Harvard, Woodstock FPD Gets State Aid for Buying Fire and Rescue Equipment

Found in a press release from the JB Prtizker Administration:

Under the Ambulance Revolving Loan Program (ARLP) program, units of local government (city, town, village, township, fire department, fire protection district) and not-for-profit ambulance service providers can apply for no interest or low interest loans of up to $200,000. These loans must be paid back in 10 years.

“The Woodstock Fire/Rescue District (WFRD) would like to thank the Office of the Illinois State Fire Marshal (OSFM) and the Illinois Finance Authority (IFA) for the advancement of a $200,000 loan via the Ambulance Revolving Loan Program,” says Woodstock Fire Chief Michael Hill.

“The loan will be used to purchase a 2019 Horton ambulance with Ford F550 chassis, which will replace a current ambulance that has 125,000 miles and 16 years of front-line service.

“Due to current financial challenges, the purchase of a new ambulance at this time would be extremely difficult if not impossible without the assistance of the Ambulance Revolving Loan Program.”

Chief Hill says, “On behalf of the citizens of Woodstock and the surrounding communities, please allow us to express our gratitude to the OSFM and IFA for helping to keep our communities safe.

“The interest free nature of the loan also allows us to be fiscally responsible to our taxpayers by saving approximately $50,000 in interest payments over the life of the loan.”

The Harvard Fire Protection District receiced a $350,000 loan to buy a fire truck.

The Nunda Rural Fire Protection District got a $200,000 loan from the Fire Truck Revolving Loan Program to buy an ambulance.


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  1. Where were you Illinois imbeciles, when your high priest Obama, was doing his Cash For Clunkers?

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