Andrew Gasser Cuts Algonquin Township Road District Taxes Again

From Algonquin Township Road District Commissioner Andrew Gasser to members of the Algonquin Township Board:

Tax Ordinance

I just wanted to give you the Road District Levy for review and comment. 

We have kept the R&B [Road & Bridge] levy flat at $2,716,482.

We have cut the E&B [Equipmen and Building] levy by seven percent and the new levy is $879,680 for a reduction of $66,213.00.

As you may know our E&B fund has been the subject to litigation for over-taxation.  Here is where we stand right now:

E&B Cash on Hand –        $1,487,864.37

E&B Cash in CDs –              $500,000


2019 Levy –                        $   879,680

E&B Cash on Hand            $2,867,544

Andrew Gasser

Long story short is despite all the obstacles we are looking good. 

We will accelerate our truck replacement program as well as accelerate our capital improvement program for next year in conjunction with a meaningful tax cut.

My only regret is I cannot move E&B funds into R&B for road work. 

As many of you know, we have a seriously degraded bridge that is estimated to cost in excess of $480,000. 

It is in bad shape. 

[The bridge is near Haeger’s Bend near the Algonquin-Barrington Hills boundary.]

We are applying for a grant and if we are successful it will be our third bridge in three years. 

No township to our knowledge has ever accomplished this. 

If we do not get the grant we will look to other means to replace it.

Overall the Road district has reduced its levy 8.4 percent or $329,904 over three years between the funds and 11.18 percent or $452,828 over the last four years between the funds. 

It is important to stress that these are actual tax cuts and not abatements which cause lower tax rates one year followed by a spike the very next year. 

We consistently look for ways to save dollars, improve processes, and then document them for the future. 

If you have any ideas on how we can save additional dollars feel free to let us know. 

We look forward to a productive 2020 at the road district.

Be Blessed,



Andrew Gasser Cuts Algonquin Township Road District Taxes Again — 8 Comments

  1. Andrew, you took office May of 2017, Dec of 2017 was the first levy you dealt with, then 2018, and in Dec of this year 2019 you will certify the 3rd time.

    When was the fourth which would be impossible of course?

    I see you said 4 years on Facebook also.


  2. Why accelerate the truck replacement program when you’re trying to eliminate the road district?

    Why not cut that levy even deeper, unless you’ve changed your mind on elimination because you know it wouldn’t save taxers $$$$$?

  3. “Long story short is despite all the obstacles we are looking good.”

    LMAO’ you get what you reap in Mr. Gasser’s Neighborhood.

  4. $480,000. for the badly degraded bridge. we could have repaired that with the money spent on all the foolish lawsuits that Mr. Hanlon’s fees cost us. Seems he could have reduced the levy even further and we still aren’t done.

  5. Repairing the David Robert and Anna Millers and there BS great job Dorthy and her crooked husband

  6. If you had only elected me.

    By now, I would have scammed you gullible idiots out of every last nickel.

  7. The nob lost his golden perch at Alg. Township.

    Now he sits home and writes hateful nonsense here.

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