The McHenry Township GOP’s Congressional Meet and Greet

Following are photos taken at the McHenry Township Republican Party’s reception for 14th District Republican congressional hopefuls.

All attended except Anthony Catella.

McHenry Township GOP Chairman Erik Sivertsen, congressional candidate Danny Malouf and Coroner candidate Dr. Michael Rein.
Coroner candidate Michael Rein and congressional candidate Jim Oberweis,
Congressional candidate James Marter chats with folks.
Congressional candidate Sue Rezin talks with Erik Sivertsen.
Congressional candidate Jerry Evans, Ginny Wood, Mike Buehler, Mike Kaminski and Andy Glab.
Coroner candidate Michael Rein isn’t endorsing any candidate, but he posed with congrssional candidate Catalina Lauf.

More later.


The McHenry Township GOP’s Congressional Meet and Greet — 5 Comments

  1. 7 candidates made it to the meet and greet.

    Jerry Evans
    Ted Gradel
    Catalina Lauf
    Danny Malouf
    James Marter
    Jim Oberweis
    Sue Rezin

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