parents would chasten a child who said that.

    To impress Billy Bush he said unique vulgarities about women.

    When quoting a Bible verse he mixed up the name of verse. He not only does not know the Bible, he hasn’t a clue.

    He is a legendary tax cheat. That’s not just the New York Times but real hard cold facts.

    He is mean, petty, vindictive, childish, nasty, vulgar, crass, impetuous, outragously vain, greedy, self agrandizing to a ludicrous degree, pompous a womanizer and all things considered ungodly.

    Just because his administration is admirably pro-life and pro-Israel don’t delude yourselves. Trump has never acted like a Christian. His god is himself, pretty women and money.

    Anyone who blindly supports him despite his regular transgressions against God has their own judgments coming. You would never let your own children talk like he does and you know it.

    Wake up Mr. Evans. Don’t rationalize. Rationalizing is one of satan’s most useful weapons.

    Trump is better than a Democrat.

    But we have been paying a heavy price as a nation for it. Our public discourse will long be harmed because of Trump. Kids only grow up once. I remember and emulate things Reagan did. I remember how decent George W. Bush was. They resisted the Accusation Demon and never answered insults. They were secure in God’s love. They were role models for children. They combated pop culture’s negative influence. Trump turbocharges the negative influence of pop culture. He teaches kids to be smartmouths. To insult. To be immature. To talk like a spoiled 8 year old. The cumulative effect on society is a stain and a national sin. So unbiblical in so many ways. Stop worshiping humans. Jesus is the only one worthy. Support Trump as part of a binary choice. But don’t mouth blanket support for someone so vulgar and anti-Christian, even if he does a few things Christians like.

  9. Unheard of bravery, declaring his love for our Savior Jesus Christ in a Christian country.

    Unheard of.

    Where does such bravery come from?

  10. Bravery? Are you kidding?

    People who throw their religion in your face should be banned from running for office.

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