IL-14: James Marter Talking Veterans Issues Again

James Marter

Want your preferred candidate to get attention? Have them talk about issues!

The fastest way to get McHenry County Blog‘s attention is to talk issues, and congressional candidate James Marter has done so, with his latest Facebook meme.

Embedded below, Marter calls out a letter to the editor by Antioch resident Michael Ruffner published on November 3 in the Northwest Herald. To read the entire embedded Facebook post, click “See More”. The URL to the letter to the editor included too: Lauren Underwood, Letter: What are you…

Posted by Marter for Congress on Tuesday, November 5, 2019

In an article published on McHenry County Blog on October 21, Marter discussed veterans issues in relation to the passage of the Lauren Underwood-sponsored H.R. 3525.

Today he’s talking H.R. 3495 –  Improve Well-Being for Veterans Act and it has significant bipartisan sponsorship.

Marter, like letter writer Ruffner are right to call out Underwood for this bill not getting through the Veterans Affairs Committee, where Underwood is a member.

Looks like this could be a quick-win for Underwood and the entire House, so why has it not been acted upon?

Valid call out, and McHenry County Blog applauds Marter’s 2nd discussion of veterans issues, where Underwood will attempt to run strong in her reelection bid against whomever Republicans nominate on March 17.

And great job taking a voter’s concern, looking up the information yourself and publishing it on your campaign’s Facebook page.

May all the other 14th district candidates learn from Marter’s example.

Please feel free to talk about Lauren Underwood’s H.R. 1757 soon!

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