IL-14: Danny Malouf Releases Video Ad on Facebook

Danny Malouf

In video ad, Malouf calls out pitfalls of bipartisanship and touts his pledge to donate half of salary to charity.

Click the video to play, and click the sound icon to hear the message:

Danny Malouf for Congress 2020

The $23,000,000,000,000 national debt threshold went a bit under the radar, don't you think?Ever notice how the establishment politicians and mainstream media mostly steer clear of attacking Trump for the continuation of the previous administrations' ongoing occupation of Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria, the growth of the national debt, and the dovish stance on domestic spying and inflationary monetary policy?It's what they're silent about that matters the most and I'm bringing these issues that contribute to the oversized federal government to the forefront.I am the Peace, Liberty, and Constitutional Conservative

Posted by Danny Malouf on Wednesday, November 6, 2019


IL-14: Danny Malouf Releases Video Ad on Facebook — 2 Comments

  1. Self-flagellating Pols are passe.

    I’ll need to see some Stigmata, as a definitive sign of Divine Favor.

  2. It’s the Lobbyist payments and inside information where the real money is anyways.

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